Office Politics

by Natty Soltesz

I spotted him sitting at the receptionist’s desk on the first day of my new job at the University. This being the Computer Science Department there wasn’t really a wealth of hot guys, so he definitely stood out. He was just my type, too—short but beefy, his head shaved clean, wearing a white t-shirt that barely contained his brick shithouse body.  He had a tattoo band around his bicep. I was too intimidated to introduce myself at first, but I eventually found out he was a student doing a work-study job.

Then one day I was taking a piss, and who should saunter up to the urinal next to me but Beefy Boy. My piss stopped in mid-stream. I listened to him unzip and let out his breath, but nothing came. Quickly I glanced down. He was holding his thick little dick between his fingers and as I watched, it started to grow. I noticed he was looking at me, gazing down at my dick and seemingly in awe of its size. He caught my eyes and smiled. We showed off for each other, flopping our dicks around until we were both hard.

He rocked his hips forward, sliding his dick into his fist, and I followed. Almost immediately he was ready to shoot his load. With a final jerk and a grunt, he released several thick squirts of jizz into the porcelain urinal, his breath coming fast and shallow. Wanting to really give him a show, I peeled my balls out from my underwear and worked my dick steadily. Suppressing a moan, I let loose my copious load, showering the back of the urinal with thick goo.

Just as I was recovering, he did something totally unexpected. Pulling my head into his, he kissed me deeply, sliding his tongue in my mouth and wrestling it against mine.

“I’m Matt,” he said after we broke apart.

“Terrance.” I held out my hand. “Nice to meet you.”


Matt and I worked at opposite ends of the building, but we made sure to see each other often after that. He would come striding past my desk, giving me a sideways grin, and I’d follow his fine ass down the hall. We kept our interaction in the bathroom to a minimum, but the danger of getting caught was high, and I knew we couldn’t carry on like this forever. I thought about asking Matt if he wanted to hook up outside of work, but I sensed that it wasn’t an option. This was definitely on the DL.

Then Matt had an idea. Many professors had multiple offices on campus, and our floor had rows of rooms that were barely, if ever, used. Matt figured he could steal a key from the file cabinet in Jodie’s office.

“I sit right in front of her door,” he whispered, bending over my desk. “I could sneak in and out in a flash and she’d never know.” An hour later, he stopped at my desk again.

“Meet me in 6243 in five minutes,” he said. When the time came I went, somewhat apprehensively. The halls were silent and still.  I found the door, with a maroon plaque next to it that said “6243, Dr. Rami Habibullah, Professor.” I turned the handle and went inside.

Matt was standing against the desk. I shut the door and the office went dark. Only a small amount of light filtered through the blinds.

“Lock it,” Matt said. His face met mine and we started making out. His hands went straight to my cock. He broke away and got on his knees, unbuckling my pants. My eyes adjusted to the light in Dr. Rami’s office. I saw a desk, a computer, and some cabinets, but mostly it looked stark and unused.

Matt reached into my underpants, pulling out my hard dick and holding it before his face. I really got off on watching this masculine little college dude—who you’d assume was tough as nails if you saw him walking down the street—so completely in awe of my cock. He wrapped his lips around the bell end and slid me into his mouth. It felt amazing. His lips stretched wide to fit my thick dong as he tried to get the entire thing in his throat. I looked down—he was massaging his dick through his cargo pants.

When his nose was buried in my pubes, Matt hit his stride, chugging my cock in and out of his mouth, slathering his tongue all over my shaft. He took my dick out his mouth and slapped it against his face, worshipping it with his lips and tongue. Then he went back down, smoking my bone for all it was worth, my nine inches of meat disappearing down his throat and back out again.

I had to practically tear him away from my dick—I actually lifted him off of his knees. I ran my hands down his cut torso; then I kneeled down and felt his hard dick, pressing at the waistband of his pants. I pulled the elastic back and his fat little todger jutted out, hard as wood and leaking like a faucet.

I slid it in my mouth, taking it down to the root. It was a greatly suckable cock—it fit into my mouth perfectly. I savored the taste of pre-cum leaking out of his piss hole, as I worked his dick with my tongue and lips, taking it all easily until I felt Matt start to lose it. I backed off for a minute, letting him recover before going back down. This time, it only took a minute before he was on the edge again.

