How are people doing? I gotta say, in the midst of all this uncertainty and, let’s face it, economic devastation that’s changing everyone’s lives to some degree, I’m am hornier than all hell and channeling it into my writing. My Patreon has been ON FIYAH for the last week with a story about a cocky, shit-talking stepson who turns his muscle dad into his personal faggot. Like, seriously: most recent writing days I can’t keep my hand off my dick. I know times are tight and getting tighter but if you have a buck or more to spare and want to spend some time stroking to my latest stuff, I recommend taking a gander at my Patreon. Or, you know, enjoy my free shit on here.

Jack off a lot! Doctors recommend it. My coping strategies have been: call friends and family, take walks (walks with friends are okay, I think), cook food, and limit my news/online media intake. What are yours?

Take care. Only leave home if you have to and, then: six feet apart. Wash hands again and again. Don’t touch your face. Be careful about touching surfaces. It’s all harm reduction right now, so don’t get worried if you don’t always follow the rules. Just minimize your risk, because it’s not something you want to get, and definitely not something you want to carelessly spread around to the people you love the most.