Pop Music Thoughts

I recently downloaded Gwen Stefani’s “Love. Angel. Music. Baby.” (how it pained me to type that title just now) solely for the purpose of obtaining the first song for a mix I made for my friend.  I didn’t much care for “What You Waiting For” when it first came out, but now I think it might be one of the best pop songs of the past decade.  That beat is ferocious.

Anyway I’m proud of the dance/pop music mix I ended up with.  My buddy is straight but he has an interest in these sorts of things and relies on my help.  I know some of the stuff on here is old, but here goes (sorry for any latent advertisements, comes with the territory I suppose):


1. Goldfrapp – Ooh La La (Maybe this doesn’t fit? Not exactly pop music but it sounds good for a beginning song.)

2. Robyn – Dancing on my Own (One of the songs said buddy specifically requested. I liked a Robyn song I’d heard last year but hadn’t kept up with her. I definitely dig this song, though.)

3. Janelle Monae – Tightrope (THE track of 2010 for me.  I just can’t get enough.)

4. Shakira – She Wolf (I’m a sucker for disco beats and goofy lyrics.)

5. Annie – I Don’t Like Your Band

6. La Roux – Bulletproof (The other song my buddy requested. Isn’t it cool when a random, out-of-left-field song like this comes along and gets tons of radio play for the sole reason that it’s great?)

7. Amanda Lepore – Cotton Candy (He’ll probably hate this but fuck it.)

8. Robyn – Cobrastyle (This is the Robyn song I heard last year.)

9. Gwen Stefani – What You Waiting For? (This video is endless, fast forward to about a minute and a half in.)

10. Lady Gaga – The Fame (My favorite Gaga track. Her music doesn’t do a whole lot for me but I love that everyone’s obsessed with her.)

11. Royksopp – Happy Up Here (Definitely stretching the definition of pop music here. Royksopp got compared a lot to Air back in their early days and I suppose I had high expectations, and that’s why I never got into them. But I like them now.)

12. Annie – I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me (I’ve gone into my love of Annie before on this blog. The producer here, Richard X, is pretty incredible.)