My Brother’s Buddy Tony

By Natty Soltesz

Part One

A couple of years ago I had the hottest sexual experience of my life while on a camping trip with my brother and his friend Tony.  I’m a young gay man, and I’ve been having sex since I was fifteen.  Though I used to be quite a horny fucker and had my fair share of one-night stands, (not to mention quite a few one-half-hour stands) now that I’ve matured a bit (I’m twenty-three) I’ve learned to appreciate quality over quantity.  Tony was definitely high quality, the best sex I’ve ever had.

My older brother was a sophomore in college at the time, living in the dorms. He’s a pretty good-looking guy, not that I would ever think of him in “that way.” Oh, hell, I admit I’ve gotten some kicks checking out his bod, and if someone held a gun up to my head and made me have sex with somebody in my family, I’d pick him.  We’re pretty close, even though he’s an asshole sometimes and we’ve had our fair share of fights.

Now let’s get the obligatory description of myself out of the way.  I was a junior in high school at the time, perpetually horny and over-sexed.  It was my fifth year on the wrestling team, so my body was smooth and firm, fresh young skin stretched taught around developing muscles.  I had (and still have) a boyish face, with full lips and a strong jaw; my hair was a relatively short mess of tousled brown hair.  Below a soft sprouting of downy pubic hair, my thick and clean cock propped atop a pair of plump, hairless balls. I had developed into a pretty good-looking kid by that time, if I do say so myself.  My most proud asset, though, is my fleshy and substantial ass.  The thickness and fullness of it rounds out whatever jeans or pants I wear.  I like to wear tight t-shirts that fit snugly around my waist, my ass protruding like a dome from my tight and toned stomach and back.

We had planned this fall camping trip in the summer when we had gone on a family beach vacation. My parents let me skip school that Friday to get an early start on the weekend.  I had been eating a Toaster Strudel at the kitchen table early that morning when I heard his car pull into the drive.  I was surprised to hear two car doors slam instead of one.  My brother opened the door to the kitchen and smiled at me.

“Yo, what up, bro?”  He was dressed in the requisite camping gear, flannel shirt, jeans and boots.  I got up and gave him a hug, then craned to see who was standing behind him.  I caught an eyeful of one of the finest specimens of male flesh I had ever seen.  He seemed to be Italian and had a boyish, angular face set off by a long nose, with heavy, arched eyebrows and eyes that were slightly squinted.  Totally handsome and hot face.  His thick, straight black hair was cut short on the sides and stood up high in the front.  He was kind of short, and like my brother was wearing the standard flannel shirt and jeans, his muscular chest and thick legs filled out his clothes, a very masculine and hot body.  I tried to catch my breath.  My brother gestured to him.

“This is Tony, Mike.  Mike, Tony.”  Tony smiled at me, his cute face turning up into a sly, slightly devilish grin, and held out his average-sized, manly hand.

“How you doin’?” he asked me in a sexy, low voice that bore a slight Brooklyn accent.  My heart caught in my throat, I thought I might go speechless.  I managed to shake his sexy hand and mumbled, “Hey, nice to meet you.” My brother set down some camping gear on the counter and turned to me.

“Tony lives on my floor in the dorms.  He wasn’t doing anything this weekend, so I invited him to come along with us.  Is that cool?” he asked me.  Was that cool?   My brother didn’t have a fucking clue.

“Yeah, that’s cool,” I said in my best benign voice.  Already my mind was racing with all kinds of dirty thoughts and cheap camping fantasies.

“Cool,” my brother repeated, then reached over to muss up my hair.  I pushed into him playfully.  “Man, we’re gonna have some fun on this trip, hell’s yeah!  I gotta go take a piss.”  With that he climbed the steps and I was left alone with Tony.  He broke the ice by asking me about school and we got into a conversation about wrestling, which he had also done in high school.  He seemed like a really nice guy.  I had a good feeling about the trip.

We got all our shit together and went on our way, three young guys in their prime of life getting away from it all to have a good time.  There was a definite good vibe about the trip, and we talked nonstop all the way down.  In fact, I found I had a lot in common with Tony.  He was such a genuinely nice and likeable guy, and he never talked down to me or treated me like I was stupid because I was younger.  Not like my brother did, sometimes.  It took us maybe three hours to get up in the mountains, far back from civilization in the wilderness.  We found a camping spot near some large rocks in a clearing, and set up camp.  Afterwards, we decided to hike along the creek and scope out the territory.  We climbed up some pretty high rocks and reached a ledge that had a breathtaking view of the valley.  We decided to rest there and eat lunch.