I ran my tongue along his hairless sack and sucked his balls. They tasted raw and gamey—not dirty, but potent, like a nice jock bag should taste. I lapped up under his sack and tongued the tender space near his asshole. He really seemed to get off on that, which was just what I’d been hoping for.

He was like putty in my hands as I turned him around and bent him over the desk. He pushed aside Dr. Rami’s nametag and a paper tray, resting his bulky torso onto the lacquered surface. His ass—by far his best asset—was presented before me:  thick, beefy and delicious looking. I pulled off his pants and his ass cheeks came bouncing out. There, tattooed on his right cheek, was the head of a horned steer.

Matt had his legs spread wide, and though it was dark in the office I could still make out the exposed space where his big butt cheeks pulled away from each other. I could just imagine the hairless crack in between them, his tender asshole twitching in anticipation.

I knelt down before his ass and buried my face in his crack. I flicked out my tongue and found his slick, sweet asshole, tensing in anticipation. I licked the chewy center of him, tonguing and nibbling his quivering hole. Matt went crazy, moaning so loudly I almost had to come up for air to tell him to shut up. We definitely didn’t need to get caught. Maybe this was just a work-study gig for him, but it was my fucking life-line.

But really, there was no stopping me once my face was in his grade-A, USDA prime-beef butt. I suspected that Matt had never had his ass eaten out properly from the tone of surprised wonder in every whimper and groan escaping from his lips. I could just imagine the juice his fat dick was leaking onto the desk.

As much as I was loving the way his big ass hugged my face and the sweet-n-sour taste of his hole, I knew it was time to get down to business. We didn’t have all day, after all—someone was bound to notice we were gone eventually.

I stood up, my hard dick pulsing in my hand. I slid it in between his butt cheeks, dragging the blunt end of it along his crack. I found his hot, sticky hole, and placed my cock head against it.

“Oh, fuck…” Matt whimpered. He pressed his butt back into me and nearly half of my cock sank inside. Matt cried out in pain and surprise. I felt badly about not using any lube (which was only half as bad as I felt about not using a rubber), but we didn’t have anything available. I stayed steady inside Matt’s butt, letting him get used to it.

“Fuck…fuck…fuck,” he muttered under his breath. He backed his ass up again and more of my cock was gobbled up by his spit-slicked hole. I grabbed his hips and pulled him back on to me. My entire dick sank into his asshole. I held it there for a moment, then began to fuck him slowly. He moved with my thrusts, gasping each time I hit bottom. His ass felt amazing around my cock—tighter and silkier than any ass I’d had in a while.

We got a rhythm going, picking up steam as we went. Matt was giving it to me as good as I was giving it to him. I ran my hand up his shirt and felt his hard muscles, grasping his tits and tweaking his hard little nipples. Matt bucked underneath me. I drew my hands against his flat stomach and felt for his dick. It was as hard as a rock and slick with pre-cum. I slid it along the surface of my palm, stroking him gently, because I sensed he could shoot off at any moment.

Before I realized it was going to happen, Matt’s asshole clenched around my dick. The feeling was amazing—like he was milking my dick with his ass. I pinched his nipple sharply and started to lose it.

“Oh shit,” he said, like his orgasm had caught him by surprise. His dick, still lightly grazing the inside of my hand, pulsed and jerked. “Oh shit oh shit oh shit.” His ass clenched a final time, and a pencil-thick spurt of jizz streamed out, showering Dr. Rami’s desk calendar.

Something tripped inside me when Matt came so suddenly. It was almost like my dick had fucked the cum right out of him, and he’d been helpless to stop it. That was enough to set me off. My cock pulsed, and I slid it out just in time to send jets of pure, white cum streaming across his buff shoulders and the small of his back. It landed in thick white ropes against his smooth skin. I dribbled and smeared the rest of my cream on his firm pound cakes. Sliding my dick against his crack, I felt his pulsing hole kiss the tip.

“Fuck, that was incredible,” Matt said.

We kissed. I pressed his hot naked body against mine, running my hand down his back to feel the sticky load I’d left.

Matt used his underwear to clean us up. Then he threw them out of Dr. Rami’s window into the back alley. We ripped off the first two jizz-soaked pages of his desk calendar, and it still wasn’t even close to displaying the current month.


