I Want To Be Like the Deer

Repost from old blog, 8/15/2009I was having a crappy day on Wednesday; an outcome of the extreme financial stress we’ve been having lately. I’d been so overcome by my problems, so paralyzed by the future, that I knew I needed to do something to escape.

I took a walk through a field near my house. I was picking wildflowers when I saw a family of deer: three does, three fawns. They spotted me almost instantly but kept walking toward me. They would stop, look around, look back at me, then continue toward me. They got about five yards away from me before one of them made a snirfing sound and they bounded off – all except for one adult, whose body was pointed toward where the rest was running but whose neck was craned back to look at me, as if too curious to run away. Finally I clapped to scare her and she ran.

But I was thinking about how the deer have to be constantly alert to danger. They kept looking up, looking around, then going back to what they were doing. All animals have to be like that, to varying extents. It’s important to be aware of danger, but equally important to go on with your life when no immediate threat is present.