Week Recap

Spent every available hour finishing up this painting project (here are more pictures). Finished it this morning (last night) at 3am. I’m tired. I used the fact that it kept my apartment in disarray as motivation to finish. Particularly, I’ve recently had to transition my two cats into indoor cats, which means they piss and shit a lot more inside and I have to clean the litter box more frequently. The litter box was in an inaccessible place, which was a good thing when I didn’t have to clean it as much, but now I wanted to move it and couldn’t until I finished the fucking wall. I would psych myself up for working on it by thinking “It won’t be such a chore to clean that disgusting litter box anymore…” There are design flaws I’d fix if I had the interest, but I’m ready to move on to pastures new. Like what? Search me. My journal entries have become wordy lately – so that might mean it’s time to write something. I’m going to take a few days off to enjoy Halloween and think about it.

I don’t know, I feel like there are lessons I can take away from this painting project and maybe apply to writing. Not to overthink it, but the fact is that sometimes getting it done is a lot more important than getting it perfect. In fact, getting it perfect can mean not getting it done at all – because what’s perfect?

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