Paul’s Den

By Natty Soltesz

My best friend Derrick and I were inseparable. I would hang out at his house every day, and on Sundays we would go with his dad, Paul, to the comic book store. Paul was pretty cool, and he had an awesome comic book collection, but there was something about him that made me nervous. Maybe it was the way he talked to me, in a sarcastic voice that always made me feel like I was stupid. He usually called me “Nathaniel,” while my preferred nickname was Natty. Everybody called him Paul, but when I addressed him it was always with a smart-assed “Mr. Mosesso.”

Just as soon as I rang Derrick’s doorbell that day I remembered that he had left for basketball camp that afternoon. When Paul answered the door, I felt really dumb. I explained to him that I knew Derrick wasn’t there, but it had slipped my mind.

“That’s alright Nathaniel,” Paul said. “Come in.” I walked inside, into the kitchen. It was cool and dark. Paul was wearing what he usually wore around the house: his underwear. As soon as Derrick’s dad came home from work he would strip down to his briefs and that’s how he would stay.

I tried not to stare at his body. That was another thing about Paul that made me nervous-—he was a really hot man, and I think he knew it. He was kind of short I guess, but his body was thick and muscular, with a huge, hairy chest, and a firm bubble butt the likes of which I’ve never seen before or since.

I shut the door behind me and Paul leaned back against the kitchen counter. He crossed his meaty thighs together, propping up the bulge in his briefs. He must have caught me looking at him, because a snide smile appeared on his handsome, square-jawed face.

“So when did Derrick leave?” I asked.

“He left with his mother about an hour ago.”

“Oh,” I said. Paul just stood there, like he was inviting me to look at his body. “Well…I guess I should get going.”

“Stick around for a little while,” Paul said. “I’ve got something to show you.” He motioned for me to follow him, and I walked down the hall behind him as we made our way to his den. I watched his firm ass flex under the combed cotton of his briefs.

I figured he wanted to show me some new comics he’d bought, so I was surprised when he closed the door to his den behind me. I’d always been really impressed with his den, which smelled like wood and old books and was filled with all kinds of weird and interesting stuff. Derrick and I were never allowed inside, but one day we’d snuck in when Paul wasn’t home and had found some of his dirty magazines. We sure had fun together that day.

Paul sat his ass on the desk, his tight stomach curling into his muscular body.

“You see that air vent up there?” he asked me, pointing to where the wall met the ceiling. I nodded yes. “That goes to Derrick’s room. I hear everything that goes on up there.”

He stopped for a moment to let me digest this information. I started getting really scared.

“I understand you guys borrowed a few of my magazines not too long ago.”

“Y-yes,” I stammered. “It was Derrick’s idea.”

“Did you like looking at them?”


“It sounded like you guys were having a lot of fun looking at them.” He took his hand and tugged at the bulge in his underwear. I couldn’t be sure, but it looked like it was growing.

I shuffled on my feet. I didn’t know what to do. Part of me wanted to run away, but Paul’s eyes were like laser beams, freezing me to the spot. “So you liked looking at naked pictures,” Paul said. “What about me? Would you like to see me naked?’ I didn’t say anything. I thought, he’s just joking, I should laugh. But I didn’t dare.

“You’ve seen Derrick naked, right?’

“W-well, yeah.”

“Fine, then. I’ll show you what I look like naked.” He pulled the waistband of his briefs down over his hairy bush of pubes, smiling at me. “Isn’t this what you want to see, Nathaniel?”

I didn’t answer, but I’m sure it must have been written all over my face. He let the waistband of his drawers snap back to wear they’d been.

“Or maybe you want to see my ass,” he said, turning around. “Remember that day when I caught you two? That’s what you and Derrick were showing each other, wasn’t it?” It was true. Derrick had mooned me and dared me to moon him back. Just as I was doing it, Paul had walked into the room. He didn’t say anything, but he didn’t have to—-the look on his face had said it all.

Paul hooked his thumbs in the elastic of his briefs and slid it over the firm round bulges of his cheeks. He stopped about half way.

“You like my ass?”

“Yeah,” I said. He flashed that snide smile again.

“I’ll put on a show for you Natty, alright? Just like in the magazines.” Paul said, pulling his briefs off the rest of the way to reveal his magnificently beefy butt. He hoisted himself up onto his desk and perched there on his knees. Then, with his ass turned toward me, he bent over, arching his back seductively. He looked back at me. “How’s that view? Maybe I oughta spread my cunt wide, like those girls in the magazines do.”

He reached his hands back and spread his ass cheeks, revealing a deep, lightly hairy crack with a pink pucker right in the center. I was rock hard in my pants. I wanted so badly just to go over there and dive my face into that amazing ass, and then I realized, what was stopping me? Here he was, showing it off. I gathered all my courage and walked over to where he was crouched on the desk. His ass gave off a musky smell, dank and masculine.

