Patreon or OnlyFans?

I’m going to start doing a subscription service and I’m in the process of sussing out the details. A legit question for anybody who might be reading this: should I do a Patreon or an OnlyFans? Patreon has the patina of artistic cred – I would start posting stories, small ones and larger ones, and asking people to contribute to view them. OnlyFans is the sexier one – I could still post stories on it, but could potentially move toward more sex-work-ish type stuff, selling more custom work and interacting with people on a more personal level. Plus, I mean, I’m looking pretty hot these days. I’ve never been totally comfortable in front of the camera but I could see posting a nude or two every once in a while. Maybe I’m answering the question for myself? The truth is the idea of taking pics of myself and putting them on the internet makes me nervous in a way that posting my sexual fantasies does not. But my ultimate goal is to find patrons who want custom work and OnlyFans seems like the more direct route to that.

This is all to say: expect new work coming soon that you will probably have to pay for. But I’ll always put free stuff up on this website so don’t worry about that. 🙂