New Story Alert!

_DSC3550 Barn at Night
The sad news is that my favorite magazine, Handjobs, has ceased publication as of this month. Permit me a reminiscence, as this news affected me strongly.

I found my first issue of Handjobs in 1997, in a bookstore in Phoenix – possibly the first porn store I’ve ever visited. For a long time it was my dream to write for Handjobs. And in a curious way, the magazine was my first connection to the Radical Faeries, a community I now enthusiastically call my own. I saw my first ads for RFD¬†(a long-running gay journal closely associated with the Radical Faeries) in the back of Handjobs, but never knew what it was until I went to my first Faerie gathering in Tennessee. I was largely ignorant of what the Faeries were all about but I went with a wide-open mind, trusty Josman book in my backpack for jack-off sessions in the woods. To say that that book made me friends in the Faerie community would be an understatement. It got passed around the breakfast, lunch and dinner table multiple times. There were copies of HJ all over, and when I found a stash of RFD’s in the library I finally made the connection. Weirdly enough, I just ordered my first subscription to RFD last month. All things must pass. I’m not being ironic when I say that I believe that the publishers of Handjobs have done the Lord’s work. My creator is the type who delights in his beings feeling pleasure, and they have given pleasure to many.

The good news? I found out about HJ ceasing publication when I sent them a brand-spankin-new story last week called The Barn. Needless to say they couldn’t use it, so here it is, pour vous.¬†Hope you dig.