by Natty Soltesz, concept by Mor

“Hey Baxter, how many passes did your boy complete this season?” Mike McCready said from across the yard, and the whole barbecue seemed to pause and wait for a response.

“Uh oh,” said a man in a pink polo shirt. “Here we go.”

“What?” said the man next to him, who wore a blue polo shirt.

“These two – Mike McCready,” pink shirt said, pointing to the beefy blonde dad who sat in a lawn chair on the edge of the patio, “…and Bob Baxter,” he said, motioning to a similarly-muscled but dark-haired dad standing some feet away in a circle of other suburban dads. “They do this every time.”

“Ten average per game, McCready,” Bob Baxter responded. “But I’m sure you looked that up.”

“Course not,” McCready said, shifting his legs, sniffing and taking a gulp from his can of beer. “I was just curious if he had as good a season in football as my boy did in basketball.”

The polo-shirted men on the sidelines leaned into one another. “Bob and Mike were rivals in high school, on field and off. Dated the same girls, that kind of thing. Now they get their kicks by comparing their sons.”

“Which ones are their sons?” blue shirt said.

“Isn’t it obvious? The two big, dumb-looking ones standing over there,” pink shirt said, indicating two high-school age boys who were reluctantly observing their dads’ burgeoning argument. Both were younger versions of their fathers – one blonde and one dark-haired, both well-built, handsome jocks.

“My boy’s got a basketball scholarship for Temple in the fall,” McCready said. “What school did your boy get into?”

The dads went back and forth, arguing about their sons’ academic accomplishments, their social status. Then the subject turned to girlfriends.

“Your boy couldn’t keep a girlfriend for more than month, I heard. Wonder why that is?” Bob Baxter said. Mike McCready’s face went red.

“You saying my boy doesn’t have the goods?” McCready said. “I’m sure my boy’s dick is bigger than yours.”

“Yeah, right,” Baxter said. “Billy’s girl has been with him for over a year now and I’ve never heard her complain.”

“Maybe cause she’s never been with my Marty; she don’t know what she’s missing,” McCready said.

“You really think your boy’s dick is bigger than my boy’s?” Baxter said. “Billy! Get over here!”

“Marty!” Mike called. “C’mere!” The two boys walked reluctantly to their dads. The whole barbecue waited with baited breath as the two suburban dads stood their jock sons next to one another and then, without warning, pantsed them, shoving their shorts and underwear to the ground.

“Dad, what the hell?!” Marty McCready said; his big, blonde dick swinging in the summer breeze.

“It’s alright Marty, I just gotta show Baxter something, here,” McCready said, standing up. The dads stepped back and looked at their sons’ exposed lower halves. Bob Baxter whistled.

“I’ll be damned,” he said. “Those are some well-hung boys.” Indeed, they were. The two boys stood, letting their dads and the entire barbecue observe their young, hung cocks. Billy, having the Baxter family’s dark-haired good looks, had a thick dong and heavy balls sprouting from a nest of hair.

“Sure are,” McCready said. “But I’d say my boy’s a little bigger.”

“Hm,” Baxter said, leaning down so his face was just a few inches from Marty’s pink cock. “Could be it’s a little longer. But my boy is obviously thicker.”

“Hell it is!” McCready said. He hoisted Marty’s cock in his hand. “Feel that thing – heavy as a lead weight.” Baxter rolled his eyes but took the blonde boy’s cock in his hand just the same.

“Sure, it’s heavy – but feel my boy’s,” Baxter said. McCready stepped left and took Bobby’s hairy cock in his hand.

“Feels about the same as my boy’s,” he said. “Besides, you know it doesn’t count unless they’re hard.”

“Well, get ‘em hard, then!” Baxter said.

“Dad!” Bobby Baxter said.

“Quiet, son – we just gotta show McCready here what you’ve got,” Baxter said, going back over to his son and taking his dick in his hand. He started to stroke it. “Go ahead, McCready, what the hell you waitin’ for?”

Mike McCready began to stroke his son’s cock. The Baxter boy’s cock was already beginning to swell. “Hey, look at that!” Bob Baxter said, waving his boy’s half-hard around. “Your boy’s still soft.”