The afternoon sun and the hike had made all of us a little hot, so we took off our shirts and sat on them to eat.  This gave me the chance to check out Tony’s body a little more, and to my delight it was twice as nice as it had appeared to be under his shirt.  He was wearing a gray athletic t-shirt that tightly hugged his biceps and showed off his thick chest and pecs, as well as a flat stomach.  I took off my shirt as well, and noticed Tony casually watching me.  We smiled at each other.

After lunch Tony surprised me by pulling a joint out of his pocket and asking if anybody wanted to get high.  I noticed my brother looking towards me for my reaction.  I had suspected that my brother smoked weed, being that I’d found a small pipe in his dorm room when I visited him one weekend.  I’d asked him about it and he’d denied it was his.  Maybe it had been Tony’s, I thought.  I was curious to try pot, so I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Sure.”  My brother patted me on the back while Tony fished in his bag for a lighter.  “Getting high with my little bro, who would have thunk it?  Have you ever smoked before?”

“No,” I admitted.

“Alright!  A virgin!” my brother exclaimed.  Tony laughed to himself and smiled that gorgeous smile.  Tony found the lighter.  He put the joint between his lips and raised the flame to it.  He puffed a few times; staring down at it, then inhaled a large amount of smoke.  The joint crackled and burned.  He took it from his lips, and exhaled a cloud of thick, sweet-smelling smoke.  That sexy smile again.

He passed it to my brother who took a hit, then passed it over to me.  With my brother and Tony looking on, I put the joint to my lips and puffed it a couple of times.  I inhaled and the smoke hit my lungs sharply.  I pulled the joint away and coughed harshly, prompting the two to laugh.  This time Tony slapped me on the back and I fell into him slightly, half coughing, half laughing.  As the joint went around I got better at relaxing and letting the smoke further into my lungs, and by my last puff I didn’t cough at all.

By the time we got all out shit together to continue on our hike I was starting to feel the effect of the drug, the forest looked radiant and lushly green.  My brother had started off down the path but Tony was in front of me, struggling with his backpack.

“Hey, buddy,” he said to me, “d’ya think you could help me with this thing?”  He was having trouble getting his arm through the strap on his back, so I held in out for him as he guided his manly arm into it.  My hand brushed against his warm, muscular shoulder.  He turned to me.

“Thanks, sexy,” he said in that low, mischievous voice.  He looked into my eyes and smiled, and I definitely felt something being communicated.  Was my brother’s hunky friend coming on to me?  It couldn’t be.  Maybe the weed was making me delusional.  He set off down the trail and I stared at his thick back and tight ass.

The rest of the hike was like a dream; we all just took our time and enjoyed the scenery.  When we got back to the camp we gathered up sticks and built a fire, then settled down around it as the night fell.  We cooked dinner over the fire and had a couple beers, telling stories and bullshitting.  I felt very happy to be enjoying this camping trip with my brother and his very cool friend.  We were all exhausted, so we turned in and I fell asleep immediately.

The next day was also a lot of fun.  We set out early to a deep part in the creek where my brother knew we could catch some fish.  We fished all morning and afternoon then returned to the camp to cook up our catch for dinner.  My brother set to gutting and cleaning them up, and Tony and I decided to head out and gather some more wood for the fire.  We ended up walking a good way’s away from our camp near along the bank of the creek.  Tony stopped and looked out across the stream, stretching his arms above his head and taking a deep breath.

“Sure is beautiful out here, uh?”

“Yeah,” I concurred.  “I feel so relaxed out here, with nothing else around.”  Tony agreed, and then turned to look at me.

“You wanna get high?” he asked, giving me that devilish grin.  Looking into his incredibly cute face, I couldn’t say no.  Besides, it was the first time we had really ever been alone together since we’d arrived, I felt like it might be leading somewhere.

“Okay,” I said, nodding at him and smiling.

“Cool,” he said, sitting down on the bank of the stream and taking out his weed.  I sat down beside him, close enough that our thighs were touching.  Tony didn’t move away, just kept to breaking up his weed.  He rolled up the joint, licked it, then put it to his lips and lit it.  He exhaled his hit and passed it to me.

“Your brother’s pretty cool, man, a real nice dude,” he said as I drew in the smoke.  I exhaled it, no coughing this time, either.

“Thanks,” I said stupidly, not knowing what else to say.  “You’re pretty cool yourself.”  He smiled at me and my heart flip-flopped.  We passed the joint back and forth silently for a couple of minutes, thick with sexual tension.  Our fingers were starting to entwine as we passed it, starting to feel the high creep up on us.  The more we smoked the closer our bodies were touching, I could feel our arms and legs touching and it was driving me crazy.  Finally, he broke the silence.

