Unloading Dock

By Natty Soltesz

8:47 p.m. Tom leaned back in the ratty office chair; propped his legs up on the wall.  He blew a ring of smoke from his cigarette out the open loading dock door.  Boredom was taking its toll.

He turned to look at Billy, who was leaning his elbows on the partition that demarked the entrance to the warehouse.  Billy’s ass stuck out behind him, and he wiggled it in an absent, unthinking way as he carved into the wood rail with his pocket knife.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Tom said, flicking the cig out into the dark blue night.  Billy looked up, slack-jawed.

“Just writin my name.”

“Well, quit it.  You want Steve to see that?  Then he’ll know we spent all night pissing around.”

“Ain’t much else to do.  Store closed an hour ago, and you know that truck ain’t coming.”

“Well, we still have to wait another hour.”

Billy kept toying with the knife, like a kid who can’t stop himself even though he knows he should.  Tom watched Billy’s butt as it swayed back and forth.  It was a nice butt, tight and cute in navy-blue work trousers.  Looking at it made him feel less bored.

“You want a cigarette?” Tom asked.

“Sure.”  Tom held out the pack, and Billy walked to him and reached for it.  He unsheathed one of the cigarettes and put it between his lips.  Pretty lips, Tom noted.  Soft, pink.

“What are you lookin at me like that for?”

“I’m just thinking,” Tom said.

“About what.”

“About getting out of here, for chrissake.  We could be getting drunk right now.”

“Should we take off?”

“No way.  That truck shows up, and Steve will have our asses.”


Tom watched Billy, the way he acted in his normal state.  Like he was always waiting for someone to tell him what to do.  It was what made them a good team, the reason Steve scheduled them together.  Tom ran the show, and Billy followed.  Even right now, just standing there smoking, Billy seemed ready for instruction, ready to go along with whatever Tom might come up with.  Like what? Tom asked himself, and felt his dick stir.

“I’m bored,” he heard himself say.  “I need you to entertain me, Billy.”

“Shit.”  Billy chuckled. “What do you mean?”

Tom looked him in the eye.

“I mean we’re both bored.  We could have some fun, if you’re up for it.”

There was a pause, and Tom knew that Billy was getting the gist.  They’d become good friends in the two months they’d been working together, and though it was never discussed, messing around had always seemed like a possibility.  At least in Tom’s mind, it was something that lurked just beneath the surface.  Now, suddenly, it all seemed so clear.

“You know what I’m saying?”

Billy gulped.

“Sorta,” he said.

“You ever play around with your friends when you were a kid?”

“Like how?”

“You know what I mean.”

“Like sex stuff?”

“You bet.”

“Yeah, I guess.”  Billy remembered his cigarette.  The ash was like a caterpillar, and it fell off as he put it to his lips.  He got one shaky hit before tossing it away.

Tom sat up in the chair.

“Well, what I’m thinking is, you could blow me, and then maybe I could do you.”

“You ain’t serious.”

“Do I look like I’m joking?”  Tom untucked his shirt.  He knew he was sexy, and he knew that, for some reason, right now, doing this in front of Billy, he felt just about as sexy as he ever had.  So he unbuttoned his shirt the whole way, showing off his muscles and hairy chest.  Billy’s eyes watched him, never wavering.  He ran his hand up his body, tweaking his nipples.

“I’m horny, Billy.”  He slid his hand down to his blue polyester-clad cock, and squeezed the hard bulge.  “C’mere.”

Billy walked over.  “Get down,” Tom said, and pushed on his shoulders until Billy was kneeling between his legs.  “Undo my pants for me.”

Billy did it, his mind swimming with the potent mix of desire and fear he’d come to recognize in these rare encounters.  Strange how guys always seemed to come on to him, how they always pegged him as the type.  It was like they knew before he did.

The first time had been with his older brother’s best friend Chad, who’d taken him into the woods during a keg party and showed him how to suck a cock.  For the rest of that summer they’d become more or less inseparable, always finding novel ways to sneak away from Billy’s brother and get their rocks off.  Chad didn’t like to suck dick, but he’d always jerk Billy off and once when he was drunk he taught Billy how to fuck butt.  By the end of the summer, Billy found he had a real talent for screwing as well as cocksucking.

Chad went off to the army, and it wasn’t until Billy had quit school and got an apartment that he found a new friend, this time his trashy roommate Dustin, who enjoyed Billy’s talents a great deal – at least until he got off, at which time he would turn angry and sullen.  It didn’t last long, and Billy began to wonder if he’d ever have a buddy like Chad again.  He moved back in with his parents, got a job at the furniture warehouse out on the highway, and that was when he met Tom.