“Give it a minute!” McCready said with a sneer. He turned to his son. “C’mon Marty, close your eyes. Think of your girlfriend. Her tight little pussy…” he said to his son, who took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and turned his face to the sky as his dad continued to work his cock. It began to rise, but Billy Baxter’s cock was already standing fully at attention. Baxter took his hand away from it and let it proudly salute. “It don’t matter who gets hard first,” McCready said, looking at the Baxter’s boy’s fat dick pulsating in the air.

“Sure it does,” Baxter said, standing back and crossing his arms over his barrel chest. “Means my boy is more virile than yours.”

“It don’t mean shit!” McCready said, stroking his son’s cock relentlessly.

The party continued as the two men compared their son’s erections, people filling up their plates with potato salad and grabbing beers from a cooler on the ground. Two women glanced at the men jacking off their sons, shook their heads at one another, and went into the house. Another woman poured herself more punch and settled into a lawn chair to watch.

“How about that, McCready?” Bob Baxter said, tweaking his son’s huge, hairy boner. “I’d say that’s a good nine, ten inches, wouldn’t you?”

“Hold on, my boy’s got another inch or two in him,” McCready said, his forehead starting to sweat as he gave his son long strokes alternated with tweaking the pink, bulbous head. “There you go, Marty,” he said encouragingly. “Keep those eyes closed, think of your girl…there it is. Hard as a rock – check it out, Baxter! Look at that big dick. Got a good inch on your boy’s, easily!”

“No way!” scoffed Bob Baxter, shaking the thick root of his son’s cock. “Lookit this thing! Thick as a baby’s arm. Much thicker than your boy’s.”

“Bullshit!” McCready bellowed. “And look at all that precum,” he said, squeezing his son’s cock like a tube of toothpaste till a dollop of sap oozed out of the tip and rolled down the shaft. He gathered it on his finger. “That’s a sign of a virile stud, right there,” he said, holding his finger out toward Baxter.

Baxter furiously squeezed his son’s cock to try and produce precum. He took hold of Billy’s balls and gently squeezed them, too. “C’mon, kid,” he said to his boy. “You’re not turned on enough. Think of your girl, think of her sucking your cock.”

McCready laughed. “Looks like your boy isn’t making juice like mine,” he taunted, showing off as more precum streamed out of Marty’s piss hole.

“Goddammit!” Baxter fumed, pulling harder on Billy’s dick. The boy’s eyes began to roll around, his breathing increased.

Blue shirt, mouth agape, looked on. “Is the Baxter kid gonna…?”

“Oh fuck, Dad, I’m gonna cum,” Billy said.

“Not yet, Billy!” Baxter said, letting go of his son’s erection. “We gotta measure ‘em first!”

“Oh fuck oh fuck,” Billy Baxter said, and even though his dad had quit stroking him, the deed was done. The whole barbecue watched as the young man’s hard cock began to pulse then flex in the hot sunlight. And then, one by one, giant ropes of young teen cum began to fly out it and land in the grass.

“He couldn’t hold out,” McCready said, shaking his head.

“Yeah, yeah, but look at that load!” Baxter said, clearly trying to make the best of the situation as his boy grunted, doubled over, his thick cock firing like a cannon. “You wanna talk about potency?” he said as the last of the cum dumped out of Billy’s nuts.

“It ain’t that much,” McCready said, still steadily stroking his son’s cock. “C’mon, Marty, show em what you got.” McCready felt up his son’s smooth, muscled body with his free hand, tweaking the boy’s pink nipples. “Let that cum fly, son.”

“Oh fuck, Dad. I’m gonna shoot,” Marty said.

“That’s it boy, show ‘em what you got stored up in those big, heavy balls,” McCready said, holding tight to his son’s nuts as he stroked. Everyone watched as Mike McCready eked the load out of his jock son. Finally it came – rope after rope of jizz. A truly copious load.

Definitely more than the Baxter boy,” pink shirt said to blue, who nodded but never took his eyes away from the hunky boy getting jacked off by his dad.