Later on that day, Matt caught me outside on my cigarette break. He was freshly fucked and bursting with excitement.

“Dude, Jodie’s never going to know that key’s gone. We can fuck as much as we want!”

“Well, yeah, but we gotta be careful. I mean, if someone catches us coming out…”

“The only person in that hall who’s ever around is Bob.”

“I know, and I sure as hell don’t want to get caught by him.” Bob Mosseso was the financial administrator up the hall. There was something about him that put me on guard from the start—I sensed that he was the office homophobe. When he looked at me I felt like he was looking right through me.

“Psssshh…don’t worry about Bob. He’s harmless. You just leave it to me.” He had a gleam in his eye that made me nervous, but I didn’t question it.

The next day was busy, so it wasn’t until late afternoon that I managed to take a lunch. Matt came up to me as I was waiting for the elevator.

“Meet me in 6243 at three fifteen. Sharp,” he added with a manic zeal that made me a little nervous. I had no idea what he was up to. As I ate my lunch my apprehension grew. We were playing a dangerous game, and I couldn’t afford to get fired. I decided that, when I got back, I’d confront him and call it all off.

When the time arrived I approached 6423, reminding myself of all the reasons I needed to end it then and there, and trying to ignore the chubby that was growing in my pants.

As soon as I reached the door I heard voices coming from the room, talking to one another. What the fuck, I thought. Am I being set up? I leaned closer and as I did the door opened and swung away from my ear.

“Get the fuck in here,” Matt said, pulling me in. I looked toward the desk. Someone was sitting there, and as my eyes adjusted I realized who it was. My stomach dropped to the floor.

It was Bob Mosseso. He was glaring at me with beady eyes. His hair was slicked back, and his thick arms were crossed in front of his chest. He was not smiling.

“What’s going on?” I said to Matt.

“Matt says you’re queer,” Bob said. I turned to him. “Says you suck dick. That right?” I didn’t say anything. Matt walked over to Bob and put his hand on his crotch. Bob let out a groan.

“Hardly realized you were the one who sucked me off in the bathroom that time,” he said to Matt. Matt just kept working his bulge, lustily gazing at it. Bob leaned back. “Now it seems I got two cocksuckers to service me, ain’t that sweet?” He cracked a smile. Matt pulled down his zipper, revealing his bulge-packed tightie whities.

Up until this point I was still half-fighting the urge to leave, but as soon as I saw Bob’s pouch my interested started to pique. Matt pulled the waistband of Bob’s underwear from his stomach, and released his huge cobra.

“Fuck, it’s even bigger than I remember,” Matt said. It was as big a dick as I’d ever seen—thick and long as a baby’s arm. It bent forward slightly, rising off his balls and into the air, gaining impossible length and girth by the second.

Matt went down and took as much of Bob’s meat as he could down his throat in one mighty gulp. “Awwww, shit yeah,” Bob said, as Matt bobbed up and down on his pole. “That’s fuckin sweet. Suck that dick.” He pushed Matt’s head down aggressively, causing him to choke. But he continued, working Bob’s dick in and out of his throat as he massaged his own dick through his shorts. After a minute Don let up, and Matt’s tongue slathered over his hairy nuts, lapping them up into his mouth. He held up Bob’s dick and ran his dick along the corded underside of his shaft.

My dick was painfully hard in my pants. I reached down and felt it. Bob looked up at me, and motioned me toward him. I walked over cautiously. Bob lifted Matt’s mouth off of his dick.

“Let your buddy have a taste,” he said. “You like cock?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Get the fuck down on this then.” He reached up and pulled my head into his lap. I dropped to my knees, his throbbing pole of thick and juicy cockmeat towering before me. Holding my head, Bob impaled his dick down my throat. I choked, but Bob just laughed. I was overwhelmed and uncomfortable, but completely turned on.

As I sucked Bob’s dick I felt a hand on my crotch. Matt unzipped my pants and hauled out my cock, immediately taking me into his mouth. His soft lips swept up and down the length of my boner.

Bob kept fucking my throat with his dick, but pretty soon I was taking him all of the way, all on my own. He loosened his grip on my hair, and I went to town. I wanted to make him cum and eat every drop.

