New Story Alert!


Heya there. New porno story! This one’s called Cooked, and it was originally published in the Bruno Gmunder anthology Slave Boys. It’s about a sweet, straight cook at a restaurant who turns out to be neither sweet nor straight.

How’s everyone’s life now that the world feels like it’s falling apart? Not that it didn’t feel that way four months ago, but jesus christ. I’m meditating everyday to keep my anxiety at bay, and I’m not letting anything steal my joy. Maybe there’s something to be said for dancing while the ship goes down – fun in the end times, no? But more than anything I want to remain vigilant. I haven’t been able to read a lot of news stories, but this one has stuck with me. I write this as a talisman: I will not carry out inhumane acts for this inhumane regime. I will solidly remain in the camp of People Who Give a Shit About One Another.