Where in the World is Sebastian Wallace?

Repost from old blog, 8/25/2008

(above pic of “Seb” stolen from the web archive of his site)

Sebastian Wallace is, without a doubt, my favorite erotic story author on the web. He’s also the most infuriating, though maybe I just haven’t followed enough web authors to realize how generally infuriating they all are. For if there is one thing with Seb Wallace that you can count on, it’s that he can’t be counted upon. For every beautifully-designed website that he puts up, packed with hot stories and fantasy-enhancing “pictures” of his characters and even tasty bits of info on the process behind each story and its reception, you can be sure that the entire site will be defunct in about a year or so. Even more certain is that Seb will reappear with another website in a year or so, this one no doubt even more well-designed than the last, and just as ephemeral.

That’s not to say that you can’t read his stuff on the web at all times – it’s archived on several different sites (see below for the rundown). He deals in straight men, much like some other authors with whom you’re familiar. What’s so singular about Seb’s stories is the exacting and convoluted way his characters find themselves in sexual situations with other men (their roommates, brothers, fathers). The roommate wants to shock his girlfriend by having her catch him and his mate having sex, but the playacting gets taken too far. When a heartbroken father reaches for his son in his sleep, it doesn’t seem right to the son not to let his poor dad have some pleasure. Etc. Seb’s characters seem to have sex for every reason except that they want to have sex with one another. I’ve never read anything quite like them.

Typically his stories are told in the first person from the perspective of the author, Sebastian Wallace, with some sketchy/dubious biographical details thrown in. Not that Seb the Author ever claims that his stories are nonfiction. I can’t even say I’m all that interested in the line he skirts between fact and fiction, but it’s tempting look at the content of his stories for clues to the love/hate relationship he seems to have with his writing. I mean, who the hell knows? He might simply not have the time for a consistent output of fuck stories, and that’s fine. I’m not complaining. So much.

I hope he writes more soon. His last batch was pretty fabulous. And honestly, Seb’s website was the whole inspiration for my own, so if you like my stories you have him to thank. Drop him a line, whydontcha (sebastian_wallace@yahoo.co.uk), and tell him to write some more goddamn stories while you’re at it.


Thanks to RobbyG, who linked me to this nice compendium of Seb’s work:  http://www.screeve.org/Sebastian-Wallace.html.  You can also find them on Nifty.

Here is a list of my favorites, but truthfully they are always changing:

Ben Pays Up- a rimming story
Tom Stays Over- sister’s boyfriend, self-suck, nice butt with a finger in it
Stag Night – groom & best man, with nice emotional detailing at the end
Desperate Daniel – Seb the martyr gives it up for a horny dorm mate. I think I might have stolen from this story, specifically the part where the one guy is smelling pussy on the other guy’s cock (Wallace is big on smells), but I can’t remember where or what I used it in.