The pants unbuckled, the zipper zipped down, Billy came to the great hard bulge in Tom’s white underwear.  The sweaty, hair-lined skin of his belly had a musky smell that intensified as Billy lowered the waistband, revealing a thatch of black pubes.  Then Tom’s hard cock pounced out, thick and sticky, his damp nuts lazily drooping between his legs.  Billy tucked the waistband underneath them.

Tom gasped when his hot dick hit the cool night air.  Billy hovered over his pulsing penis, sniffing it.  “How’s it smell?” Tom asked.  He swiped his fingers underneath his balls and took a whiff of them.  “Mmmm, wow,” he said, then slipped his fingers into his mouth.  Man, if I could suck my own cock right now, I would, he thought. Billy’s a lucky, lucky guy.

Billy was taking long whiffs of his nuts, and Tom encouraged him by pushing his head between his legs, getting his nose right in there.  It felt natural, this taking control.  He felt almost drunk with the certainty of what was happening.  Billy tongued the underside of his nuts, lapping up his sweat and heat.

He moved Billy’s head back up his junk, so that his tongue trailed up the long, thick shaft of his pole.  Billy’s scratchy chin grazed his shaft.  Tom guided the head of his succulent dick between Billy’s pursed lips and slid inside.  He pressed down on Billy’s head, sending his cock inward, each inch of it successively gobbled up by Billy’s puffy lips and suctioning mouth. There was nothing like sliding your prick into a nice, warm place, Tom thought.  Why hadn’t they thought of this earlier?

Billy’s cock was rock hard, so he took it out and stroked it.  There was something nice about having a cock in your mouth, he thought.  When you sucked cock, you didn’t have to think about anything.  You could just suck away and focus on your own pleasure.

Tom was beside himself, succumbing to Billy’s expert work.  It was by far the best blowjob he’d ever received – Billy gobbled it down so tight, so slow, the suction never abating, his lips like a rubber grommet around Tom’s dick.  Billy ate up the juice that leaked out of Tom’s dick, mashing his tongue against the sensitive head, and Tom thought he was going to loose it.  He lifted Billy off.

“Man, you suck a good cock.”

“I know,” Billy said, shrugging and wiping his mouth.  He stood up, continuing to stroke his prick, which was milky colored with chubby blue veins.  Now that business of “returning the favor” crept back in to Tom’s mind.  Truth was, he wasn’t crazy about giving head, and he knew he could probably get away with not doing it – shit, he was sure he could get away with it.  But Billy was his friend, and he wasn’t that type of guy.

He reached out to stroke Billy’s prick, but Billy registered the look on Tom’s face (and his waning hard on) and backed away from Tom’s hand.

“You don’t have to do it too, it’s okay.”

“I feel bad.”

“Well…some guys like gettin cornholed instead.”

Tom’s mind skipped a beat.  “You mean…get fucked?”  His voice cracked.

“Yeah.  My dick ain’t so big, guys tell me it’s not so bad.  We can use some of that hand cream.”  The fear on Tom’s face must have shown.  “Guys tell me it’s not so bad,” he repeated.  “Some even like it.”

Butt sex was a line that Tom had never been willing to cross, though his fantasies had wandered in that direction from time to time.  He saw himself bent over, getting fucked like a common slut over one of the pallets in the back of the warehouse.  His ass went all slack.  His dick was rock hard again.

“I’ve never done that before.”

“It’s really okay.  I’ll go slow.”

Tom nodded.

“You want me to finish you off then we can do it after?” Billy asked.

“Um…no.  Let’s do it before, cause I don’t know if I’ll be able to go through with it after I cum.”

“Fair enough.”

“Where should we do it?” Tom said, watching Billy get naked.  He had a nice body – short, with lean muscles.  “In the back?”

“Sure, wherever you want.”

Tom seemed paralyzed, so Billy continued.  “Why don’t you just lose your britches and I’ll go get that hand cream?”

“Okay.”  Tom took off his pants, and after rethinking it, decided to lose his shirt, too.  He stood there, naked but for his boots.  He experimented a little, bracing himself against the wall and poking out his butt.  It felt strange, but sexy.  He stuck his ass out further, letting his hole relax, letting the cool air hit it.  His hard cock bobbed out in front of him.

