New Pseudonym Alert!

waitress I just put out an ebook called Waitress Takes More than the Tip and it marks a couple of firsts for me: it’s my first ebook under a pseudonym (“N.J. LaHoise” – it’s no “Richard Bachman”, I know, but then again I’m no Stephen King) and it’s my first ebook of hetero erotica.

Except it’s not entirely hetero. It’s three stories by three different narrators that comprise a loose arc. I submitted the first story to Penthouse Variations back in November. I was so determined to get into Penthouse Variations! It was one of the first porno mags I’d ever seen, back when I was eleven and somebody showed me a stack of porno mags under a pile of tar paper in the train yard. According to their call for submissions you couldn’t email your story, you had to print out a manuscript and mail it in, which was so cute. And they paid $400 a story! There are hardly any porno mags still publishing erotic fiction these days, let alone ones that pay for it.

It was all so charmingly old-fashioned. So maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised when I didn’t receive a reply, then looked at their website and noticed that their most recent issue had come out three months ago. Apparently Penthouse Variations is dead, but weirdly enough there doesn’t seem to be any notice of this on the internet. Maybe magazines are dying off so quickly that it isn’t even a story anymore. I was so pissed, though! I missed the boat by three months.

I wondered what to do with that story and then I got this idea for a story collection that would be like a daisy chain: so two people would fuck in the first story, and in the next one a character from the first story would fuck somebody else, then that person would narrate the next story and so on. It would create this whole community through stories that would maybe intersect and get messy with intrigue and relationships.

That’s what I wound up doing but I only went three stories into it. The first one is about two friends cheating on their significant others, and it’s a hetero story featuring the oh-so-taboo (in some sectors of the hetero world, anyway – Penthouse Variations called for this type of content) subject of anal sex. The next story is about a lesbian encounter. The third story is about a guy finding out he’s been cheated on, and he winds up getting fucked up the ass with a strap-on.

It was all very fun to write but I have no idea how to market it. So here it is. I hope people will be interested enough to check it out cause I think it could be a fun read even if it’s not your particular cup of tea. Please ignore the el cheapo cover art, which literally took me ten minutes to Photoshop.