“You wanna do a shotgun?”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“It saves smoke.  I’ll take a hit and then I’ll pass the hit to you.”

“Okay,” I said, not really knowing what he was talking about.  He took in a huge hit and held it for a minute.  Then he looked at me, smiling, and pulled my head to his.  He gently held his lips to mine and exhaled.  I took the cue and opened my lips against his, breathing in his smoke.  When he was done we pulled away from each other, I held it for a minute and then exhaled, blue smoke floating off into the air.

“Now you do it for me.”  My heart was beating like crazy, crazy with sexual desire for my brother’s studly friend.  I took a hit off the joint and held it for a minute.  We looked at each other, and then moved in towards each other.  We pressed our lips together, a little more urgently this time, and I felt his soft lips start to move against mine as I exhaled the smoke into his lungs.  I lost it.  I sucked on his lips and he sucked harder, our tongues met and before you know it we were lost in a hot French kiss.  I finished exhaling and pulled back to catch my breath.  He exhaled the smoke into the air and turned back to look at me.  There was no denying it now.  We moved towards each other and started making out, electricity passing between us.  I was lost in the moment, my body surging with excitement and desire. We pressed our bodies closer together putting our arms around each other and devouring each other’s mouths.  I moved my hand down his thick muscular back and grabbed onto his ass.  He moaned and shoved his crotch into mine; I could feel his hard-on grind against mine.  He kissed down my face and sucked on my neck, pulling up my shirt.  His thick hands moved up my smooth body, grabbing my pecs and tweaking my nipples.  It felt incredible.  He moved his face to my chest and started licking and sucking at my pecs and nipples.  I thought I might cum just from the excitement of it.  He came back up and we continued to make out, hands running everywhere trying to devour each other.  We ground our cocks into each other, feeling the heat.  My cock was wet with pre-cum and hard as a fucking rock, feeling his thick sausage press into it.  I had to taste him.

I reached for the bottom of his tucked-in shirt and ripped it out from his pants.  I moved down his body and licked his hard, flat stomach, making my way up to his thick and sculpted chest.  His chest had a small amount of hair on it, surrounding fat, quarter-size nipples.  I took them into my mouth and sucked hard.  He moaned and ran his hand through my hair, down my back towards my ass.  I licked and grabbed at his muscular chest, then slid down his body towards the top of his jeans. Tentatively at first, I moved my hand toward the bulging crotch of his jeans, and then I pressed my hand into it.  Tony gasped and moaned.  I could feel its hard thickness, poking upwards towards the top of his jeans; I rubbed my hand down its length.  It seemed huge and ridiculously thick.  I unbuttoned the top of his jeans while he looked down at me in anticipation.  His treasure trail ran down his tanned, tight stomach into a pair of tight gray underwear, a wet spot forming near where the large head of his cock rested.  I took his jeans all the way off and rested in between his hot, hairy thighs.  I couldn’t believe it, this gorgeous stud was mine to devour.  I moved my face up to his underwear and felt the heat of his crotch, running my nose and lips over his balls and up along his shaft.  I peeled the underwear back to reveal the thickest piece of man-meat I had ever seen.  It was fat and smooth and uncut, his cockhead poking out of his thick foreskin, dripping with precum.  I slid his underwear off and got a better look at him.  His crotch was pretty hairy, with sexy, man-sized balls hanging below his thick pipe.  Tony looked at me.

“C’mon, buddy, do it,” he said.  I didn’t need any further encouragement.  I reached down and hefted his meat up, then put my finger up to the head and spread his precum around it.  Tony moaned.  I slid my hand down the length of his cock, pulling the foreskin back from the head and making him moan again.  I leaned down and licked the precum from the head of his cock.  Then I put my mouth around the head and slid his hot cock in my mouth and down my throat, massaging the underside with my tongue.  Tony gasped and his legs shuddered in excitement.  I devoured his meat, sucking it down to the root into the back of my throat.  I could feel it pulse and become even harder.  I took it out and ran my tongue thickly up its length, sliding my hands up Tony’s thighs and onto his stomach.  I toyed with his foreskin, putting my tongue under it and running it across his sensitive cock head.  I had never seen an uncut cock before, let alone gotten this close to one.  This guy couldn’t be for real.

