Uncle Barry

By Natty Soltesz

My mom always said that Uncle Barry refused to grow up.  From what I gathered, listening to my parents talk about my father’s youngest sibling, he was a roustabout and a bit of a free spirit.  He’d lived all over the country, never holding down a job for more than a few months at a time.  Every so often he would show up on our doorstep looking for a place to stay.  Mom hated when he did that, but I was always excited.  I thought Uncle Barry was the coolest.

We hadn’t heard from him for a while before he knocked on our door that summer afternoon, two large bags of stuff at his side.  Before he could ask to stay, though, my mom gleefully informed him that we were leaving for the beach the next day.  He looked really bummed, but then my dad shocked us all by inviting him to come along.  I’d never seen Mom so angry!  Of course, I was thrilled beyond words.

The truth was, I’d become quite the horny little fucker in the time since I’d last seen Uncle Barry, and only now did I appreciate what a good-looking guy he was.  All that week I stared at his half-naked body on the beach, taking in his broad shoulders, his smooth oiled skin that made an ‘S’ curve down his back, and the mounds of his plump, firm ass.  His front side was even nicer—a broad, hairy chest; the sides of his firm stomach which disappeared into his nylon swim trunks.

By the end of the week Barry was tanned to a golden brown, and I was so horny from looking at him that I though I might go crazy.  When my parents went down to the water with my little sisters, I stayed behind to watch him sun bathe out of the corner of my eye.  I fixated on the bouncy mound of his cock, which seemed to move with the changes in temperature.  When a cool breeze passed, it scrunched up.  Then the sun beamed down, and it fattened and lengthened.  At one point his dick fattened so visibly that I thought it might poke out the leg of his trunks.

Barry stirred and sat up, almost like he was awakening from a dream.  He looked over and seemed to catch me staring.  His handsome, bearded face broke into a wide grin.

“Man, the heat of this sun is enough to make a man’s dick go hard.  Dontcha think?”  His eyes beamed at me from behind his sunglasses.  I tried to laugh but it caught in my throat.  “Matter of fact, I might have to hose myself down with some cold water if I don’t quit daydreamin here.”

“I know.”

“Sure you do,” Uncle Barry said, grabbing the lotion and rubbing some of it into his skin.  “I remember how horny I was at your age.  I tell you, all this sun and skin does things to a guy.  And I haven’t gotten any all week.”  He looked to me and I nodded like I agreed.  A week?  Besides my hand, I’d never gotten any in my whole life.  “I haven’t even had an opportunity to whack off, you know?”

“I know,” I said again, this time fully in agreement.  He was treating me like his buddy, which made me feel pretty cool.  “It’s hard to when everybody’s coming in and out of the bathroom all the time,” I added, hardly believing I was talking about this with him.

“No shit.  Those girls spend so much time in the bathroom you’d think they live there,” he said with a laugh.

“Nobody there right now, though,” I said absently, thinking of the empty cottage a few blocks away.  Uncle Barry turned and gave me a mischievous grin. He reached into his shoe.

“And I’ve got the key,” he said, dangling it in front of him.  “What you say, eh?  You and I go and help ourselves to some, uh, private time?”


He told my parents we were going to have some lunch and that we’d bring them back something.  We walked back to the cottage together, like partners in crime.  My stomach was doing flips the whole way.

“I figure we got half an hour, and hour, tops.  Plenty of time,” he said, nudging my shoulder.  We reached the cottage and wiped the sand off our feet, then entered in to the air-conditioned darkness of the kitchen/living room area.

“Man, I am so fuckin horny,” Uncle Barry said, setting the key down.  His eyes scanned the counter.  “I could fuck that watermelon.  Maybe I will.”  We laughed about that.  He pulled down his trunks right there in the kitchen.  His cock (which I’d been imagining all week) flopped out, thick as a soda can and nested in a thatch of black hair.  It looked incredible.  I slid out of my trunks, setting free my fully hard six-inch pecker.  Uncle Barry saw my boner and whistled.

“Nice one.”

“Yours is really nice too,” I said.  He wrapped his hand around his cock and pulled on it.

“Yeah,” he said, like he knew it but appreciated the compliment just the same.  I watched intently as he stroked his dick.  Slowly it fattened up, until it was almost nine inches big.  “I’m gonna shoot a load like you wouldn’t believe.”

We stood maybe a foot away from each other in the kitchen, stroking our cocks.  I checked him out in the low light filtering through the blinds, keeping a light grip on my dick.  I’d been ready to cum practically from the first time I touched myself.  Suddenly, Uncle Barry reached over and pushed my hand aside, taking hold of my dick.

“You really do got a nice one for a kid your age.”  My legs went weak and I fell back a little.  Barry grabbed my shoulder and held me steady as his paw worked my boy dick.  It felt so good I couldn’t believe it.  I had to concentrate so I wouldn’t cum.  Eventually he took his hand off my shoulder and reached down to cup my nuts.

“Nice balls,” he said, hefting them in his hand.  I watched his dick, so fat it couldn’t stand up the whole way and just kind of hung, pendulous over his hairy bull balls.

“I can’t believe how big your nuts are.”

