Cocky Little Fucker (Pts 3 & 4)

by Natty Soltesz

(Read the first two parts of Cocky Little Fucker here)

Pt 3

I knew I was in for it the weekend my wife went out of town. As soon as Bryce found out it was all I heard: how I better be ready, how he was going to dick me down from Friday to Sunday until my ass was spilling over with his cum.

I just resigned myself to it: I was basically addicted to his cock, at that point. I did lots of leg work that week, wanting my ass to be pumped up and ready for whatever he was going to dish out. And then, on Friday, I kissed my wife goodbye, then cleaned out and put on my jockstrap and waited for my stepson to get home.

“Hey,” he said, dropping his book bag on the floor. “Come get this dick.” I went over to where he stood and dutifully pulled down his shorts and sniffed and licked at his cock. “That’s right, Rick. Get that cock ready.”

His cock shot up as I sucked on his sweaty nuts. “Damn I’m so excited. Show me that ass,” he said. I slipped my shorts down over my jock-strapped butt. “Fuuck yes. I’m about to wreck that sweet ass. You ain’t gonna be able to sit down once this weekend’s over.”

I had his cock stuffed down my throat when there was a knock at the door. I looked up, confused, and Bryce was smirking.

“Who the fuck did you invite over here now?” I said.

“Relax, Rick. It’s just my friend Jerrod. You know Jerrod.”

I sure did. Jerrod was Bryce’s best friend. They were on the lacrosse team together and, as best as I could tell, led a reign of bully terror over their school. If Bryce was a cocky, entitled little shit, Jerrod was ten times more so.

“No way,” I said, “Tell him to get the fuck out of here.” I started to get up but Bryce pushed me back down on my knees.

“Aw, c’mon, Rick: I already promised him he could get a piece. Besides, he can fuck like a stallion. I’ve seen him do it: not to a dude, but we’ve railed a few pussies together. He’s gonna love fucking your ass.”

“Goddammit, Bryce, you can’t keep–” I started to say but Bryce grabbed the back of my head and shoved that delicious prick back inside my mouth.

“Just shut the fuck up, Rick,” he said, then turned toward the door. “Come in!” he said.

With my mouth stuffed full of cock I saw Jerrod come in the door. When he saw me his jaw dropped.

“Holy shit, look at that! Your stepdad’s a total fag!” Jerrod said.

“I told you, dude. You have no idea how much of a faggot he is,” Bryce said.

“Damn man. And you really fuck him up the ass, too?” Jerrod said.

“Fuck yeah I do. He loves it,” Bryce said. He held my head in his hands and started fucking my face – slowly at first, then faster and faster until his nuts were bouncing against my chin. Then he shoved his cock deep. I gagged but kept it in.

“Whoa,” Jerrod said. “I gotta get some of that.”

“Help yourself man. He’s ours for the weekend.”

“No fucking shit?” Jerrod said. “We get to fuck this fag all weekend?” He had the most evil gleam in his eye.

“All fucking weekend. No holes barred, haha.”

“Raw, too? No condoms?” Jerrod said as he undressed.

“Fuck, no,” Bryce said. “We’re gonna pump so many loads in him he’ll be seventy-percent semen by Sunday.”

“Damn straight,” Jerrod said. “Come work my dick, fag,” he said. I shifted over to him. Like Bryce, he was a hot-bodied little fucker, except leaner and meaner. He had a big ole dick, shaved smooth just like my stepson’s, and he shoved my face right into it. “Open wide, cocksucker,” he said, and stuffed it all the way back in my throat. I gagged and tried to come off it but he just held my head steady. “You gotta do better than that, fag,” he said. “Take that dick deep. Relax your throat. I’m gonna use it like a pussy.”

“Yeah, Rick,” Bryce said. He’d stripped naked too, and now he came around back of me and had me perch my ass out for him. He slapped my hole.

“Show me how you fuck him,” Jerrod said. Bryce slapped some spit on his palm which he smeared on my hole and then his cock. With one rough push he shoved the whole thing into me and went to town.

“Wow, he takes it like a champ,” Jerrod said. “This is gonna rule.”

From then on it was like an out-of-body experience, a blur of teenage cock in my mouth and ass as Bryce and Jerrod traded off and fucked me into oblivion. They fucked me in the living room, in the kitchen, in the hallway. In the family room they propped me up on the ottoman and took turns fucking me, challenging each other to pound me as hard as they could.

