What Happens in Vegas…

By Natty Soltesz

“Vegas, baby!” McConnell yelled as we headed down the street.  It was the last night of our spring break adventure, and we were still ahead, money wise.  Earlier that night we’d managed to find the casino with the youngest crowd and the strongest drinks, so we were in a great mood and feeling no pain as we strode back to the hotel.

The trip had been a spur-of-the-moment thing for me and my best friend Teddy, an escape after being cooped up all winter at college.  At the last minute I asked McConnell to come along.  He was an older friend of ours, and though we weren’t really close, Teddy and I both liked him.  He was chill and easygoing; a tall, blond, strapping guy who attracted attention wherever he went.

In retrospect, I think I invited McConnell along as protection.  People say I’m attractive – I’ve got sandy brown hair and I work out to keep my body tight.  But Teddy was something special – a lacrosse player with a killer body, short dark hair and blue eyes.  Ever since I realized I was bisexual, he’d become my ultimate fantasy.  I wasn’t sure that I could handle being alone in a hotel room with him.  After all, you know what they say about Vegas.


We rolled into our hotel room and Teddy cracked open the champagne we’d brought for the occasion.  Then we spread ourselves around the living room area and toasted our success.

“It’s too bad we don’t have any ladies here to help us celebrate,” McConnell said, lying back on the couch.  “Wish I had someone here to take care of my dick, you know?”

I laughed nervously, but Teddy had a suggestion.

“Let’s order some porn off the TV,” he said, pouring himself another glass of champagne.  “At least we can get ourselves off, right?”

“That’s a fine idea, friend,” McConnell said.  He picked up the phone and ordered us a porno.  Teddy gave me a mischievous look and I smiled back.  We’d never done anything like this before, but Vegas had made us all a little uninhibited.

A few minutes later “Anal Cheerleader Gangbang” was playing on the tube and we were on our second bottle of champagne.

“Damn…this is some good stuff,” McConnell said, his hand lightly grazing the growing bulge in his jeans.  I could tell that Teddy was feeling it too by the way he shifted in his seat.  The sexual tension in the room was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

“I don’t know about you guys,” McConnell finally said, “but I could sure use some release, if you know what I mean.  You guys mind?”  He started unbuttoning his jeans.

“No, man,” Teddy said nonchalantly.  “Go right ahead.”  McConnell reached his hand into his briefs and pulled out the biggest, thickest dick I’d ever seen in my life.

“Wow,” Teddy said, blatantly checking out McConnell, who just smiled back at him.

“Big, huh?” he said, holding it for us to see.  He hefted out his hairless balls and stroked his dick’s towering length.

“Holy shit,” Teddy said.  We shared a look of amazement before turning back to McConnell’s huge cock – it was hypnotic.

“Why don’t you fellas join me?” McConnell said, lifting up his legs and slipping off his jeans and underwear.  When I saw Teddy start to take off his pants I did the same.  I’d seen Teddy naked plenty of times, but to see him in this state, erect and excited, was another matter entirely.  We were all checking out each other’s bodies shamelessly.

We stroked our dicks for a while, keeping one eye on the movie and the other eye on each other.  McConnell seemed to soak up the attention we were giving to his big dick.  He started showing off – teasing his balls and letting his hog heave in the air, lightly brushing his fingers up its length until it was visibly throbbing.

Then McConnell reached over, took Teddy’s hand, and guided it right to his massive slab.  Time seemed to stand still.  I was shocked when Teddy wrapped his fingers around it and began stroking it up and down, exploring it with a kid’s fascination.  McConnell put his arms behind his head and closed his eyes as Teddy played with his cock.

Watching them, I started to feel jealous.  It was as if Teddy had forgotten I was in the room.  Just then, McConnell opened his eyes and nodded to me, motioning with his head for me to come over.

I stood up and moved to the floor in front of him.  Tentatively, I took the base of McConnell’s cock in my hand.  It felt like an iron bar, only hot and alive.  Teddy and I stroked him together.

The atmosphere in the room was electric as Teddy and I worshipped McConnell’s dick, feeling his balls and running our hands up his tight, muscular body.  Then, Teddy put his head down and slid the tip of McConnell’s cock into his mouth.  McConnell groaned.  He put his hand on Teddy’s head and guided it down as Teddy swallowed his shaft.

“Fuck yeah, buddy, that’s the stuff,” he said.  I couldn’t believe I was watching my best friend suck a dick – it was almost too much.  He worked it in and out of his mouth as best he could, his lips stretching to accommodate McConnell’s girth.  Then he came up catching his breath, and held out McConnell’s dick for me.

“Yeah, let your buddy give it a try,” McConnell said.  I leaned forward and slid that hot pole along my face before wrapping my lips around the head, sliding its sweaty salty thickness into my throat as far as I could take it.

Teddy got down on the floor and we took turns going down on our friend’s huge prick.  McConnell was voicing his appreciation as we bobbed on his johnson like a couple of cock-hungry whores.  I looked over to Teddy and saw that he was as hard as I was; his slender, uncut dick jutting like a thick peg from a soft thatch of black pubes.

McConnell grabbed us each by the back of the head, positioning our mouths on either side of his fat pole.  We wrapped our lips tight to either side his shaft as he began to rock his hips, fucking his dick in between our mouths.

He fucked harder and faster, his balls drawing tight to his body.  Naturally, Teddy’s mouth and tongue started to make contact with mine, and just when I thought McConnell was going to cum, he took his dick from between our lips and pressed our heads together.

