New Story Alert!


I just posted a new story – Reunited, originally published in the Bruno Gmunder anthology Whipping Boys. This one’s about the class homo getting his revenge on a bully. It’s one in a batch of vaguely S&M-themed stories I wrote for Bruno Gmunder back in 2014.

I know I haven’t posted in a while. I feel really cut off from online life which is both good and bad. I’m working steadily on a large-ish writing project lately and I don’t know when it will see the light of day. Mostly I’m at this really transitional stage in my life and I’m trying to just exist in it and not get too worried about the future. I don’t feel as excited about writing erotica as I used to. Maybe because it feels like there are so few outlets for it. Maybe I’m just cut off. But the anthologies have all but died out – pretty much the only money-making thing I can see is ebooks, which I still do, but publishing them feels a bit like shunting stories off into the void. I know that people read them, but they’re so solitary or something.

Am I complaining? I’m not in the best mood, writing this. I am listening to Angel Olsen’s new album which is so good. I hardly know what to say when I try to write things online. I never post on Facebook anymore. It feels weird to be cut off from that world because the internet is where I got my start, writing. Now it’s like I’m only writing for myself.