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Your Friday Nifty Experience

“When did you know?”, I asked finally. He didn’t answer right away but did glance at me with a devlish grin on his face. “I started to notice that you always seemed to be around when I was gonna be taking my clothes off, like you wanted to see or something. That’s when I started […]

Your Friday Nifty Experience

“That’s not bad, but I always prefer a mouth,” he said. “Shit, it has been almost a week since I shot a load. My chick got all shy and stuff when we got back here. She left right after we heard you.” I watched as Tony reached down and grabbed his cock. It was starting […]

Your Very Special Friday Nifty Experience

This is a two-part Friday Nifty Experience, in fact the first part isn’t a Nifty story at all. It is my hands-down all-time favorite erotic story. That’s a bold statement, I know, and actually the more I think about it the more I question its veracity, but there’s no doubt in my mind that I […]

Blowjob #3

Hey there, more later about what an absolute shit pile my life has been these past couple weeks, but first something good: my friend/colleague Johnny Murdoc recently released the latest issue of his zine, except this time it’s a real book. I wrote an introduction for it, so you should definitely get it and tell […]

Your (Belated) Friday Nifty Experience

“Come on, I always wanted to ask you. You watched me, didn’t you?” “Look, it was a long time ago and I…” “Vincent…” he said sternly. I laughed. “Dad, what do you want me to say?” “Just tell me the truth; you’re a grown ass man now, what am I gonna do, take you over my […]

You Friday Nifty Experience

“I don’t think I could ever do it.” said Chris, adding, “But I might let somebody do it to me.” He looked at my direction pointedly. I blushed. It’s funny how probably the majority of the Nifty stories I feature here could just as easily have been written by me as by their respective authors. […]

Your Friday Nifty Experience

So anyway, here it was, Jerry’s last night as a single male. As soon as we had realized he was going to be spending that night with me, we both just grinned at each other and did the jacking hand motion. We didn’t even have to say it. There was no question about what we were going […]

Your Friday Nifty Experience

“You’re really not bothered?” I slapped his shoulder. “Come on, dad. Even if you’d have… you know… cum on me…” I felt a little embarrassed to say that word to him but I acted like I wasn’t. “Well, I wouldn’t have been bothered. It would have been no worse than what we did this morning.” […]

Your Friday Nifty Experience

“I haven’t gotten any for a few days now while she’s been on the rag and it sucks. I can’t even get her to blow me. If it wasn’t for my right hand, I’d go nuts.” He looked kind of sheepish. “I hear ya,” I said. “There’s nothing like a good hot blowjob, but spanking […]