Raw Milk

This story is a result of a recent Patreon story poll – specifically patron (and friend) Ryan M. McKelvey’s winning idea. Thanks, Ryan!

Bennett had sensed the last straw coming, and it arrived at breakfast that morning, a week into his nephew Aiden’s summer stay at the farm. He and his wife Dorothy had been talking quietly about the day’s work ahead when Aiden came tearing down the stairs and into the kitchen, nary a “good morning” for either of them.

Like most mornings, Bennett observed, the kid had half a hard-on in his jeans. Aiden seemed perpetually turned on – the young, virile jock was probably used to having his pick of pussy in the city. But there wasn’t any pussy to be found out here, unless you didn’t care what species it was. Bennett assumed Aiden had been upstairs jacking off and now he was using that same hand to dig into the bowl of blueberries Dorothy had picked the day before. He shoved a fistful of them into his mouth.

“I made blueberry pancakes,” Dorothy said gently. Aiden glanced at her and went to the fridge.

“I want eggs,” he said, crashing things around inside the fridge and accidentally tossing a lemon onto the floor. Dorothy stood up. She took a lot of pride in her kitchen.

“I’ll make you some eggs, just hold your horses,” Dorothy said. Bennett watched the scene warily. He’d agreed with his brother that it was a good idea to take on Aiden for the summer – he needed the help around the farm.

“Plus the kid needs discipline,” Aiden’s dad had said. “He’s like a bull in a china shop most days.” It had been a while since Bennett had spent time with his

nephew, and his brother’s description had proved accurate. Aiden had mucked the goat barn in record time, but managed to break two rakes in the process. Bennett taught him patiently to milk the cows, but when Estrella – Bennett’s prize milker – managed to kick over the bucket, Aiden raged at her like it was a personal affront. Aiden was a well-built and fine specimen of manhood, but his energy was rangy and wild.

Dorothy reached around Aiden to grab the bowl of eggs on the counter. Aiden spun around at the same time and knocked Dorothy off balance. It was an accident but it startled both of them, and that was when Bennett stood up.

“To the barn, now,” he said in a steady, deep voice, leveling his eyes at Aiden. Aiden huffed but started outside. Bennett took him by his solid, muscular arm and led him down the porch stairs.

“I’m hungry,” Aiden complained. “Let me go,” he said, and tried to yank his arm away but Bennett held tight.  “I didn’t even want to come here.” Bennett said nothing as he pulled Aiden inside the barn. Beams of morning sunlight shot through the cracks in the slatted wood and lay across the dirt floor. “I’m gonna call my dad and make him pick me up cause this fucking sucks…” Aiden continued and he was still going on when Bennett calmly raised his elbow and drove his forearm into the kid’s neck, knocking the voice out of him and slamming Aiden’s hard back against the wall of the barn. Aiden was shocked into submission for the moment, and Bennett grabbed the boy’s wrists in his strong hand and twisted Aiden’s muscular arms behind him. At the same time, Bennett drove his weight into the boy’s chest, pinning him against the wall.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Aiden snarled as Bennett took a leather strap hanging on the wall behind him and tied the kid’s wrists together. When Aiden was fully restrained Bennett began to unbutton the kid’s jeans, shoving his jeans and underwear down. Aiden’s cock came bounding out – not fully hard, but tumescent. He lifted the kid’s nuts in his hand which were large, heavy, and slightly reddish-purple in color. Bennett suspected they were full to bursting.

Bennett spit in his palm and wrapped it around the kid’s cock. It shot up instantly to it’s full nine-inch, fat-bodied glory. Yeah, there was no doubt Aiden was an alpha-stud bull who needed milking.

Aiden cursed and protested but Bennett paid no mind, keeping the kid solidly pinned to the wall as he stroked his cock. Aiden continued to sputter and fight, finding reserves of energy to try to peel himself off the wall but Bennett held true. Soon Aiden’s fighting began to resemble the throes of pleasure. His breathing got more intense, his face flushed, and his cock began to take on a red-hot hue that indicated to Bennett that his nephew was about to give up the milk. He stroked faster, using his calloused, farm-roughened hands to bring the boy to the crest.

