Indecent Exposures
The entirety of Diary of a University Research Subject is now up on Nifty. I’ll be posting it to this website shortly.

What’s been going on with me? Well, ‘691 Suburban Dr’ has been rejected by two different romance publishers, which has caused me to pause and reflect on what I actually want to do with it. It was really written for those who read and enjoyed ‘428 College St’, and even though I was careful to make ‘691’ a standalone work, I think without the full frame of reference people just aren’t getting it. So I may end up self publishing, or I’m considering consolidating the two volumes, or including it in a volume which would include a bunch of other stories and consolidate all the work I’ve done in the past few years.

Because I have a LOT of material stored up. A whole other book, in fact: ‘College Town USA,’ which is a college-themed (obv) story collection where all the stories are first-person or “found” pieces (Diary of a University Research Subject is part of it).

I’ve been really getting into journalism lately, which was my favorite class in high school, and which I’ve dabbled in from time to time over the years. But now, it’s almost become my main thing. I’m doing a bimonthly queer newsletter for Pittsburgh called QueerBurgher, and I’ve done a few on-site papers for the radical faerie events I’ve been attending. Here’s the first issue of QueerBurgher if you’d like to check it out. I’m going to be busting ass this weekend to finish up the next issue, which I have to get out before the end of the weekend cause I’m taking a trip.

I have a story in Best Gay Romance 2013, which just came out, and is the exact same story that was in Best Gay Romance 2011 (and in Backwoods). Don’t ask…only because I barely understand it myself.

Next month the Bruno Gmunder anthology Indecent Exposures is supposed to be released, and it contains what I think is a pretty damn good contribution from myself, a longer story called “Four Days in the Exurbs.” I’m doing another story for an upcoming Bruno Gmunder book; this one will be daddy/boy themed and I haven’t written it yet. I’m considering taking one of my older stories, writing a sequel to it and patching them together, which seems like a fun idea. At any rate I have to finish it by the end of the month.

AND beyond all of that, I have this lovely little story that I’m writing in a notebook. It isn’t erotica and it’s about teenagers, and it’s the one thing in my life right now that I’m not putting pressure on myself to finish. It’s pure enjoyment, and it’s important to me that it stays that way.