Summer into Fall


Photo I took at the Honcho Summer Campout, August 2015

I’m so glad summer is almost over cause I’m OVER IT. Too much fun, too much activity, too much fomo. I mean, it’s been a good summer. But give me cold cloudy days and an excuse to do absolutely nothing for weeks on end and that is my true happiness.

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I’m feeling overwhelmed and slightly crazed lately. Beyond promoting my new book (which you should buy right now!) with a reading this September 17th in Pittsburgh and another reading in November in San Francisco, I’m working on another book project with a publisher friend (details to come soon) and doing various little projects and one-offs. One of which was last weekend at a campout where I edited and printed a zine entirely on-site in less than three days. I managed to stress myself out with it but there you go, and it turned out okay – check it out here.

Besides that I’m working on a couple of stories, slowly but surely. One is about a coach taking it for the team. The other is about a father’s responsibility to help out his horny son. They both have a “service-oriented” theme so depending on how they turn out I might package them together and sell them as an ebook.

For those wondering about the My Sister’s Boyfriend Joey book, it’s on the back burner. I mean, it’s basically finished, and I think it’s quite good, but I want to get more opinions on it and just let it sit a while longer before I figure out how to release it.

Fall intentions: I want to spend whole weekend days by myself doing nothing but writing. When I go to San Francisco, I also want to drive through the southwest and see Monument Valley. I want to enjoy all the comforts of home and friends. Below is one of my favorite “fall songs”, ‘Circles’ by Camper Van Beethoven.