New Story Alert! New Ebook Shill!

Hiyeeee. I just put up a new story and it’s a good one: My Best Friend’s Boyfriend. This one I wrote for my ebook Str8 but Curious, which is still available and contains other stories not on this website.

Speaking of ebooks and stories not on this website, in the next week or so I’m going to be releasing an e-volume of straight-guy stories that I’ve never put out before, Straight(ish) Vol. 1. It will be available in all ebook formats from the Queer Young Cowboys store, as well from all your favorite corporate, too-big-for-their-britches internet-based booksellers.

A little more about Straight(ish) Vol 1:

Four tales of straight guys gone curious from master(bating) erotic writer Natty Soltesz.

Playdate: Naptime. Two young dads on a Sunday afternoon, bored and horny, realize they have more in common than they knew. The women aren’t around, and the girls won’t be up for at least an hour…

Room for Cream: A gay barista and a straight barista find a way to pass a slow, rainy evening at the coffee shop. It involves honey.

Office Politics: When a young university employee starts getting it on with the hunky college work-study guy, it’s only natural that others want to get in on the fun – including, Bob, the office homophobe.

Normal Str8 Masc Jock Apocalypse: When the perfect clean-cut straight guy at the sports bar offers you a ride home, of course you say yes – even if you’re not sure what you’re getting yourself into.