Shots Fired


“Sorry, guys. I tried.”

Something that happens in porn that I like: unexpected cum shots where the performer is surprised or even slightly embarrassed about it. I just discovered this recently via this video of a “straight muscle stud” camming. He’s super hot, he can suck his own cock, and when he cums too quick he rushes to do it in his mouth. Then, in another video, he runs into the exact same problem. (Is it a problem? No, it isn’t.)

Then there’s this clip featuring my newest porn crush, Jay Rising. It’s an interesting one for a number of reasons (the dialogue at the beginning is endearingly awkward) but the bottom’s surprise cum shot (“Nope, gonna cum”) is a winner. A few minutes later in the clip he cums a second time, to which I say: good job!

More than anything in porn, I like when people seem to be enjoying themselves. A spontaneous cum shot speaks for itself.