The Morning After

By Natty Soltesz

Sonny was sitting at the table, clutching a bottle of beer, when Chuck walked into the room. Their eyes met.

“Good morning,” Chuck said. What else was there to say? As soon as he’d woken up, it had all come back to him. As far as he was concerned, there was no point in pretending it hadn’t happened. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes to avoid Sonny’s glare.

Sonny bounced his leg, gulping more beer, never averting his stare. Chuck tensed. How were they going to deal with this? It was too much to think about. And he had a wicked hangover.

“Is there any beer left?” he asked. Sonny jerked his shaved head in the direction of the fridge. Chuck ambled over, scratching himself through his boxers. He hadn’t bothered to get dressed. Sonny had put on his sweatpants.

He opened the beer and walked back to the living room.

“All I’m saying is…” Sonny’s voice was low—the sound of a dog cornered and snarling. “…if you tell one fucking soul what happened last night, I will kill you. And I mean that.”

“What?” Chuck said, holding the beer out to his side.

“You heard me.”

“Dude, why the fuck would I tell anybody? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”

“Just so you know. You breathe a word about this shit to anyone, and you’re dead. And you know for a fact I’m not fucking around.”

“Dude, would you just chill the fuck out? Seriously. You think I want my girlfriend to hear that shit? You think I’d want it to get back to anybody?”

Sonny stood up. Though shorter than Chuck’s dark-haired, six-foot-two frame, Sonny was a tough little fucker—a fireplug of a dude with a chest full of tight muscles under smooth, tattooed skin.

He got in Chuck’s face, his body loaded like a spring. Chuck, startled by his friend’s aggressiveness, stepped back.

“We were drunk, dude. We were drunk, and shit got out of hand, that’s all. Now you’re all up in my face, for whatever fuckin reason. What’s your beef, dude? You wanna go?”

Sonny pushed Chuck’s shoulder, sending Chuck reeling backward until he found his bearings and pushed back, hard. Sonny crashed to the floor, startled. Then he sprang up, like a tiger out of a cage.

He pounced on Chuck, sending a hard fist into his side. Chuck grabbed him around the waist and threw him to the ground. They rolled, struggling for control. Sonny got his hands around Chuck’s neck and squeezed. It took all of Chuck’s strength to push and kick him away. He twisted out, flipping Sonny onto his back and holding him down by sitting on his thighs. Grabbing hold of Sonny’s wrists, he pinned his arms to the floor above his head. Sonny writhed and squirmed. He was trapped.

“What do you want?” Chuck growled, as soft as a whisper. “What do you want?” Sonny stopped thrashing, catching his breath in great gasps. For a moment their bodies heaved, their eyes locked. That’s when Chuck realized: Sonny was hard, his cock pressed like a diamond rod into Chuck’s crotch.

Sonny started to struggle again, futilely, then he was writhing, hunching his body up against Chuck’s. Chuck’s cock engorged quickly, as though the blood and aggression was surging from his head and body right into his cock.

Sonny’s eyes were searching and confused. Chuck yearned to do what they hadn’t done the night before, and he went with it. Sonny met his mouth, hard, their teeth knocking together, drawing blood from Chuck’s mouth. They kissed. Chuck was totally hard now, and he ground his erection into his friend, his tongue diving between Sonny’s lips.

He sucked on Sonny’s neck, keeping him pinned to the floor. Sonny thrust his hips, unabashedly humping against Chuck’s body. Their tongues wrestled for position. Then Chuck released Sonny’s arms, and Sonny made no attempt to roll away. He reached under Sonny’s tight midsection, pulling their bodies even closer.

Their breathing was short, but the sex accelerated. Chuck worked his mouth down Sonny’s body, sucking his chest and nipples, licking and biting his stomach. He pulled off Sonny’s pants—his cock caught on the elastic and slapped right back against his stomach. Chuck nibbled around the soft skin of Sonny’s pelvis, and when he got to his pert pink cock he didn’t hesitate—he took it in his mouth, and sucked deep and tight. Perfect fit. Sonny whimpered.

Had they been viewing themselves in a rational state of mind, it would have been like viewing someone else, something from which they would have averted their eyes. Chuck slurped his buddy’s cock like a Popsicle, and Sonny swept his hands through Chuck’s hair, fighting back his orgasm.

Chuck ran his fingers under Sonny’s balls. He was so smooth down there, sweaty from their struggle, and Chuck’s fingers slid naturally toward Sonny’s hard asshole. When his fingers made contact both knew that it was right. Sonny’s whimpers became moans, and Chuck’s cock got impossibly harder.

