Backwoods Update

Detail from the map that will go in the front of Backwoods. My artist friend graciously worked with me on this drawing so I'd have something to send out with the manuscript when submitting it.

It’s been awhile since I heard that Rebel Satori Press was going to work with me on publishing my book of erotica, Backwoods, so it’s time I gave an update on what’s going on.

My dream for the book has always been for it to be illustrated. A while back I contacted Michael Kirwan about working with me. I’m a huge fan of his drawings, and his style is perfectly suited to the style of the book and its rural fantasia, sorta-sexy sorta-realistic feel. Kirwan is more or less on board with the project but there’s been some back and forth over compensation. Unfortunately Rebel Satori passed on funding the illustrations (they’re a small press, really a one-man operation, so I wasn’t surprised), which leaves me in the position of having to come up with the money myself.

My first idea was to join this research study that’s loosely associated with my day job at the University of Pittsburgh. That would have meant getting biopsies out of my ass over a period of three months and making close to $1500 (which is about what I’m going to need for the drawings). Essentially I would have been selling my ass for my book, an idea which seemed perfect, really. But unfortunately that study has reached its quota of participants, so that option is out.

At the moment I’m brainstorming ways of raising money. There are other opportunities for being a human guinea pig in Pittsburgh. I have some material things (like CDs) I could see myself getting rid of for some money. But one idea I’m seriously entertaining is the idea of putting up my project on Kickstarter, which is this website where people pledge to back a certain amount of a project’s total cost, in exchange for certain rewards. A Pittsburgh friend of mine is doing this, and it seems to be working out well for her.

In the meantime, however, I want to let any readers out there know that, at this time, any money donated to me via the PayPal link on my story page (or below this post) is going to go directly toward funding the illustrations for Backwoods.

Just to make this plain: I never expect compensation for my work on this website. But if you are in a position to help me out and want to, I’m insanely grateful.