It was kind of a shock at first, but then Teddy and I were making out, our tongues writhing for position in each other’s mouths as we gave ourselves over to it.  We lay on the floor and pressed our bodies tightly together as we kissed.  Teddy grabbed my ass, grinding his slick boner against mine.

“That’s the way, boys,” McConnell said.  He sat back on the couch.  “Have at it.”  It was like the years of sexual tension between Teddy and me were all being released in one intense instant while McConnell watched.  Teddy flipped around on top of me and we sixty-nined.  I lifted my head to take Teddy’s succulent prick in my mouth.  After McConnell’s monster, sucking Teddy was a breeze – I ate it like a popsicle, sliding it all the way down my throat until my nose was nestled in his ball sac.

Teddy sucked my dick eagerly, our bodies heaving as we sucked more and more urgently.  I felt Teddy lapping at my balls, and then his tongue slid beneath them and he pressed the tip of it to my asshole.  I nearly had a heart attack – I’d never felt anything like it before.  Teddy started eating me out, burying his face into my butt, his tongue working around and around my butthole before plunging inside as far as it could go.

I looked up at Teddy’s smooth ass spread out above me, so firm and inviting.  I parted his cheeks to reveal his tight, clean hole, then I put my face right in it, slathering my tongue against my best friend’s butt, the two of us lost in an ass-eating sixty-nine.

“Fuckin hot,” McConnell drawled.  I could hear him beating off.  Teddy got in between my legs and raised them up in the air, his face diving right back into my ass. When he pressed a finger to my butthole my hungry ass swallowed it right up.  He worked another one in, finger-fucking me in between eating me out.  I heard McConnell open his bag, and when I looked up, he was holding out a bottle of lube.  He smiled at me.

“You gonna take your buddy’s dick for him?” he asked.  I nodded.  Teddy watched me as he lubed up my asshole and his cock.  The connection between us was strong and unspoken.  We both wanted this, perhaps had wanted this all along.

He pressed the blunt head of his cock to my hole and just rested it there for a minute.  It felt so good that I had to push back, and when it sank inside I got a jolt of pain.

“Steady, there,” McConnell said.  I lay still for a minute, feeling my ass relax around his dick.  Slowly, Teddy started working more inside.  In an instant the painleft, and I grabbed hold of his tight ass, guiding the rest of his dick inside me.

Teddy held my legs in the air as he fucked me, working his slim hips in fluid motions.  I couldn’t believe my best friend was laying pipe into my ass.  Teddy lay down on me and as we kissed he deep fucked me with long strokes, his balls wetly slapping my ass with each thrust.  I bucked back into him, loving the feel of his cock in me.  It felt like it was meant to be there.

Teddy took my cock in his hand and started jerking me off, our rhythm getting faster and more intense.

“Slow down there, buckaroos,” I heard McConnell say.  We stopped, our bodies heaving together.  “Mind if I get in on this?”

He stood astride my head, and I looked up at his firm butt.  Though the rest of his body was golden tan, his ass was still a soft white.  He crouched down, giving me the hottest view his spread-wide pink asshole before sitting on my face.

I ate him out with pleasure.  McConnell worked his ass against my mouth, humping his hole onto my tongue, pinching my nipples and moaning lustily.  I felt Teddy begin to work his dick in and out of me again, and then I realized that he was sucking McConnell’s cock while he fucked me.  McConnell was like the king, and we were like his horny servants.

McConnell rose from my face so that I could suck on his salty balls and run my tongue up the base of his shaft.  Teddy leaned forward and kissed me, and the taste of McConnell’s cock and ass mingled in our mouths before McConnell sat back down on my face.

When somebody started working my dick again I knew it wasn’t going to be long.  Teddy fucked me with long, smooth strokes, and I felt my load rise and rise until I could no longer hold out.  I made muffled moans into McConnell’s pulsing ass as my load rose from my balls and shot out of my dick in thick arcs.

At the same time, Teddy started to groan.  He made one final push deep into my ass and held it there as his hot load shot deep inside me, his hands tight around my waist, his moans muffled from McConnell’s cock in his mouth.

McConnell got up and Teddy lay down on me, kissing me as my load spread between our sweaty bodies.  We looked up at McConnell who was kneeling over us, groping his balls as he stroked his big dick.

“Gonna cum boys, you want it?”  At that moment, there wasn’t anything I wanted more than to eat some hot come.  Teddy and I opened our mouths in anticipation.  McConnell’s groans grew louder and louder, until ropes of thick white jism started issuing from his dick like shots from a water cannon.  They landed on our faces and tongues as we strived to suck it down.

When he was finished, Teddy and I shared his load between us, noisily sucking down the sweet nectar, our bodies still held close.


I woke up the next morning still on the floor with Teddy.  What would come next?  Maybe we were going to pretend that nothing had happened.  Maybe it had all been a huge mistake.

I raised my aching head and saw McConnell, passed out buck-naked on the couch, his cock hard and throbbing against his tight stomach.  Teddy stirred beside me.  We looked at each other for one tense moment, and then he brought his face to mine and we started kissing.  We got so lost in it that we didn’t even notice when McConnell woke up.

“Morning,” he said, taking his morning wood in his hand and holding up in the air.  “Would either of you be so kind as to help me get this load off before we catch our plane?”  Teddy and I smiled at each other, then got in between McConnell’s legs.

“Glad to know you boys are still on the level,” McConnell said as we worked on his meat.  “No need to hold back.  What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas; isn’t that what they say?”