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cheating husbands
In October 2013 I cancelled my internet service and I didn’t resume it until spring of 2014. Then it was like INTERNET PORN OMG and I caught up on everything I’d missed in the last six months. By far what stood out were the scenes from – maybe this is a newish studio, maybe I’d just never noticed their stuff before but OMG it’s right up my alley. I mean, daddy/boy stuff, straight guy stuff, married guys cheating – if I had a bigger head I’d swear I was being plagiarized (shut up, it’s happened to me before).

A couple months ago I got this idea in my head that I should WRITE for I mean, I’ve written porn scripts before and gotten paid for it. It’s sort of my dream to write or direct my own porn scenes – maybe there was potential there.

But you know who writes and directs those scenes for Nobody. Or at least they’re not attributed to anybody. It’s the weirdest thing and it really rubs me the wrong way. I mean, this is quality porn. It’s rarely perfect but it’s always well done – good acting, good dialogue, good scenarios. It bugs me that a studio that clearly has something invested in scenes that are well-written and directed don’t see a need to attribute their writing and directing to anybody.

BUT ANYWAY, I was talking to my boyfriend about and how I always enjoy their scenes but I’ve never found that ONE scene that blew my mind. Well, he mentioned this one and sent it my way and oooooh boy, it’s the one for sure. I mean I could tick off what’s great about it but in the end it all comes down to that gigantic, shaved ass.

**One last quick porn recommendation: the Reddit thread Gay Porn With Plot. Enjoy.