When Billy returned he took hold of Tom’s hips and pulled them out a little further, then pushed down on the small of his back until Tom’s ample butt cheeks were splayed out before him.  It was a fine ass, hairy and with a deep cleft.  He took some of the cream and pressed it to Tom’s butthole.  Tom’s breath caught in his throat, he shuddered.  It was too much for him – like being tickled times 1,000; so intense you couldn’t even fight it, you just had to give in.

“Don’t cum yet, we ain’t even started,” Billy joked as he slipped a finger into Tom’s asshole. Tom’s cock responded to what he was feeling in his ass, jerking a little whenever he would squinch up his hole, dripping precome onto the patchy linoleum.

Billy pressed the tip of his slicked-up dick to Tom’s hole.  He could tell as soon as he’d rubbed the cream on that Tom was ready, but he took it slow just the same, sliding in firmly.  Tom’s ass gobbled up his dick like a hungry mouth.  It had never been this smooth with Chad, Billy thought.  Usually, Billy would have to eat Chad’s butt for a while and get a finger or two in there before his cock could come near.

But Billy was balls deep before it even seemed to register in Tom’s brain that he had a cock up his ass.  Then Tom clenched down, moaning, and Billy felt that great sensation of his cock being squeezed in a silky vice, like a velvet glove cast in iron.

“I’m gonna start fuckin you.  Okay?”

“Okay, yeah.”

“You’re okay?”

“I’m really…I’m okay.”  Tom was having a hard time catching his breath.  Billy pulled out slowly, then thrust back in.  This is it, Tom thought.  I’m getting fucked up the ass.  And holy Jesus does it ever feel good.  Now the real purpose of bracing himself against the wall came clear – far from just being a pose, it gave him leverage to meet Billy’s thrusts.  Billy held on to his hips, rocking his cock into him, and Tom felt that sexiness, that sense of power over Billy, coming to him again.  He arched his back, looking back at Billy fucking him, biting his lip and moaning.

“You like my ass?” he said.


“Fuck me, man.”  He could make Billy come like this, he knew, make him come as soon as he wanted; even make him fuck as long as he wanted too, he bet.  He clamped his ass muscles tight, and heard Billy’s breath catch.  “C’mon Billy, fuck my ass.”

“I’m gonna lose it,” Billy squeaked.

“Cum in me, buddy, c’mon.”  Billy held on for dear life to Tom’s big bucking ass, readjusting his legs so he didn’t topple over.  Tom worked his ass back and forth on Billy’s dick, working the come right out of him.  Billy’s breath got faster and faster.  There it was.  No turning back now.

“Um, I’m…gonna…uh!  Ah!”  Billy stood stock still as Tom impaled himself on his dick.  His cock pulsed and squired out the first phase of his ball juice.

“That’s it buddy, cream my ass,” Tom said, his voice cool.  Billy’s body jerked and swayed with the rhythm of Tom’s ass work, the come draining out of his balls like life force.  He collapsed on to Tom’s broad back.

“Okay.  Ah!”  Tom clenched up as he came off of Billy’s dick.  He turned around, grabbed Billy by the shoulders, and pushed him to his knees.  Billy saw the hard, dripping cock in front of his face, and seemed to come to his senses.

He swallowed Tom’s dick down to the root.  Tom cradled Billy’s head in the crook of his arm, leaning forward as Billy slurped his dick.  He took Billy’s hand and brought it to his ass, and Billy slid his middle finger right up Tom’s butt, still swallowing his cock, his mouth wet and sloppy.

“Oh boy, you ready for my load?”  Billy nodded.  Tom ran his hands up his hairy chest, pinching his fat nipples.  Billy was on his knees, that was the sight.  This guy wanted to swallow his load, how beautiful was that?  Billy’s finger slid further up his butt and he let loose.  “Ahhh!  Holy fuck!” he cried out as his thick shots of load filled up Billy’s throat.  He could hear Billy gulping as he drank down his cream, sucking it all down like a born cocksucker.  Tom’s knees went all gooey.  Billy stood up, wiping his mouth, a big smile on his face.

Their shift was over.  The truck hadn’t come.  They walked across the parking lot to Tom’s pickup.

Tom kept putting his arm around Billy.  There was something about the smell of him, the cologne that he used, that made Tom want to get close.  They made their way to the bar, their customary after-work ritual, but Tom found himself reluctant to go inside.  All of their bar friends would be there, and the prospect of this made him want to turn around and go home.