But Matt had other plans. He took his mouth off of my cock and stood up, then he bent over, showing us his ass. He took his finger and pressed it to his hole.

“You want me to fuck your ass, don’t you? Yeah, I’ll fuck that hole,” Bob said. “Didn’t get a chance to do that last time.” Matt had come prepared this time. He pulled out a little pot of petroleum jelly and spread some on his asshole, then stepped over to Bob and rubbed a glob onto his dick. “Yeah, lube it up. You queers couldn’t take this dick raw dog style.”

Bob stepped onto the floor, still leaning against the desk. Matt bent over in front of him, positioning his ass against Bob’s dick. “You ready for my big fuckin cock up your ass?” Bob said, and roughly pushed it inside. Matt cried out, but he seemed to be in painful ecstasy rather than any real pain.

Bob immediately started humping Matt’s ass, watching his pole as it revealed itself from in between Matt’s butt cheeks before plunging it back inside. He slapped Matt’s ass while he fucked him forcefully. A few strands of hair came loose from Bob’s head and hung over his eyes as he pounded away. Matt’s perky hard dick bounced with each thrust.

Bob wrapped his strong arms around Matt’s chest and hoisted him up off the floor. He lay back on the desk and hoisted Matt on top and facing away from  him. Matt threw his legs up into the air as Bob fucked his hog into his pink hole. Bob looked at me and jerked his head, motioning me toward him. I got up close and watched Bob’s massive meat pummel Matt’s jock hole.

“You wanna fuck this hole with me?” I looked up at Bob. “Go ahead,” he said, pausing to toss me the pot of lube. “Work your cock up in there next to mine. We’ll give this fucker a ride he won’t soon forget.” I greased up my dick, not really believing it was going to work. I stepped in between Bob’s legs and put my dick right up against his, holding Matt’s legs up for support. I was rock hard, and I pushed it right into the space where his dick pierced into Matt’s hole. Matt held his breath as I pressed harder, feeling the tight flesh stretch. Finally it gave way, and Matt cried out.

“Shut the fuck up!” Bob said, holding a hand over Matt’s mouth. The feeling was incredible. I pushed again and more of my dick slid along Bob’s manly shaft, hugged tightly by Matt’s asshole. Finally I got it all in; Bob’s balls were pressed right against mine. “Fuck yeah,” he said, slowly working his dick in then out again. “Extra tight.”

I stayed still, relishing the feel of Bob’s dick sliding against mine. Then I started fucking in, and soon both of our dicks were working into Matt like twin pistons. I grabbed Matt’s legs tighter and held on as I humped Matt’s hole and Bob’s dick at the same time.

Bob took his hand off of Matt’s mouth, and Matt moaned in low, rich tones. I knew I wouldn’t last long, so I made no attempt to stop myself as I felt my load start to rise.

“Gonna cum,” I said.

“Cum inside with me. Fill up this faggot’s hole, you and me. Fuck yeah. OH FUCK,” Bob said. His big dick pulsed against mine, and we let loose at the same time. We were both cumming, our dicks firing into Matt’s butt, filling it with heavy loads that slid slickly and stickily between our dicks. “Fuck yeah,” Bob kept grunting as he got his nut.

Matt tried to grab hold of his dick to stroke himself but Bob pushed it away. He gave Matt’s prick one or two strokes and propped it up. Without warning, Matt just started spurting jizz up into the air.

“Ah! Ah!” he shouted as his little plug dick shot sprays of jizz that sprayed his beefy chest and face. Matt had his hands on the desk, fucking himself onto our slick dicks as the last of his load pumped out of him.

When we were finished I pulled out. Bob sat up, putting Matt back down on the floor.

“Nice to have some ass in the afternoon,” Bob said. He seemed a little mellower as he wiped himself off with Matt’s shirt. “You guys do this every day?”

“Sure do,” Matt said, smiling.

“Well, we’ll save your ass for next time, then,” he said, pointing at me. My ass relaxed, my knees went weak. I wanted his dick in my ass as badly as he knew I wanted it.

I sighed as I walked back to my desk. As much as I knew it was a bad idea, I was sure I’d be back tomorrow, and the next day, until I got fired or arrested. Some things just aren’t even worth trying to resist.