“Look at that load!” McCready said, unbridled glee on his face. “Damn, that’ll hose ya down! Good job, son,” he said, letting go of his son’s dripping cock and giving him a slap on the ass. “How ya like that, Baxter?”

“Yeah, yeah; not bad,” Baxter said. “I still think my boy’s got an edge on yours, size-wise,” he said, shaking his son’s thick, dripping cock.

“Eh,” McCready said, wiping his hand on his shorts. “It ain’t the size of the equipment anyway, it’s how you please a lady. I bet your boy don’t even eat pussy.”

“The hell he doesn’t!” Baxter said.

“Dad, can I get dressed now?” Billy Baxter said.

“Just a minute now!” Baxter said, holding his hand out toward his son but addressing McCready. “My boy knows how to pleasure a lady a hundred times better than yours ever will. Sure he eats pussy – love it! I bet your boy just sticks it in dry.”

“Gimme a break,” McCready said, rolling his eyes.

“Have him prove it, then,” Baxter said, and he started to undo his shorts.

Really​?” blue shirt said to pink.

“Oh yeah,” pink shirt said. “They’re just getting started.”

Bob Baxter had pulled down his shorts and now stood in his white briefs, his cock half-hard and filling out the pouch. “Get your boy over here and have him eat me out – I’ll be the judge.”

“Well if he’s gonna eat you out then your boy is gonna have to eat me out, too,” McCready said, undoing his braided belt and letting his khaki shorts fall to the ground. He wore bikini briefs and also had a half-hardon.

“Fair enough,” Baxter said, tweaking the head of his cock underneath his briefs. The two boys shifted on their feet, looking put out.

“C’mon, Dad,” Marty McCready said. “Me and Billy want to play football.”

“Yeah,” Billy Baxter said. “Do we have to?”

“Quit whining,” Bob Baxter said to his son. “You can play when we’re done.” The boys sighed as their fathers continued to strip nude. The men were built similarly, though Bob Baxter’s muscled, thick body was coated in dark hair while Mike McCready’s similarly jock-built but past-its-prime body was all smooth curves.

“I can’t believe this,” blue shirt said, eyes widening as the two men dropped their underwear and let their huge, muscled asses pop out.

“Alright, McCready, assume the position,” Baxter said, and the two men got on all fours on the grass, spreading their big muscle butts. Their pink holes gleamed in the afternoon sunlight. Bob Baxter’s ass cheeks were hairy and a line of fur ran down his crack and around his hole. McCready had a dusting of blonde hair that ringed his hole. “Billy!” Baxter said over his shoulder. “Get down here and show McCready how well you eat pussy. Don’t be shy about it, either.”

“You too, Marty,” Mike McCready said over his wide back. “Eat Mr. Baxter out good, don’t hold back.” The two boys looked at one another and shook their heads. Then they got down on the ground behind one another’s dads. They still had their shorts around their ankles as they began to lick sweaty, muscled dad-butt.

“How’s it feeling so far, Baxter?” McCready said.

“Not bad,” Baxter said, his voice indifferent. “He sure is takin his time getting to my hole, though.”

“That’s how it’s done!” McCready said. “My boy knows. You gotta tease a lady, make her wait till you shove that tongue home.”

“Ain’t that what my boy is doing?” Baxter said.

“Yeah, yeah, he’s teasin’ it out too. We’ll see how it feels when he finally gets his tongue in there,” McCready said.

“Fuck yeah we will,” Baxter said, his breathing getting heavy.

“Wow, look at him drip,” blue shirt said to pink, pointing out the precum streaming from McCready’s half-hard dick which was drizzling from his half-hard cockhead into the lush, green grass.

“Baxter is totally hard,” pink shirt whispered to his companion, and indeed Baxter was, his thick dad dick pulsing as the McCready boy’s tongue inched ever closer to his contracting hole.

“Don’t be shy, son,” Mike McCready said to his boy. “Give it to him. Show him how you make your girl moan.” The boys went for it, both of them sliding their tongues into their friend’s dad’s assholes at the same time. McCready was now as hard as Baxter, but the two men remained stoic as the boys slathered their teen tongues over their round cheeks, deep cracks and sweaty holes.

