Tight Club

By Natty Soltesz

It started out with me telling Seth how much I hated lube.  I do hate lube – the smell, the feel, all tacky like half-dried glue.

“But I guess it’s a necessary evil,” I concluded.  “For butt sex anyway.”

“I don’t know,” Seth said.  “I’ve gone without it.”

“With who?”

“With McConnell.”  That was the first shock of the night, because McConnell – at least as far as I’d known – was straight.

“Wait – who got fucked?” I asked.

“I did,” Seth said, and that was the second shock.  Now I’d known that Seth was bi like me.  I knew he liked to fuck ass, too (hell, we’d fucked some of our gay friends’ asses as a team).  But I had no idea that Seth had let anyone – let alone our strapping straight friend McConnell – slide a cock up his tight frat boy butt.

It was a bit much to process at the club on a Saturday night, our girlfriends dancing twenty feet away.

“So wait – okay…and you and McConnell didn’t use any lube?”

“Nope.  Well, not the stuff that comes out of a bottle anyway.  He ate out my ass for over an hour.”  The bartender overheard that and gave me a confused look.

“So you just used spit?  I don’t believe you.”

“Where there’s a will…,” Seth said.

“I had no idea you took it up the butt,” I said.

“Oh, c’mon.  It’s not like I’ve done it all that much.”

“So you’ve taken it more than once?”


“From who else?” I asked.  Seth clenched his teeth.

“Dougey,” he said.

My brother?” I said, just before I toppled my beer and our girlfriends returned and the night blurred away.


The next thing I knew I was waking up in my apartment.  My girl had already left for work.  I stumbled into the living room and found Seth crashed on the couch in his Calvins.  When he woke up I tossed him a beer.

“So McConnell’s fucked you, my goddamn brother’s fucked you…”

“What’s your point?” he said.

“Why haven’t I ever fucked you?”

“Why haven’t I ever fucked you?” Seth countered.  We gulped our beers in silence.

“Remember Marcus?” I said.  “He used to take it from both of us, all night long.”

“Mmm hmm,” Seth said.

“He kept his ass shaved; totally smooth – said it felt better that way.”

“I have to agree,” Seth said.  “I shave mine.”  He set down his beer, and as I watched he lifted his legs and slid off his briefs.  I caught a glimpse of his half-hard dick,then he hooked his knees in his elbows and spread his ass.  “I haven’t shaved in over a week, though.  See?  It’s growing back in.”  He rubbed the bristle around his little pink hole.

My dick was completely hard by the time he lowered his legs and pulled up his undies.  “Your ass isn’t real hairy from what I remember…” he said.

“No,” I said, tweaking my boner through my pajama pants.

“Lemme see,” Seth said.  I grabbed the waistband of my pants and stripped them off, bringing my knees to my chest.  I spread my ass so he could see.  I always thought I had a pretty sweet ass – dudes love to eat it out – so I wasn’t shy about showing it off.

Seth came over to me.  “It’s a little hairier than I remember,” he said, and ran his fingers along my crack and around the rim of my hole.  “You’ve never, ever shaved?”

“No,” I said, out of breath because the feeling of Seth fiddling with my butt was kind of driving me nuts.  My cock started leaking juice against my abs.

Seth tapped his finger against my asshole.  I involuntarily clenched down but Seth kept his finger there, massaging until I relaxed.  “Careful, that’s a tight, virgin ass,” I said, which was actually a lie, but that’s a story for another time.

Still keeping his fingertip against my hole, Seth got down on his knees in front of me.

“Let’s see how tight you are,” he said, and wet his finger in his mouth.  He brought it to my butthole again, and this time pressed it in.  As soon as the tip sunk inside I clenched up tight.

Seth seemed impressed.  He sunk a little more inside, and I whimpered a little.  Having a finger up my butt was a pleasure I’d denied myself for too long. “That’s pretty fucking tight,” he said.

“Tighter than you,” I said.  Seth gave me a look.

“Is that right?” he said, and aggressively shoved it in up to the second knuckle.  I groaned.  Seth massaged that insanely horny spot deep inside of me, and I felt like I was going to cum spontaneously.  He pumped his finger deep a couple more times before unceremoniously yanking it out.

“So you think just cause I got fucked a few times I’m loose as a goose, is that it?” he said, slipping off his briefs.  His dick was just as leaky as mine.  He sat back on the couch.  “C’mere and test me out,” he said, lifting his legs to expose his ass again.  “Do it.”

I kicked my pajama pants off of my feet and went over to him.  His ass was spread wide, pale pink and unblemished.  I could see why McConnell would have wanted to tongue his butt for an hour.

“Did my brother eat you out too?” I asked as I knelt in front of him.

“Yeah.”  I put my hands on Seth’s round, smooth cheeks, letting the tips of my fingers graze his crack.

“When did you guys hook up?  When we went camping?”

“Yeah,” Seth said.  “That day we went on a hike and you guys stayed at the cabin.  We went skinny-dipping in the lake and Dougey was complaining that he hadn’t had his nuts milked in a month.”

“So you offered to bend over and help him out,” I said, touching a finger to his hot hole.

“I told him he could pump it into me if he lubed me up first with his tongue.  Guess he was horny enough to give it a try.”

“So you’re gonna tell me you didn’t use lube that time, either?”

“Nope.  We didn’t have any.”

“I always knew my brother was a freak.”

“Not much less freaky than you.  Anyway, quit changing the subject and test me out.”

“Hold on,” I said, getting my face close up to his butt.  He smelled clean and musky.  Seth laughed.

“Oh I know what you wanna do.  Go ahead, man.  No one’s gonna know but us.”

