The Return of Sebastian Wallace

UPDATE: As Rob G. notes in the comments, further chapters are available at Men on the Net.

If you read my stories, you’ve probably also read – and jacked off to – one or two of Sebastian Wallace’s stories. I’ve been a fan of his for quite some time and probably stole a few literary tricks from him in my early days as a writer – unwittingly, of course.

Sebastian hasn’t published anything new that I’ve been aware of in the past few years, so I’m more than pleased to announce that he’s back with a whole new series of stories called Butt Monkey, which he has written under the name Robert Furlong. I’ve read the first four chapters…and I’ve cum twice. Bravo, Mr. Furlong! As always, these stories are literary teases of the first order – a reading experience akin to a feather tickling your shaft, balls and taint for over an hour. For now the first two chapters are available on Screeve. Read and enjoy! I will alert you to further chapters.

Butt Monkey by Robert Furlong []