“Watch this,” Bryce said, and shoved his teen prong into me with no hands. Then, holding on to my ass cheeks, he drove his dick in like a piston, his hips slapping against my ass again and again, faster and faster until he was dripping sweat and panting like he’d run a marathon.

“Aw, I can do better than that,” Jerrod said, and traded off with Bryce. He flipped me on my back and pinned my legs over my head. Then he spit on my hole and fucked me mercilessly, so hard that the ottoman began to slide across the floor but he just went with it, spitting in my mouth, choking me, calling me a faggot.

That was Friday, and by Saturday morning I’d lost count of how many loads I’d taken in my ass and down my throat. I made them breakfast and then they went at me again, bending me over the sofa and slapping palms as they traded off between my mouth and my ass, over and over for two hours.

That afternoon they had me suck their dicks while they played video games, going back and forth so that they stayed hard the entire time. When they’d had enough they took turns fucking me again, this time using their strong young bodies to hold me up in the air, so that I was grasping onto my stepson with my ass stuck out while Jerrod pounded me from behind.

I had to stay naked all weekend. When I cooked them dinner they made me wear an apron and took turns shoving their cocks in my ass while I worked at the counter and the stove.

That night they had me in the bedroom I share with my wife. They found her stash of dildos and used them on me, stretching me out with successively larger and larger dongs until my asshole was loose.

“We gotta get both of our cocks in him at once,” Jerrod said.

“Yeah?” Bryce said. “Think we can?”

“We’re damn sure gonna try” Jerrod said. He made me lay on top of my stepson. Once Bryce got his dick in me Jerrod got on top of us and slid his right alongside his friend’s.

“Oh man,” Jerrod said, “That’s insane. It’s so tight and I can feel your cock sliding right next to mine.”

“Let’s cream in him at the same time,” Bryce said.

“I’m going to…ready?” Jerrod said, and they unloaded into me while I cried out in pleasure and pain.

We fell asleep in bed together and when we woke up I knew my ordeal was almost over: Bryce’s mother would be home soon. But no sooner had I opened my eyes than Jerrod was pulling back the sheets to reveal his morning wood. He nudged Bryce who saw his friend’s hard on and smirked.

“Morning,” Bryce said to his friend.

“Think your stepdad’s ready for some more raw dick?” Jerrod said.

“We got a few hours,” Bryce said, holding up his hard-on. “Let’s make the most of it.”

“I was wondering,” Jerrod said. “You think this fag would lick our asses?”

“Hm, I never tried that before,” Bryce said. “Might be fun.”

“Only one way to find out,” Jerrod said, and he stood up on the bed and sat his firm teen ass right on my face. “C’mon, fag, get your tongue in there,” Jerrod said, shifting his hips until his asshole was right on my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and started to lick. I’d never been so humiliated – I didn’t eat my wife’s pussy, let alone had I ever licked someone’s asshole.

“Holy fuck,” Jerrod said, with a note of wonder in his voice. “That feels incredible. Oh my god.”

“Really?” Bryce said.

“Dude,” Jerrod said. “Seriously. You gotta try it.”

“Alright, man,” Bryce said. As Jerrod stood up I saw how hard his cock was. I caught my breath just in time for my stepson to smother me with his butt. I stuck my tongue as deeply into his teenage hole as I could and felt him squirm. “Oh fuck, oh damn. That’s the stuff. Holy shit.”

For a good hour they took turns sitting on my face. Then they got on all fours, side by side, and had me alternate eating both of them out. They flipped over and I took turns riding each of their dicks until they shot a load in me, one after the other. I think they were both pretty exhausted. I know I was.

I lay in between them, throat sore, ass even more so and dripping with jizz.

“Fuck that was fun,” Jerrod said.

“Yeah it was. Was it fun for you, Ricky?” Bryce said. I just put my arm over my eyes.

“You know he loves it,” Jerrod said. “Look how hard he is, still.” And he reached down to hold my cock up. It was the first time either of them had acknowledged my cock, let alone touched it, and it made me throb.

“It’s not a bad cock,” Bryce said, and the two of them sat up to examine me closer.

“Yeah, seems like a waste to have such a nice cock on a fag like him,” Jerrod said.

“It makes my mom happy enough,” Bryce said. He took hold of it from Jerrod and stroked it. He looked at his friend. “Think we should give him a thrill?”

