Night Swim

By Natty Soltesz

We were driving down the highway in the late evening.  Windows down, welcome cool breeze blowing into the windows. This was early spring, an unseasonably hot and humid day.  The highway was empty, and everything seemed calm and radiant.

Chris was driving.  He was my partner on the swim team.  I had known him for about seven months, in which time we’d become pretty good friends.

We were seventeen at the time, ripe and ready, always horned up.  It wasn’t unusual for our conversations to stray into the subject of sex.  Somehow, on this night, we began discussing our masturbation techniques, comparing notes.  It was then that Chris, oh-so casually, mentioned that he liked putting things up his ass.

“Mostly my fingers,” he said, smiling and looking towards the road.  “It feels fucking fantastic.  I’ve even used a marker once, a Sharpie pen.”  My mouth hung open, incredulous.  “My cock gets so rock-hard, and I shoot a load like you wouldn’t believe.”  I was speechless.  He laughed and pressed his foot on the gas.


Soon we were at the hotel.  The parking lot was dark and nearly empty, with only a few yellow construction vehicles parked near the entrance.  Chris pulled into a space.  We stepped out on to the moist black pavement that still radiated with the sun’s heat from hours earlier.  We grabbed our duffel bags out of the back seat and walked up to the door of the lobby.  It was locked.

The hotel was not yet a hotel.  It was mostly completed, but technically it was still under construction.  The contractor was Chris’s dad.  Chris fumbled around in his bag for a second, and then pulled out a couple of blue keys.

The lobby was huge and opulent.  Above the mahogany monolith of a front desk rose a red-carpeted grand staircase, half cast in darkness.  We turned and walked into a hallway.  Chris summoned the elevator, and we got inside.

“I don’t think anyone is here,” Chris said.  He took off his T-shirt.

“What are you doing?”  I said, “You’re getting changed right here?”

“Why not?” Chris shrugged, giving me a mischievous look.

“You’re a fucking nut,” I had to say, laughing.  I gave a furtive glance around, and then started stripping my own clothes off. By the time the elevator got to the bottom floor, we were both in our skivvies.

Chris gathered up his clothes and stepped out into the dark hallway, and I followed him.  I found myself checking out his body.  He didn’t have that tight, lithe build like a lot of swimmers have.  His muscles struggled to show themselves under a thick layer of ivory flesh.  For whatever reason, probably because of out prior discussion, I took notice of the substantial butt that was stretching out his light blue briefs.  I remembered a couple guys on the team who’d been teasing Chris, slapping him on the ass and calling him “dumpling.”  His ass did look like a plump white dumpling.

The door to the pool was open, and I was hit with the sanitary scent of freshly chlorinated water.  Even in the dark I could see that the pool was vast and deep.  Chris found the light switch and flipped on the underwater lights, casting the tiled room in a watery blue glow.  We were both really excited to have this whole pool to ourselves.  Chris wasted no time in stripping off his briefs and throwing on his Speedos.  I followed suit.

The water was perfect.  We did some intense laps, trying to outdo each other.  For as thick as Chris’s body was, he glided through the water pretty easily.  We both ran out of breath.  After a short rest we started horsing around, grabbing and flipping each other into the deep end.

When Chris swam over to check the temperature, I dove under, reveling in the meditative sensation of holding oneself underwater—no breath, just total liquid immersion.  Over the bubbling of the filter I noticed sounds that seemed like construction noise, a distant clanking and a hum.  I wondered; were there people in this building, working, that we didn’t know about?

I came up for air and swam over to Chris.  He was hoisting himself out of the pool.  He crouched there, checking the temperature on the pool thermometer. I swam up behind him.

“How hot is it?”  I asked him.  He turned toward me sheepishly.

“About hot enough for me to spring a fuckin’ boner.”  I looked down at him, and it was true—his cock was starting to swell.

“Ah fuck, man.  You’re horny,” I said.  In fact, I was pretty horny myself—a combination of all the sex talk earlier and the fact that we’d been grabbing all over each other just less than a minute ago.  I started getting a chubby.

Chris looked down at the thermometer in his hand.  It was a smooth cylinder, not much thicker than a test tube.  I couldn’t resist.

