Your Friday Nifty Experience

But a few weeks without shooting, without having that sexual release, and we were all sort of looking for something to get us through this dry season. I think it was Brent, the stud rapist who caused all this trouble, who showed up one Sunday at my house with a dildo. He suggested that the three of us experiment with it and see if we could get any relief. Of course Jason and I said no way! We were working out in the basement in just our steel cups, as was our custom. As Jason and I said no I felt some ooze drip from my cup and thought I saw Jason dripping too, but of course it could have been sweat or even piss.

Brent laid down on one of the benches I have there and stuck the dildo up his hole. He worked it around and in and out and was gasping and grunting and had both pain and pleasure on his face, more pleasure than I had seen there since the big lock up. Well, very quickly we learned that we could have some fun with a thick rubber stick up our asses and so that became our little extra activity during our private workouts. We had to be careful that word didn’t get out about it. After all, being locked up was a bad enough rap to live with but we sure didn’t want anyone to know we were getting off with stuffing our holes.

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