I reached out my tongue to get a taste.  One was all it took.  Pretty soon I had my tongue buried in Seth’s butt as far as it would go.  I’d never put a tongue in any of my girlfriend’s asses, but I liked this.  It was sort of like eating pussy except more illicit and low-down.  Seth was loving it too, putting his hand on the back of my head and wriggling around, moaning.

I backed off and pushed my finger into his now well-lubed hole.  Seth grunted and clenched down.  It felt tight enough to me.

“Told you,” Seth said.  I worked in my finger to the next knuckle.  “Oh fuck that feels good,” he said, and I shoved it in the whole way.  I pumped in and out, watching his asshole stretch around my finger.  Then I slid it out.

“Yeah, you’re still tight but that doesn’t prove anything,” I said and stood up.  Seth lowered his legs.

“Well, how about this:  My cock is bigger than yours, right?” he said, nodding his head at my bobbing boner.

“Yeah,” I said.  I don’t hold any illusions – Seth’s cock hangs past his balls and is thick as a beer can.

“So if my ass is as tight as yours, which it is, it should hurt just as much to take your smaller cock in my ass as it would for you to take my bigger cock in your ass.”

“Huh?” I said.

“I’ll go first – I’ll slide my dick into you, then you slide your dick into me, and we’ll compare the pain.”


“Facial expressions or whatever.  C’mon – it’s obvious when somebody is in pain.”

“I guess…” I said, totally confused, but willing to play along because I was so damn horny.

“You first then,” Seth said.  He had me get up on the couch and spread my ass like before.  He knelt down in front of me and started eating me out.  It felt so good I couldn’t stand it.  Seth ground his tongue into my hole like he was working out a knot.  Then he stood up and waved his dick toward my face.  “Get me good and wet,” he said.

The only time I’d ever sucked Seth off before this was when I’d lost a poker game sophomore year.  I found I kinda liked working his big dick.  I relaxed my throat and let him shove it deep, his balls slapping my chin.  When it was good and sloppy he took it out.

He grabbed hold of my ankles and propped my feet on his shoulders.  “Ready?”

“As I’ll ever be,” I said.  Seth pressed his cock to my hole.  At first it felt like there was no way it would get in there, but I managed to relax and Seth popped the head inside.  I gasped from the sharp, burning pain.

“You alright?” Seth said.  I nodded and tried to breath.  When I’d relaxed a bit Seth pushed in some more.  After a certain point the pain faded.  In fact it began to feel really fucking good.  He shoved it deep and my cock juiced again.  “Oh man, you’re leaking precum like crazy,” Seth said.  He swabbed some off my abs and tasted it.

I clenched my ass down around Seth’s hog just to show him what I was capable of.  Seth didn’t miss a beat.

“I’m not saying this isn’t a tight piece,” he said, slowly pumping his cock in and out.  “But just because you haven’t been fucked as much as me doesn’t mean my ass is played out.”  Seth ran his hands all over my body as he worked his fat cock inside me.  I leaned forward to watch his thick meat slicing into my stretched hole – it almost didn’t seem possible. Seth ran his hands up his own smooth chest, pinching his nips and looking blissful. He was getting pretty worked up when he abruptly stopped and slid out.

“Your turn,” he said.  I was a little disappointed, actually, cause I’d been enjoying it.  But then Seth flopped onto the couch on his stomach and raised his ass in the air, and the notion that I was going to get to fuck that sweet butt got me going all over again.

I ate him out some more then Seth spun around to get my cock nice and wet.  I couldn’t resist reaching over his back to finger his hole a little.  Seth moaned around my cock.  I got behind him again, and holding tight to his bum, I slowly pushed my cock against his hole.

Seth moaned when the head went inside.

“That didn’t sound painful,” I said.

“It does hurt, believe me.  But it’s a good hurt.  Just give me a sec.”  I couldn’t see Seth’s face so he could’ve been bluffing, but the fact that Seth’s asshole felt snug around my cockhead could not be denied.  I got more of my cock inside, then he was taking the whole thing like a champ.  Broken in by my big-dicked brother or not, Seth’s hole gripped my cock like a vice.  But I wasn’t quite ready to concede.

I gave his ass a nice slap.  I watched the way Seth’s sweet cheeks hugged the sides of my hog.  The small of his back was arched upward; his butt cheeks bounced in waves with each thrust.  I tried to slow down but I just couldn’t get enough.

“I’m gonna cum in you, dude,” I said.

“Hey, no fair,” Seth said breathlessly.  “I didn’t get to cum in you.”

“I’m sorry man, I gotta cream in you.  It’s too late…”

“You fucker…just do it.  Fuck my ass.  Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum too.”

“Fuck yeah, man.  Shoot that load.  Gonna cream you…Ah!  Fuck!”  I held on tight to his hips and slammed my cock inside of him.  I dug it in deep, holding still while the first shot of load spilt out of my balls.  It felt like a gallon of cum was being released, shooting deep into my best buddy’s ass.  Seth was jacking himself off and from the way his asshole was clenching around my cock I could tell he was cumming too.

“Holy shit,” he kept saying as we lost it together.  I collapsed on top of him.

“Well, I guess that settles it,” Seth said between breaths.

“Settles what?”

“My ass is so tight you could barely hold your load back, for one thing.  And we didn’t use any lube.  So I win.  Twice.”

“Whatever, dude,” I said, rolling off of him.  “That test couldn’t have been more unscientific.”

“We could bring in someone else for an unbiased opinion,” Seth suggested.

“Like McConnell?” I said.

“Or your brother,” Seth said, just before I clobbered him with a sofa cushion.