“Fuck!” Aiden grunted as his load began to spurt out onto the dirt. Bennett watched dispassionately as the kid unloaded, rope after rope of sweet jizz streaming from Aiden’s overloaded testicles.

“Alright,” Bennett said as Aiden began to relax. “Alright.” Bennett carefully lifted some of his weight from Aiden’s chest but even though Aiden was still coming down from his orgasm the boy began to push back, digging his foot into the wall behind him to try and overpower his uncle. Bennett pushed right back. He took the kid by the balls.

“Got more in there don’t you?” Bennett said, squeezing the heavy sack like he was assessing the ripeness of a peach. “We’re not done till you’re milked dry.” He gave the kid’s deflated cock an exploratory stroke and, sure enough, it began to fill up with blood again. “Yeah you ain’t done,” Bennett said, then spit into his palm again and began another round of milking. “Healthy young colt like you. Just relax, makes it easier on both of us,” he said. A minute later Aiden’s cock was fully hard again.

The second load took only slightly longer to achieve than the first, and afterward Aiden seemed more subdued, but Bennett had the sense that one more round was called for so he kept the kid restrained, talking to him gently as he palpated his cock until it began to grow again, a third time.

“This one should be it,” Bennett said as the kid’s cock rose. “Give into it, give into it,” Bennett chanted as he stroked, coaxing Aiden’s penis to another full erection. Aiden looked down and seemed to notice his boner. He gave a quick, angry glance at his uncle, then shot his gaze up at the ceiling where a dove that was nesting in the rafters seemed to observe his predicament. “We shoulda been doing this from the start, could’ve saved me and Dorothy the trouble,” Bennett said, nearly to himself as he paused to add more spit to his hand. In doing so he’d lifted some of his weight off Aiden and though the kid seemed exhausted, he had enough grit in him to shove one of his shoulders into Bennett, who nearly lost his balance. Bennett regained it in time to pin Aiden against the wall again.

“Still got some fight in ya, huh?” Bennett said. “Well that’s okay, cause I got enough energy for the both of us,” Bennett said, using the soothing voice he saved for the goats when they were being particularly ornery. “We’re gonna get one more load out of you and then, well, we’ll see…” he said as he jacked Aiden’s cock.

Several minutes in he could tell this one wasn’t going to come easily. He wet his thick finger in his mouth and got it slick with spit. Then he slipped the finger between the tight cleavage of the kid’s ass, going deeper until he found the hair-ringed, slick rim of Aiden’s asshole. Even though Aiden had jerked away when he first felt Bennett’s finger, he quickly relaxed – he was starting to get it, Bennett realized, was becoming conditioned to the milking. Bennett took a deep breath, holding his finger steadfastly on the kid’s anus. Then with one controlled motion Bennett slid his thick finger past Aiden’s sphincter and into his warm asshole. One of the goats, seeming to notice the change in energy, let out a horny bleat.

“Always does it,” Bennett muttered, feeling Aiden’s cock twitch in spite of the disgruntled look on his face. It took Bennett a moment to find the kid’s prostate, and when he did he pressed against it. Instantly Aiden let out a full-throated moan.

“That’s how you do it. Let go, let go,” Bennett said placatingly as he jerked the kid’s cock to another orgasm, the third harvest of the day: still a good tablespoon full of cum, Bennett noted.

He took his finger out of Aiden’s ass and released the kid’s cock. He let his weight off the kid’s shoulder but this time Aiden didn’t make a move. Bennett undid the strap around Aiden’s wrists and when his hands were free Bennett stepped away assuredly. He hung the strap back on its nail and glanced over at Aiden who was leaning over, hands on his thighs, catching his breath. His cock, hanging out over his visibly-lighter balls – was dripping onto the straw.

Bennett approached Aiden again. The kid stared at him – hard – but he didn’t make any moves, either, even when Bennett grabbed the button of his jeans in one hand and the kid’s balls in the other. He hefted Aiden’s genitals back in his jeans, zipped and buttoned him up.

“That’ll be that,” Bennett said, looking Aiden in the eyes. “Now go eat your eggs. You’re gonna set fence posts today.”