“How’s that feel, McCready?” Baxter said, his voice strained. “My boy eating you out right?”

“He’s doing okay,” McCready said. “How’s Marty treating you?”

“Not bad,” Baxter said.

The polo-shirted men looked at one another and rolled their eyes.

“It’s always like this,” pink shirt noted, “They don’t budge an inch.” But the rival dad’s boners betrayed them, and the two men couldn’t resist slight moans and exhalations as their horny sons went to town on their asses. “I mean, look at how deep those kids are eating them out – hard to say who’s doing it better,” pink shirt continued.

“Yeah, the McCready boy is really teasing Baxter’s ass. But the Baxter boy is tonguing McCready’s butt deep – look at his face stuffed in there,” blue shirt said in a low, sport-commentator tone.

The teens worked on their dads for a good fifteen minutes as the barbecue looked on. Eventually McCready got fed up. “This ain’t proving nothin’,” he said, and rolled onto his back. “Baxter, flip over and boys, you switch off – I’ll have my boy eat me out and I’ll tell ya how good it feels,” McCready said.

“Fine by me,” Baxter said. The naked dads settled onto their backs in the grass and tossed their thick legs up over their heads. Marty and Billy shook their heads at one another but dutifully switched places, waddling over with their shorts still around their ankles.

“Lookit that,” Baxter said, holding his big thighs up against his strong chest, hole winking in the sunlight. “My boy’s getting hard again. That’s some virility, there!”

“Whatever, so’s Marty!” McCready said. The boys ignored their dads as they settled into the grass and began to eat their father’s asses. The moans started up immediately, loud and theatrical.

“Oh man, that feels great! Whoa!” McCready said, really making a show of it. “Damn, never had it this good before; he eats pussy even better than I do!”

Baxter was going for it too. “Billy sure knows how to dig that tongue deep, don’t he McCready? Look how hard he’s got me,” Baxter said, holding up his fat, dripping cock.

“Yeah well lookit this hard-on!” McCready said, waving his around. “Damn my boy’s tongue is talented! Eat that pussy, son!” The dads began to jack off, their voices carrying across the yard as they tried to out-moan each other.

Billy Baxter got his finger wet and pressed it into his dad.

“Oh fuck,” Baxter said in a low voice. “See that? My boy’s teasing me with a finger and I didn’t even have to tell him to do it.”

“Goddammit, Marty, get your finger wet,” McCready said, annoyance on his face. Marty complied, sucking his finger into his mouth and pressing it into his dad’s pink, wet hole. “Oh fuck – see? My boy’s doing it too.”

“Only cause my boy did it first,” Baxter said. McCready pretended not to hear him.

“Look how hard my boy is. Ready to sink it right in. He knows how to get a lady ready,” McCready said.

“No harder than my boy,” Baxter said. “Aw yeah son, slide another finger inside me. Damn McCready this feels sooo good.”

“You should hear the way my boy’s girlfriend moans when he’s givin it to her! Fills the whole house!” McCready said, and reached back to force another of Marty’s digits into his asshole.

“Billy makes his girl scream!” Baxter said. “Go ahead, son, tease my hole with your cock,” he said. Billy reared up and slid his cock against his father’s hairy hole. “That’s it, son, just ride it against my hole for now. See that, McCready? He’s teasing me with it, making me want that hard dick in my cunt. More than I can say for your boy who’s just jamming his fingers in.”

“Marty knows what he’s doing!” McCready insisted, but then turned to his boy and said, in a low voice, “C’mon, Marty, tease me with it, too.” Marty complied and began to rub his cockhead up and down his father’s pink slit. “You saying your boy knows how to fuck a lady better than mine?”

“That’s what I’m saying,” Baxter said.

“Well let’s find out,” McCready said. “C’mon, Marty, go ahead and slide that cock inside me. Show Baxter how you give a lady your gift.”