“Hey, Chris, why don’t you stick that up your ass?”  I said, holding on to the edge of the pool and smirking at him.

“Maybe I will,” he said, his cock continuing to grow.  For a minute we sat there, getting hornier by the second.

“I dare you to,” I said.

“I know I can,” he said, still looking down at the thermometer in his hand.

“Then do it, I wanna see.”  My cock growing fatter by the second, even if my balls were all shriveled up from the water.  I hoisted myself out and stood up beside Chris, my cock fully hard by now and poking out the top of my Speedos.  Chris reached for the waistband of his Speedo and pulled it down.  His heavy cock heaved out.  I pulled my Speedo over my thighs, freeing my boner. Chris grabbed his cock, and let out a moan, and soon both of us were stroking off, our gasps echoing through the poolroom.

Chris noticed me looking at the pool thermometer, still in his hand.

“C’mon, man.  Are you gonna do it or not?” I said.  He crouched down a little and brought the blunt end toward his ass, sticking it between his cheeks.  His knees seemed to buckle as pressed the tube against his butt hole.

Chris then crouched down fully, parting his smooth hairless ass cheeks.  I could see his anus in the blue light off the water.  It looked perfectly pink and moist.  He put a couple fingers in his mouth, got them soppy and wet, and then pressed them against his anus.  He massaged around it for a while, pressing the tips of his fingers inside.

He leaned over, spit on the thermometer, and started licking his spit around on it, still fingering his ass deeper and deeper.  He was grunting, groaning.  He pressed the thermometer back into his ass.

I knew what was coming.  My cock was like a firecracker, ready to pop, so I released it. I watched breathlessly as he pressed the smooth cylinder fully into his butt, moaning.  I couldn’t believe it.

“Holy shit,” I said, stepping closer to him.  The look on his face was one of pure pained ecstasy.  His fat cock bobbed under his stomach, still rock hard.  He pressed the thermometer in and out of his tight butt.

“I told you, man.  Feels fuckin’ great,” he said, fucking himself in the ass with the pool thermometer.  He fell to his knees, putting a hand out on the tiles to steady himself.  He shoved it in to the hilt.

“Fuck, man,” he said breathlessly, kneeling up to watch me stroke my cock.  He stared at my raging red poker, watching me tease the head with my palm in quick strokes.

“Why don’t you try to fit my dick in your ass?” I ventured, heading it up with a laugh so he wouldn’t think I was too serious about the suggestion.  He looked at me and I stopped laughing.  It was totally serious.

Chris stood up and grabbed a hold of my cock.  I gasped.

“Crouch down a little,” he said.  I bent my knees and he turned his ass toward my prick, passing it through his soft ass cheeks.  I instinctively pressed the pulsing head of my cock against his warm, throbbing anus.  He stood up.

“Get it wet,” he said, so I took some spit from my mouth and rubbed it into my dick, getting the head especially wet.  He spread his cheeks and moved his pink butt hole back onto my cock, pushing against it with ever-increasing pressure.  When the head of my prick popped inside of his warm chute, we both gasped out loud.  It was fucking unbelievable.

“Fuck, man,” Chris said again, in his husky voice.  I pushed more of my cock past that heavenly entrance, feeling his tight ass envelope me.  Chris must’ve got weak in the knees, because he sort of fell onto me.  I brought my arms around his thighs and embraced him, pushing my cock into his ass to the absolute hilt.  If anyone was actually working in the hotel, it was a wonder they never heard our bellowing cries of ecstasy at that moment, when my red-hot dick bottomed out into my best friend’s tight ass.

My hand found his prick and I gave it a few strokes.  We were both ready to come, there was no turning back.

“Oh, man, your fucking cock is in my ass!”  Chris said, before his cock spasmed in my hand, causing his ass to contract sharply around my fat hog.  As his cum began to shoot out onto the wet tiles, I lost control.  My boner unloaded, deep into his butt.

Afterwards, I pulled out and we both just sort of stood there, catching our breath.  Then we both just laughed.  We put our Speedos back on and swam some more, basking in the glow of our sexual release.  I couldn’t think to describe what it was that had just happened between us.  Most of all I really didn’t care to.  I just knew that from now on our relationship was bound to be a lot more interesting.