And Aiden did set them, quickly and well, all morning and afternoon. He even did it somewhat happily, toward the end, when Bennett noticed him whistling as he walked back to the house at dinner time. Dorothy noticed, too, and gave Bennett a knowing grin.

The next day Bennett came into the barn early to find Aiden already milking the cows. Estrella was doing her usual thing – threatening the bucket with a raised hoof.

Stop it,” Aiden growled, grabbing her hoof roughly and moving it back to the ground.

“Talk sweet to her,” Bennett said as he walked over to the boy. “Don’t agitate.” He watched the kid try – he really was trying. But, young and virile as Aiden was, Bennett knew that the kid was going to need to be milked on a daily basis, just like the cows and goats – if not more often.

So he helped Aiden finish and stopped him before he took the milk up to the house.

“You’re next,” Bennett said. Aiden scowled; Bennett ignored the look. “Get up on the stanchion,” he said, motioning to the raised platforms where he milked the goats. Aiden huffed but began to walk toward them. “Strip down.”

“Strip?” Aiden said.

“All the way,” Bennett said. Aiden let out his breath but did as instructed, peeling off his clothes until he was down to his underwear. The kid really was a perfect specimen of young manhood, from his well-developed chest and tight stomach to his muscular thighs and buttocks, the two strong feet that now stood in the dirt of the barn floor. “All the way,” Bennett said again, and Aiden took down his underwear. The kid’s cock was half-hard and rising. With Aiden more complacent, Bennett had more time to appreciate what a well-hung kid he was, with large, round balls.

“Alright, now up on the stachion. All fours,” Bennett said.

“Why?” Aiden said.

“Makes it easier,” Bennett said, leading the kid by the neck to the stanchion. Aiden softened under his uncle’s grip, putting both knees on the platform and resting his arms and head on the shelf just above it where the goats were given their feed. “Good,” Bennett said, pulling up his small wooden milking stool and taking a seat next to the prone boy. He dipped his fingers into a tin of bag balm and got his palm nice and slick, then took hold of Aiden’s hard, hanging cock. As he began to stroke it Aiden’s breathing changed. The boy kept his eyes closed as Bennett performed his ministrations, dipping the fingers of his other hand into the bag balm as he regarded Aiden’s fine, upturned muscular ass. He ran his lubed-up fingers around the rim of Aiden’s asshole a couple times to prepare him, then slid them inside. Aiden grunted. Bennett kept stroking steadily as he pumped his fingers deeper into Aiden’s tight asshole. Within moments Aiden’s breath got quick, and shortly after that his hole tightened and his load began to pump out.

Bennett had a mug ready on the stanchion and directed the kid’s semen into it – several copious shots that amounted to a good quarter-cup of cum.

“What are you gonna do with that?” Aiden said as he dressed himself, scowling at the mug of his cum.

“It’s good for ya,” Bennett said, and held the mug to Aiden’s face who waved his hands at it. “Puts all those nutrients back in,” Bennett said, grinning at the boy’s distaste. “No?” he said, then drank it down with a smile as  Aiden grimaced.

Bennett put the boy to work on spreading fresh gravel, a miserable process of hauling and raking only made worse by the intense heat of the day. Still, the boy rose to the occasion, matching Bennett’s drive and even surpassing it.

“Guess we should call it a day,” Bennett said leaning on his rake and watching the sun lower in the sky. “Let’s put these tools away.” Bennett followed Aiden into the barn. They put away the wheelbarrows and then Bennett approached Aiden.

“How you doing?” Bennett said as he reached into Aiden’s jeans and grabbed the kid’s sweaty cock and balls. Aiden grunted but didn’t move. “Feelin kinda full – go ahead, up on the stanchion,” Bennett said. And even though Aiden huffed and rolled his eyes, he did it – stripped to his skin and assumed the position. Bennett pulled up the stool, lubed up his fingers and pumped the kid’s cock as he pushed two fingers in his tight ass, deeper until he found Aiden’s prostate. This time it took less than five minutes for him to milk a load out of the kid.

“You did a good job today,” Bennett said, and downed Aiden’s cum like a shot.

“Thanks,” Aiden said, and Bennett realized it was the first time he’d heard the kid say that, which meant the world.