He said nothing as I laid my hands on his thick ass cheeks; he just took his own hands off and rested his elbows on the desk, his head down. I pulled his cheeks apart and brought my face closer to his crack, inhaling his scent. I tentatively touched my finger to his hot hole and felt Paul jump beneath me. A little gasp came out of his mouth like I’d never heard before. My timidity started to vanish.

I pressed my face into his butt, my tongue making a direct hit with his hole. I licked all around his tight pucker, working my way in until I had half my tongue buried in his throbbing anus. Paul was breathing heavily, squirming a little underneath me and making soft grunting noises as my tongue explored his ass. Once I got used to what I was doing, I relaxed and really got into it.

“God, yes. Tongue my ass.” I thrilled to look at his broad, muscled back, and the way it tapered down to his small waist before flaring out again into two huge ass cheek pancakes. “Put your finger inside,” he directed. I touched my index finger to his anus, and felt him relax under my touch. I pushed in, and the tip of my finger sank into his hot butt. Paul squeezed my finger with his asshole. There was no doubt about it—-he was in control of everything. But something about the vulnerable position he was putting himself in was so erotic.

“Feel how tight that is, Natty? Push it all the way inside. Fuuuck yeah, that’s the way.” I had my whole finger plunging in and out of Paul’s butt, and I worked him like this for a while.

“I bet you’d like to fuck my ass, wouldn’t you?” Paul said, looking back at me. It was less like a question and more like a statement. “Wouldn’t you?”

“Yes sir,” I said.

“‘Sir’, huh? I like that. Well, Natty, you’re gonna fuck my ass, so get your dick ready and get up here on the desk behind me.” I did as I was instructed, tearing off my pants and shirt and crawling up on the desk. Paul shifted to accommodate me. My dick was red and pulsing like a little torpedo. I looked at that big, hairy ass spread out before me, and thought to myself that I wasn’t going to last a second.

“Line your dick up with my asshole, that’s the way.” Paul kissed the end of my dick with his anus. “Now fuck my butt,” he said. “Stick it in there, Natty.” I braced my hands on his big butt cheeks and prepared myself for the fuck of my life. My first fuck ever, in fact.

The head of my dick flattened against his spit-slicked hole, then sank inside. His ass gobbled me up like the ocean swallows a sinking ship. I couldn’t believe the feel of his velvety butthole as it gripped my dick. I was fucking my best friend’s dad!

“Are you all the way in? All right, quit pissing around and fuck my butt. That’s it. Pound my hole.” I did my best, keeping a tight grip on his big hips as I rocked my cock in and out of his ass. Paul didn’t seem phased in the slightest. Even when I was fucking the man I couldn’t poke a hole in his air of superiority.

Just as I’d predicted, it wasn’t but a minute before I felt my load rising up out of my balls. I tried my best to hold it back, but it was like my body just took control and wouldn’t stop.

“Oh, Mr. Mosseso, I think I’m gonna cum,” I said, and before I even finished the sentence I was spilling my load into his guts.

“That’s it, cum in my ass. There you go.” I fell onto his back as I came down, my dick still spasming in his ass. He waited as I came down, giving a few jerks of his butt muscles and milking the load out of me. He jerked his own dick as he did it.

“Now I’m gonna blow,” he said, pushing me off of his back and turning around. He kneeled over my prone body and whacked his mean-looking prick with a flying fist.

“Watch this load, Natty. Get ready.” With a mannered grunt, a great big jet of jizz flew out of his thick cock head and landed across my face. More followed, spraying hot lashes of come over my chest and balls.

When Paul was finished he laid his big, warm body on mine. He brought his face close.

“Ever try eating come, Natty?” I shook my head. Paul licked some of his load off of my face, then grabbed hold of my jaw and pressed his lips to mine. His tongue reached between my lips and found my tongue. I pushed my tongue back into his, tasting the load from it, and wanting more and more. Paul his took his mouth off of mine and looked down at me, smiling.

“Well, Nathaniel,” he said, getting off the desk. “Shall we take a shower, then?” I followed him upstairs to the bathroom. Once Paul got the shower going and I got in with him, he let me worship his body. I got him nice and soaped up and ran my hands all over his hot, magnificent chest. He let me explore his fat, hairy dick, and I even sucked it a little. Then we made out some more.

Afterwards, Paul took me into his bedroom, and showed me his collection of dildos in his sock drawer. He had me test each one out on his big, hot butt while he stroked his cock. I ate every drop of sweet juice that came out of his cock head, and still I couldn’t get enough.

Eventually, however, the fun had to end.

“Jeanie’s going to be home soon,” he said after he’d shot his third load and had me lick it off of his nipples. “Time to go home, Nathaniel.” I got on my clothes.

“Can I come back sometime?” I asked as he ushered me out of the door.

“Well, I assume you’ll be here when Derrick comes back from camp, right? Until then, be patient,” he said, and shut the door.

That was the way it was with Paul.