I’m Still Alive

Thriving, even! It’s just that I post new stories (and the occasional thirst trap) on Patreon, now. Some recent ones include: Nightclubbing (a series where straight bros turn each other out), Practice After Practice (Coach teaches a boy how to fuck, condom optional) and a couple sequels to My Boyfriend’s Horny Brothers along with much more. You should subscribe!

One caveat is that I am not able to post incest or even step-incest content there. I get around this with “coach” and “uncle-who’s-not-related” conceits, though I know that won’t cut it for everyone. Honestly Patreon has been such a boon for me and I’m grateful for my subscriber base and the platform. But I feel like I have less ownership over my stuff. That’s why I always want to post on this website, even if maintaining it is such a drag at times. If you’re reading this: thanks. And hang in there.