Kickstarter Love & Wrap-up

For lack of any appropriate images to go with this post, here is a picture of Matthew McConaughey as Wooderson.

What can I say about Kickstarter and my awesome backers that I haven’t said already? Nuffin. I recently sent out my rewards (aside from the book itself, which is coming out God-knows-when), and hopefully everybody has gotten them by now (and if you haven’t you should maybe let me know). So I just wanted to give a shout-out here to all the backers who helped me achieve my dream of producing an illustrated book.

I love all of these people (and if you’d like me to remove your name from this list or link to your blog/site/whathaveyou, let me know!):

Amanda O’Dell
Andrew Aiello-Hauser
Headmaster Magazine
James Champagne
Jason Quest
Johnny Murdoc
Katie Johnston
Martin Gómez H
Matt Gallaway
Mike Riley
Natty Fan
Yves Sauriol
R Wheatley
Rob Wolfsham
Yancey Strickler