Chuck went down further, licking Sonny’s taint. His flesh was so clean, so smooth—Chuck was barely aware of what area he was licking until his tongue made contact with the ring of muscle between Sonny’s cheeks. It wasn’t bad, so he dug in deep, working Sonny’s hole with his tongue. It was as if his cock knew where it wanted to go, and his tongue was paving the way.

He knew he was going to have to get it slick, so he made sure he got Sonny’s asshole wet and slobbery. He pressed a finger in and Sonny’s butthole, hot and tight, took it like the mouth of a hungry baby. Chuck pumped his finger in and out while stroking Sonny, whose every muscle undulated as Chuck’s hand reached it. He wrapped his arm around Sonny’s shoulders and pulled him up. They kissed.

Sonny bent over and took Chuck’s massive prick into his mouth. It was a blowjob almost out of duty, with Sonny using more spit and slobber than necessary. Both knew where they really wanted Chuck’s cock to be. All of this—lasting only minutes—was a precursor to the main event.

Chuck raised Sonny’s legs into the air, lining up his wet cock. Sonny looked down, holding his breath. Keeping his cock steady with one hand, Chuck pressed forward. It took a minute, but then he was inside. Sonny winced at the pain at first, but then his ass let Chuck’s cock in like a welcome friend. Chuck was balls-deep, and they were both where they wanted to be.


They were where they had been last night.

For Chuck, the night had seemed like a long continuation of the same dream. One minute they’d been doing shots in Sonny’s bedroom, the cards long forgotten, the room beginning to spin. The next minute he was waking up in the dark, in Sonny’s bed. He was fucking Sonny’s ass, and it felt wonderful. Though he wasn’t sure how he’d arrived there, he knew it was okay, because Sonny was panting under him. And Chuck had reached down and felt that Sonny was just as hard as he was.

So they’d fucked until they came, he in Sonny’s ass and Sonny all over the sheets. Then they’d passed out a little, and later on they were fucking again. The second time lasted longer—but then maybe it had been several times that all merged together. At any rate, it seemed like they had fucked all night. Had Sonny rode his friend’s dick like a pre-teen girl on a prized pony? Had Chuck really opened his mouth to catch some of Sonny’s jizz? Yes, yes, it seemed that they had.

The experience had been a bit murkier for Sonny. He wasn’t sure what had set the events in motion, though he’d been vaguely aware of feeling his friend’s hard cock pressed against him, and reaching down to feel it—but then he’d been very, very drunk. When Chuck had taken hold of him he’d just let go of everything and allowed him to take the lead. His head had gone elsewhere, and all he knew was the pleasure of the moment.

Then he’d woken up in the cold light of day and everything had come crashing down.


Chuck had Sonny’s legs in the air and he was thrusting into him with no mercy. He slipped a strong finger between Sonny’s lips and Sonny bit down, sucking it into his mouth as Chuck’s thrusts got deeper and harder. Chuck instinctively knew that this was how his friend wanted it—rough and unforgiving.

They fucked in a silence punctuated only by deep, animalistic grunts each time Chuck drove it all the way home. Sonny’s hole was tight like a wrapped-up rubber band; it felt like where Chuck’s cock needed to be.

He flipped Sonny over and fucked him doggy style. Sonny looked back over his wide shoulders, down to his two mounds of butt that were stuffed with Chuck’s cock. Chuck started stroking him. It wasn’t going to be long.

Sonny arched up and Chuck held his torso close, sucking on his neck as he fucked into him.

“Gonna fuckin cum,” he whispered in Sonny’s ear. At those words Sonny’s cock jerked in his hand and started spraying cum, showering his chest and abs. Chuck lost it too, driving his monster prick deep inside and letting it loose, shooting cum all the way up his buddy’s butt, holding still as he unloaded the first jet, then giving a sharp jab, then more cum, another jab, more cum, until he was empty.

He ran his hand up Sonny’s torso, smoothing Sonny’s cum into his skin like a lotion.

They fell onto the floor on their backs, beside each other, gasping for breath. After a while, Sonny’s breathing slowed. He was falling asleep. Chuck turned to his friend and held him, wrapping his arm around his chest. Sonny took hold of his hand and held it close to his heart, his ass cupped by Chuck’s pelvis, their bodies pressed close for warmth and comfort.

The weariness of exertion began to overtake Chuck, too. Sonny was fully asleep now. They were holding each other on the hard floor. The refrigerator kicked on. Everything and nothing had changed.