Jerrod shrugged. “Dude, I don’t know.”

“Aw, c’mon,” Bryce said. “Watch, I’ll start.” And my stepson leaned forward and took my cock into his mouth. I moaned and Jerrod laughed.

“Damn that fag is just crying out for some attention,” Jerrod said, watching his friend go down on me. “Hey, let me try.” Bryce held out my cock and Jerrod took over. He was tentative at first, but then started to get into it. They smiled at each other as they took turns sucking it.

“Same time?” Bryce said.

“Yeah!” Jerrod said, and they got on all fours to lick both sides of my shaft at the same time, and it was that combined with the sight of their firm teenage butts spread out that made me lose it.

“I’m gonna cum,” I managed to say.

“Yeah, fag, blow that load,” Jerrod said. “Wanna taste it with me?” he said to Bryce.

“Fuck yeah,” Bryce said. The two of them ran their lips and tongues up and down my cock as my nuts pulled up and fired out jizz. “Holy shit, look at that!” Jerrod said, watching a thick rope of my cum shoot up nearly as high as the ceiling. He leaned forward and took my cock head in his mouth as it continued to spurt, then let Bryce have the next few shots.

“Oh fuck, tastes okay!” Jerrod said.

“Yeah it’s making me horny,” Bryce said, and they brought their close, cum-covered faces together and started to make out, sharing my cream between them.

“Damn!” Jerrod said.

“That was hot as fuck,” Bryce said. “But look at this place,” he said, motioning to the cum-covered bed. “What a fucking mess. And my mom’s gonna be home any minute. Guess you better get to work, huh Ricky?” He slapped my ass as they walked away, laughing.

Pt 4

I was at the gym when I collided into Jerrod’s stepfather Todd – he’d been walking with his head down. I guess I’d been doing the same.

“Oh, sorry,” I said. Our eyes met.

“Hey Rick,” he said, and looked back down at the floor. Todd’s a big muscle guy – taller than me, handsome as hell. He’d always been a confident dude, cock of the walk, who usually strutted his big tatted and beefed-up body around the gym, flirting with the girls and showing off to the guys. But now his shoulders were slumped forward and he looked defeated.

I thought I knew why: a few days before, with my stepson Bryce steadily pumping his raw dick into my ass and his shithead friend Jerrod sitting on my face, they’d let some crucial information slip.

“Damn that’s good. You think Todd licks deeper, though?” Jerrod said.

“Shut the fuck up,” Bryce had said. And in one moment I’d realized: I wasn’t the only one. Yeah, I’d gone from being a model husband and stepfather into a bareback fag slut for my stepson and his friends. But apparently those evil little fuckboys had turned out Jerrod’s stepdad, too.

“Everything alright?” I said to Todd.

“Yeah,” he said, and looked in my eyes.

“How’s Jerrod?” I said. Todd took a deep breath.

“You know how he is,” he said. We looked into each other’s eyes. “They’ve done it to you, too, haven’t they?”

“Yeah,” I said. “Want to have a beer and talk about it?”

Todd nearly had tears in his eyes. He nodded. “I’d like that,” he said.

So we showered up and went back to Todd’s house where he cracked us open two beers.

“I don’t know how it’s come to this,” he said as we settled next to each other on the couch. “I should be doing things like taking my wife out to romantic dinners. Instead I’m getting my ass stuffed with two big, raw teenage dicks while she sleeps upstairs,” he said.

“I know,” I said. “I haven’t fucked my wife in weeks. I’m so worn out from those two cunt-hungry fuckers that I don’t have any energy for her.”

“What are we gonna do?” Todd said, looking at me desperately. At that moment, my phone buzzed. It was a text from my stepson Bryce: “Hey slut, where the fuck are you? We’re at home and horny.” And then, a pic of their huge, hard dicks next to one another. I showed it to Todd.

“Fuck man. It’s such insanity. As soon as I see those cocks I want to just drop everything to get them in me. What have they done to me?” Todd said, and he started crying.

“They’ve done it to me, too,” I said, putting my hand on Todd’s solid shoulder and keeping it there while he got out his emotions.

“It’s nice to know I’m not alone,” he said, wiping his eyes.

“I agree,” I said. “And the worst of it is, I know as soon as I’m alone again I’ll be begging for more of their loads.”