“Oh fuck, Dad,” Marty said as he pressed his dick inside his father. The tip popped inside and Mike McCready smiled. “That’s it, Marty,” he said as his son drove his dick deep. “Oh, fuck, that big dick in my guts is driving me wild. Hey Baxter, when’s your boy gonna put it in you? There’s a different you know between teasing it out and losing steam.”

“Losing steam?!” Baxter said. “He’s just getting started; ain’t ya Billy?”

“Sure, Dad,” Billy Baxter said, holding his father’s legs up by the ankles and pushing his hips forward as his dad pushed back against his cock. The head of it slipped inside and Bob Baxter gasped.

“That’s it, son, keep sliding it in me,” Baxter said. “Damn that dick feels good. My boy knows what he’s doing!” he said to McCready, whose son was starting to thrust.

“Oh fuck,” McCready said, trying to mask the strain in his voice and on his face. “Look how gently my boy holds my feet up as he fucks me. Rough and gentle at the same time, that’s the stuff,” McCready said.

“Seems a little too gentle to me,” Baxter said. “C’mon, Billy, give me your whole dick…aw FUCK there ya go…damn, McCready, you should really feel this dick all up inside you. No wonder he keeps his girlfriend screamin’!”

“Baxter you don’t know what a good fuck is until you’ve felt Marty’s cock in you. It’s really hittin my spot!” McCready said. The boys smiled at one another as they fucked their fathers.

“The Baxter boy is really giving it to him,” said pink shirt. “But Marty is giving variety – long dicking him slowly then slamming it in.”

“Hard to say who’s the better fuck,” blue shirt said. They watched hungrily, tweaking their cocks under their khaki shorts.

“I always thought that McCready boy seemed like a sweetheart,” a woman said to her friend. She took a sip of punch. “But wow, he can really go to town!”

“It’s certainly something,” her companion said, eyes never leaving the scene.

“Your boys need to switch off!” someone called from the crowd. “Otherwise, how do you know who’s better?”

“Alright, I guess that makes sense. What do you think, McCready?” Baxter said, his voice quavering, muscle tits quivering as Billy fucked his ass.

“Makes sense to me. Switch off, boys!” McCready said. The teens slid their dicks out of their dads, hard, wet cocks leading the way as they switched positions. At the same time they sunk themselves inside their friend’s dads.

The silence of the dads was deafening. Baxter sniffed. McCready gave a theatrical yawn. The boys kept at it, though, working their tight hips as they plowed muscled-dad ass in the sunshine.

“How’s that thick Baxter-boy dick feel in you, McCready?” Baxter said.

“Feels okay,” McCready said. “Looks like my boy is giving it to ya good.”

“He’s okay,” Baxter said, and in response Marty McCready reached down and began to stroke the older man’s rock-hard cock. Baxter tried to stifle his moans but couldn’t help letting a little out.

“How about that, Baxter? My boy at least has the sense to jack you off while he fucks,” Mike McCready said gleefully.

“Billy! Get your hand around Mr. McCready’s cock!” Baxter said, and Billy complied. Mike McCready laughed but the laughter died as they boys ramped up their efforts and their dads submitted to getting fucked and jacked off at the same time.

“The dads look close,” blue shirt said.

“They sure do,” pink shirt said. “How are they gonna spin that?” The boys were relentless, driving their hard teen dicks into each other’s dad’s and stroking them steadily. Both Baxter and McCready were short of breath and their eyes were getting a vacant look.

“Shit, I’m getting close,” Baxter finally admitted. “Guess I needed to get off today.”

“Yeah me too,” McCready said. “Must be cause I didn’t fuck my wife today. Guess we’ll see whose boy makes us cum first.”

“Yeah, guess we’ll see….ah, oh FUCK!” Baxter said, and cum began to shoot out of his dick. Marty jacked the older man’s hairy cock as jet after jet of sperm shot up into the sky and laded back down on the dad’s thick neck and hairy chest. “Oh fuck oh fuck,” Baxter said.

“Oh fuck yeah, there you go, Baxter. Look how much cum my boy fucked out of ya. If that ain’t an indication of what a good fuck he is, I don’t know what is! Oh! Goddamn!” McCready said and he began to shoot, too. Billy jacked and fucked him as dad-sperm shot up his body, the first one landing across Mike McCready’s face.

