Further Adventures in Patreon

Hiya. Just a reminder that I’m regularly posting new porn to my Patreon, rather than on this website. If you’re unfamiliar with Patreon, it’s a way to support me by throwing a few bucks my way on a monthly basis, for which you can get access to everything I post on there. Last week I finished up with a classic “dad and son want to fuck” story called Cakes, and this morning I posted a little medical-fetish capsule story called Primary Care. Check em out!

I do wonder about the future of this website in light of how well Patreon seems to be working out. I know that I’ll always post free stories on the internet, but the upkeep of a personal website is such a burden, and I’ve definitely lost interest in regular blogging. I can foresee a time where I reduce my website to a simple archive of my old fiction, but that involves even more work I’m not interested in doing. 🙂 For now: new stories! New work! That you have to pay for! Thanks, as always, for reading.