“Yep.  They’re so full of cum they’re like water balloons.”  He stood up straight, letting go of my dick but keeping hold of my balls, his fingers massaging the space underneath them.  “Feel em.”

I took hold of his heavy, hot nuts.  A bolt of excitement went through me, even more intense than when I’d first touched myself.  My Uncle Barry was letting me touch his balls!  It was something I’d only fantasized about, and here I was doing it.

Cautiously I reached my other hand over and touched his dick.  It felt like a hot steel pipe against my fingers.  I lifted it, feeling its weight, which was so unlike my own.  Uncle Barry’s cock responded, pulsing against my fingers.  I took it in my hand and stroked him, sliding my palm along his sweaty shaft while I held onto his hairy balls.

“Oh yeah, this is nice.  Finally, huh?”  I smiled back at my uncle.  He went back to stroking my dick while I did his.  I didn’t know what felt better—my dick in his hand, or his dick in mine.

I let go of his balls and felt his smooth stomach.  Slowly, I slid my hand up to feel his thick, hairy chest and nipples.  Uncle Barry didn’t seem to mind that I was getting off on his body.  I was so lost in the moment I nearly jumped when he spoke to me.

“A blowjob would be nice right now, you know?”  He looked me in the eye.  “You ever had a blowjob?” he said, sensing my inexperience.  I shook my head.  “Oh, buddy.  Best feeling in the world.  A hot mouth, wrapping around your dick, lips and tongue sliding up and down…” He shook his head back and forth.

“Whaddya say I make you a deal,” he said in a low voice.  “But this is just between you and me, understand?”  I nodded, yes.  He got down on his knees and looked up at me.  “Just so you can know how it feels.”  I gasped as he engulphed my cock in his mouth.  In one heavenly instant, I felt his hot mouth go down on my cock, his tight lips and tongue working against my shaft all warm and slippery as he bobbed up and down.  I was totally overwhelmed.

Barry was stroking his cock as he sucked on mine.  He seemed to really want to give me a good idea of what a blowjob was like.  After sucking on it a couple more times I was almost ready to cum.  He slid my dick out of his mouth with a pop and stood up.  Noticing the look on my face, he laughed.

“Pretty damn nice, isn’t it?”  He held his big meat out to me.  “Want to give it a try?  It’s no big deal if you don’t.  Like I said, this is just between you and me.  I’m not gonna judge you.”  I knelt down and he put the head of his dick next to my lips.  A drop of pre cum glistened on the tip, and I reached out my tongue to taste it.  I really liked the taste of my own cream, and Uncle Barry’s did not disappoint.  It tasted sweet yet sexily salty.  Wanting more, I passed his helmet head between my lips and sucked on it.

“Aw, that’s the stuff.  There y’go.  Take as much as you can in your mouth.”  I followed his instructions, sliding his dick along my tongue and into the back of my throat, until almost half of it was in.  I couldn’t believe I had my uncle’s big dick in my mouth.  I never wanted to stop.

I tried to avoid scraping my teeth against his shaft while Uncle Barry moaned encouragement.  He ran his hands through my hair, always relaxed, never getting so carried away that I was uncomfortable.  He seemed nothing more than grateful for the sexual release he was getting after a week of being so bottled up. I don’t know if he realized how much I’d lusted after him, and what effect his dick was having on me.  I was stroking my own dick, working myself up to the point of shooting, then backing off.

“Oh buddy.  Oh, shit.  I can’t hold out much longer,” Barry said, holding even tighter on to my head.  “I’m gonna cum.  You wanna take it?”  I did.  I wanted to taste his load, to feel the essence of him shooting into me.  I kept a steady rhythm as it built up in him, his moans increasing with each bob of my head.

“Oh fuck.  Oh, SHIT!” he yelled out into the empty cottage.  His balls clenched up into his sack and shuddered, then his dick exploded, sending spurt after spurt of thick, creamy jizz into my mouth.  I frantically swallowed.  It was a load and a half, and it just seemed to keep coming, emptying out of his balls in heavy jets.  I took all I could but some of it ran out the sides of my mouth.

I reached my own orgasm and barely even realized it.  My load just seemed to spill out of my dick, like my nuts couldn’t contain it anymore.  It shot all over Uncle Barry’s feet and the linoleum floor.

When I had finally calmed down, I stood up.  Barry clapped me on the shoulder, a satisfied smile on his face.

“Now that was nice,” he said.  I laughed as I wiped my mouth.

As we walked back to the beach, Barry wrapped his arm around my shoulder.  I felt closer to him than I’d felt all week.

“That hit the spot, eh, buddy?”  I nodded.  “Yeah, I definitely owe you one for that.  Tell you what.  Maybe tonight we’ll take a walk down the beach.  Just you and me.  Find a quiet spot.  Or maybe we’ll wait till everyone’s asleep.  I’ll get you back, don’t worry.  One good blowjob deserves another.”

We didn’t realize until we got back to my family that we’d forgotten all about the lunch we were supposed to have brought.  My mom just shook her head at Uncle Barry.  My dad offered to get us all some pizza, but I told him not to worry about me.  I was totally satisfied.