Global Pandemic Update

Hi, yinz. I’m experiencing quite a bit of anxiety, as I’m sure many of you are. No, the sky isn’t falling. We are at the start of something serious and while we’re not sure what the world will look like when we get through it, we will get through it. 

Wash your hands. Wash your face. Clean your phone. Stay three feet away from people. Don’t go out if you can avoid it. We have to try and flatten the curve, to spread out the infections so that the health care system doesn’t get overwhelmed. 

You’ve probably already heard all this and I know it’s not what you come here to read. But I’ve worked for over twelve years in public health and infectious disease. This shit is serious, and my thoughts are dominated by it at the moment. 

I am planning to post some porn on my Patreon before the end of the day. 😈

Love you,



New Story Alert!

Hi yinz! I just added a new story, an incest-y one called Cakes, check it out here. This was originally published on my Patreon, where I have a bunch of other stories just waiting for you to cough up some money to read them. Hope you dig it!


Bye Books

Just a quick note to let you know that Go Deeper Press, who published my last two books College Dive Bar 1 A.M. and My Sister’s Boyfriend, are ceasing to exist as of 2020. So those books are about to go out of print, which is kind of fun in a way. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them, yet, but I’ll figure something out eventually. Still, if you’re wanting them, get em while you can.


Further Adventures in Patreon

Hiya. Just a reminder that I’m regularly posting new porn to my Patreon, rather than on this website. If you’re unfamiliar with Patreon, it’s a way to support me by throwing a few bucks my way on a monthly basis, for which you can get access to everything I post on there. Last week I finished up with a classic “dad and son want to fuck” story called Cakes, and this morning I posted a little medical-fetish capsule story called Primary Care. Check em out!

I do wonder about the future of this website in light of how well Patreon seems to be working out. I know that I’ll always post free stories on the internet, but the upkeep of a personal website is such a burden, and I’ve definitely lost interest in regular blogging. I can foresee a time where I reduce my website to a simple archive of my old fiction, but that involves even more work I’m not interested in doing. 🙂 For now: new stories! New work! That you have to pay for! Thanks, as always, for reading.




New Story Alert!

The old bait-and-switch: yes I have a new story, an incest tale called “Cakes.” But I’m only posting the first part of it, and you can only read it on my newly-launched Patreon.”Cakes” is about a young man coming out to his father: first as gay, and then as horny for his Dad’s cock. See how it all turns out by becoming a patron. Right now, you can access it and all future stories by throwing a buck or more my way on a monthly basis.

I hope you dig it and thanks for your support, it means just about everything to me.




Patreon or OnlyFans?

I’m going to start doing a subscription service and I’m in the process of sussing out the details. A legit question for anybody who might be reading this: should I do a Patreon or an OnlyFans? Patreon has the patina of artistic cred – I would start posting stories, small ones and larger ones, and asking people to contribute to view them. OnlyFans is the sexier one – I could still post stories on it, but could potentially move toward more sex-work-ish type stuff, selling more custom work and interacting with people on a more personal level. Plus, I mean, I’m looking pretty hot these days. I’ve never been totally comfortable in front of the camera but I could see posting a nude or two every once in a while. Maybe I’m answering the question for myself? The truth is the idea of taking pics of myself and putting them on the internet makes me nervous in a way that posting my sexual fantasies does not. But my ultimate goal is to find patrons who want custom work and OnlyFans seems like the more direct route to that.

This is all to say: expect new work coming soon that you will probably have to pay for. But I’ll always put free stuff up on this website so don’t worry about that. 🙂


Writin’ Fool

I’m in a groove, man, writing nearly every day with pleasure and coming up with some great stuff. I’ve written the first drafts of four complete, good-to-pretty-good stories in the past two months. The first is about a young homeless guy who gets picked up by a movie star; it’s a wish-fulfillment sort of thing but the main character is really level headed and I like him a lot. Then I wrote one about two old friends traveling through the desert and reconnecting in the middle of the night on the side of the road; it’s not my favorite but I think it has something. The next one I wrote is my favorite so far, it takes place in this pleasurable yet post-apocalyptic small-town world that I’ve written about a lot in the past, but this is the first time I’ve written a stand-alone story in that world, which will hopefully give me a chance to present that world to readers in a way that might keep them engaged. Then I wrote one based on this delightful meme which really did it for me; though I don’t know if the story is all that great but it turned me on, at least.The one I’m writing now is the weirdest one yet…like, I have no idea where it is going but I’m enjoying the world it exists in so much that I’m happy to just wander around in it…it might be a horror story? Or a sex story that never actually gets to the sex? IDK but I’m having a blast.



It’s the Fourth of July. I watched the original version of John Waters’ “Hairspray” last night and was surprised to find it made me cry. I think I was crying for what I believed when I first watched that movie as a child, that the sixties had changed things, that racism was over, that things were getting better. Not that they haven’t gotten better, in some ways. But in other ways…well, you know.

I’ve been writing a ton. I feel super inspired. I’ve written three big stories in the past month or so, and two of them are really good. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them, exactly, but I’m happy to be feeling inspired again. It really is just a matter of sitting down every day and doing it. And laying off the weed has helped, too, honestly.

As for the novel, maybe it isn’t its time, yet. I’ve struggled with it, I’ve made headway, I’ve got a clear path for when I finally decide to delve back into it. I get anxious when I think of how much I love it and want people to read it, because I’m afraid of it going stale. But I have to trust that it will be ready when the time is right. I have to go with the flow of things or else I’m just blocked up.


New Story Alert!

Hey yinz, just posted a new story, The Engineering of Consent. It’s definitely influenced by the TV show Black Mirror, and I think it’s a pretty good story but I’ve been sitting on it for a while cause it’s a little different than what I usually write and I was never entirely sure where it belongs. Hope you dig it.

In other news, I’m struggling with feeling uninspired and unmotivated. I think it’s a sign that I need to get out more, that I need to give in to it and explore other areas of my life. This transition back into city life has not been the easiest thing for me.