“I know,” Todd said. “In my mouth, in my ass – as much and as often as possible. I get excited just thinking about it,” he said, cupping the hard bulge in his gym shorts.

“I’m turned on, too,” I said, feeling my own hard-on through my silky gym shorts. “It’s taking all I have not to head back to my house and for some bareback dick,” I said.

“I know,” Todd said, reaching into his shorts to stroke his cock. “They’re so big and hard. When they slide in it feels better than anything. They’ve even been putting both of their cocks in me at the same time.”

“Me too,” I said, sliding my shorts down to reveal my hard prick. Todd did the same. I noticed his trimmed crotch hair, the tattoos around his lower pelvis. “It’s like I can’t get enough teen dick stuffed in me.”

Todd and I jacked off next to each other, our eyes on each other’s cocks. I was thinking, Man, I’m so horny, I’d even go for Todd’s cock, and I guess he was thinking the same thing, because just then he leaned over to me and took my cock into his mouth. “Mphh,” he said as he stuffed it into his throat. I was shocked. But it felt amazing. “Goddamn,” he said, coming off of it. “Those two shits have got me so addicted to cock.”

“Me too buddy,” I said, and leaned forward to take Todd’s big uncut daddy dick down my throat. I moaned around it.

“Oh fuck yeah man. We’re fucking wrecked now: hooked on cock.”

“Can’t get enough of it,” I said, in between stuffing my throat full of prick. We stripped completely naked, got on the floor and sixty-nined, in total lust and hunger for one another’s prongs.

“Oh fuck man,” Todd said. He stood up. I couldn’t believe how much he towered over me. His huge frame was covered in muscle and tattoos. “I can’t resist it, man. I need cock in my ass.” He straddled me, sat down and took my raw prick right inside him. “Oh fuck man I’m such a faggot. Such a fucking cocksucking faggot hooked on raw dick,” he said, looking at me as he bounced on my cock.

“Fuck yeah, it’s okay man – let it all out. We can be real with each other. Tell me how much you need cock,” I said. My eyes were rolling back in my head – it had been so long since I’d had my dick in somebody else.

“I need it. Fuckin a, man,” he said, stroking his hard dick while he rode me.

“I need it too, bro. Let me sit on yours,” I said.

“Yeah man,” Todd said, coming off my dick and laying back on the floor. “Get on this dick. Let’s get what we need from each other.”

“Yeah fuck those cocky little shits,” I said as I straddled Todd’s lap and sat down on his dick. I took the whole thing into me and held it there. “Oh man,” I said, starting to ride it up and down. “Feels so fucking good.”

“What a relief to fuck again,” Todd said. “Those little shits turned me into such a pussy.”

“You’re not a pussy, bro,” I said. “Look at that hard raw dick going into me. You’re a fucking man.”

“Hell yeah I am,” Todd said. “Get on your hands and knees, I want to rail you from behind.”

“Yeah bro,” I said, presenting my ass to him. “Show me what a man you are.” Todd slapped my ass and held onto my muscle butt as he worked his dick into me. Once he’d used me for a while we switched off again and I used him. It was so invigorating to get to fuck ass again instead of always being on bottom with those two little shits.

“Yeah, fuck that ass,” Todd said. “Fuckin love that dick in me. Give it to me, buddy.”

“You want my cum in you, buddy?” I said.

“You know I do, man. Give me that load.”

“Oh fuck yeah, gonna cum in your ass, bud, fuck yeah!” And with that I unloaded inside of somebody for the first time in weeks. It felt amazing, but I knew it was my duty to give Todd the same feeling, so I got on my back and put my legs in the air.

“That’s it, Todd,” I said as that big muscle dad fucked me in the ass. “Give me that cum, baby.”

My phone was still buzzing as Todd pounded my hole: Bryce and Jerrod, still horny as fuck and showing their true form as selfish, horny teens who thought about nothing but their own dicks.

“Take a picture of me breeding you and send it to those fucks,” Todd suggested. So I got my camera ready and trained it on Todd’s huge, sweaty frame in between my legs.

“Oh fuck yeah, baby, I’m gonna cum in you too. Ready for it?” And with a solid pound of his hips he held his cock in me and unloaded his seed while I snapped away with the camera.

“Sorry, been busy,” I texted to Bryce along with the picture. Then Todd lay down next to me and we laughed together as he settled into my arms.

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