“Lookit that, Billy made you shoot all the way up to your ears!” Baxter said. McCready continued to shoot, his fat cock pulsing and streaming jets of jizz that landed on his sweat-slick chest and stomach as Billy kept fucking. “Your boy didn’t make me shoot like that!” Baxter said.

“Yeah but you came first!” McCready said, and as their orgasms subsided they disengaged themselves from their horny sons and stood up.

“Well, only one way to settle this,” Baxter said, and got on his knees in front of Marty. “We need to make these boys cum again and compare how much they shoot.”

“Damn straight,” McCready said. “No better indication of how much a stud a man is than how much cum he makes in his balls, and I know Marty’s got another huge load in him,” he said. “I’ll race ya!”

“You’re on, McCready,” Baxter said, and the two beefy dads knelt in the grass, sucking and jacking each other’s son with abandon as they attempted to extract their second loads of the afternoon. When McCready choked a little on Billy’s cock, Baxter couldn’t help but comment.

“Too thick to take down your throat, McCready?” Baxter said, and followed it up by showing the ease at which he could swallow Marty’s cock. “It choking you a little?”

“Nah just got an itch in my throat is all,” McCready said, coughing, then going back down on Billy Baxter. Baxter senior got low and sucked on Marty’s hairless nuts. McCready focused on taking Billy’s cock deep down his throat. Their big asses were spread out behind them, pink holes wet and opened from taking teen dick in them.

“Oh, Mr. Baxter, I’m gonna nut,” Marty said.

“Oh man, me too Mr. McCready. Keep sucking my nuts like that,” Billy said, reveling in the feel of Marty’s dad stroking him and licking his balls at the same time.

“Have him shoot on your face so we can see how much it is,” McCready said to Baxter.

“Mm hm,” Bob Baxter said, still sucking cock.

“Oh fuck oh fuck,” Marty said, and at the last moment Baxter took the boy’s cock out of his mouth and held it up to his face. “I’m cumming Mr. Baxter, I’m cumming.” Baxter held a smirk on his face as the boy’s cock began to shoot thick ropes of cum that coated his forehead and ran down his nose and lips.

“Me too Mr. McCready. Oh man, oh fuck,” Billy said, and McCready massaged his spasming balls as the boy coated his lips and mouth with sperm.

Then it was time to evaluate.

“I’d say Billy shot more,” pink shirt said.

“I don’t know, look at all that cum on Baxter’s face,” blue shirt said.

The dads argued. “You’re gonna tell me that isn’t a hell of a load?!” McCready said, getting into Baxter’s cum-covered face.

“I’m just sayin, it ain’t any more than my boy shot on you!” Baxter said. The teens, cocks dripping in the grass, began to pull up their shorts.

“Dad, can we play football now?” Marty said but the dads ignorned him.

“You know he had the longer dick, and he made you cum first,” McCready said.

“Technicalities! My boy is obviously thicker, obviously shot more cum, and you came just as much from getting fucked by my boy as I did getting fucked by yours!” Baxter countered. “Here, I got an idea,” he said, and swiped his finger across McCready’s face to swipe up some of his son’s jizz. “Let’s see which boy has the sweeter load.” He popped the cum-covered finger into his mouth. “Mm, that’s the stuff – that’s some healthy, fresh cum!”

McCready licked his lips to taste the Baxter boy’s load on it. “Ain’t bad,” he said. Then he gathered some of his son’s jizz from Baxter’s face, moaning as he sucked his finger clean. “Now that’s some sweet jizz. Tastes so good!”

Baxter was still going on about his son’s cum. “I gotta get more!” he said, and went in and licked some cum right off of McCready’s lips. “So fuckin good, my boy’s cum…”

“Oh man, can’t get enough of my boy’s load. So tasty!” McCready said and the two men licked and ate jizz off of one another’s faces. And as dusk feel and the party began to break up the two rivals continued, licking jock-boy jizz off one another’s faces, no closer to ending their argument as they’d been at the beginning, rivals to the end.