New Anthologies

The Bruno Gmunder anthologies I’ve contributed to keep coming fast and furious. Out now are Straight No More and Blowing Off Class. I’ve got stories in the can for three more books and I’m committed to two more.

I’m not sure if it seems egotistical to note that I literally laughed out loud while rereading my contribution to Blowing Off Class. It’s called “Hazed Memory” and it’s about frat hazing abuse ┬áin the form of a letter to a college intrafraternity council written by a very deluded young man. I don’t care if it’s egotistical cause it’s true, and if I can’t get pleasure from the shit I write then that would be sad.

Quick update on the “My Sister’s Boyfriend Joey” novel – I’m almost through the second draft, in fact I’ll be finished this week. My first draft was 120k words, the second’s going to be around 70k. Clearly I enjoy creating excess work for myself. Anyway, the next step is to give it to a friend or two to get feedback, then do another revision, then figure out how I want to publish it.