New Website Alert!

IMG_4716Oh hai! Welcome to my revamped website – not too much different from the old one, but a bit more functional in the sense that my previous website wasn’t…functioning. I couldn’t post anything on it, for reasons that I don’t fully understand but that were related to my host and their server. I’d been using GoDaddy and I’ve been ready to dump their asses for years because my website loaded so slowly. So this was a kick in the pants to get it done, and for the past month I’ve been working on what you see here. Like I said, it’s not too different but it’s more mobile-friendly and hopefully a bit more versatile for when I inevitably have to update it in the future.

I have much to share in the coming weeks, including a new story and a happy announcement. In the meantime, please consider slipping me a Like on my new(ish) Facebook page.