I ran my hands down his back and on his ass, raising it up and pushing more of his hot piece past my full lips and down my throat.  I sucked his cock for all that it was worth, and felt him getting more and more excited.  I reached down and grabbed his balls, lifting them up and rubbing underneath them.  There was no going back now.  He started to tense up and whispered in that hot voice, thick with sexual excitement, “I’m gonna cum.”  I continued slurping his fat cock in my mouth, hungry for his load.  Grunting and gasping, he his cock swelled and pulsed in my mouth.  Tony looked down at me eating his cock, lost in total lust.  I felt thick ropes of cream begin shooting out.  I swallowed it all greedily, my lips wrapped tightly around his fat hog.  Tony fell back onto the grass and closed his eyes, coming back down to earth.  I slid his cock out of my mouth, milking it with my fist and swiping the last drops of his cum off the tip with my tongue.  Tony breathed deeply and leaned up towards me.

“Shit, you’re so fuckin’ hot.”  He pulled my head to his and we started making out again, him tasting his own cum from my mouth.  I was, of course, rock hard at this point and leaking pre-cum like crazy.  Tony wasted no time in pulling off my jeans and underwear.  He threw them off into the grass and climbed in between my thighs, drinking in the sight of my exposed cock and balls.  He gave my sizeable hard on a few hard strokes, leaned down and started licking at my balls.  He licked up my balls along my cock, I gasped at the sensation.  I reached down and ran my hands through his thick hair.  He looked up at me and smiled that Joker-ish grin, stroking my cock, and then opened his mouth and ran it down my shaft.  His hands massaged my thighs, reaching underneath and grabbing my thick ass cheeks.  He reached his thick fingers into the crack of my ass while pistoning my cock down his throat, moving his fingers toward my sensitive asshole.  He rubbed his thumb across my tight hole, making me gasp and jerk upward, shoving more of my prick down his velvety throat.  He licked down my balls again then lifted them up, licking below them.  He raised my legs up off the ground and moved his tongue further down towards my hot pucker.  I breathed heavily in anticipation.  His hot tongue finally found my asshole and swabbed across it, licking it wetly.  I gasped and felt my cock jerk in his hand.

He stroked my cock with his hand as he continued to probe my ass with his tongue, working it into my hole.  I relaxed it and his tongue slid in some more, I heard and felt him moan as he ate out my ass.  He pushed his hot tongue into my slick asshole and I couldn’t take it anymore.  With no warning I started to shoot my load out of his pistoning hand.  He came up from under me and immediately went down on my cock, swallowing it to the root and drinking my entire copious load.  I nearly passed out, entered another dimension.  It was the most powerful orgasm I’d ever had.  As I started to calm down Tony licked the last drops of cum off my deflating cock, moaned sexily and laid his hot body on top of me.

“Well, this is kind of a surprise,” I offered.  We laughed and made out a little bit more.

“We’d better get back to your brother, eh?”  Tony said.

“Yeah, I’ll bet he’s wondering where we are.” Reluctantly, we got up and started putting our pants back on.  We watched each other the whole time, him smiling that incredibly sexy smile at me.  When we were all dressed and composed, he walked toward me and pulled my body towards him.

“I can’t believe what a hot little fucker you are, we’re gonna have some fun on this trip.”

“What about my brother?” I wondered.

“We’ll just have to be careful.  We can wait till he’s sleeping tonight then go take a walk.”  My heart beat faster.  I sure as hell was going to have a fun time on this trip.  We started making out again and soon our cocks were hard and throbbing for each other again.

“Oh, man, I can’t stand it.  I want you so bad,” Tony said.  I broke away from him and tried to regain my composure.

“We better take it easy, we gotta get back to camp,” I said.

“Yeah, we better.”  We started gathering up wood, bumping into each other and grabbing each other every chance we got.  When we got back to camp my brother was all finished and was stoking the fire.

“What the hell took you fuckers so long?  This fire’s about to die out!  What were you two doin’ out there, pulling your puds?”

Little did he know…

Part Two

The rest of the afternoon and evening passed without incident.  Tony and I were trying our best to act like everything was perfectly innocent in front of my brother, but we were both giddy and a little goofy from the intense sex we had had earlier, and it must have shown.  At one point Tony had finished roasting some of the marshmallows we had brought along with us and handed one to me.  It started to fall apart so I just leaned down and ate it right out of his hand.  Even licked his finger a little bit.  My brother was watching us, curiously.  I don’t know if he suspected anything.  It was pretty hot, actually, knowing what we had just done and what we’d hopefully continue practically right in front of my mostly oblivious brother.

Night fell, and we all stood around the fire, drinking beer and shooting the shit.  At one point my brother went into the tent to look for something, and Tony took the opportunity to fool around a bit.  He wrapped his hand around my tight midsection and pulled me against him.  He ground his crotch into my fleshy ass and ran his sexy hand up underneath my shirt, rubbing my smooth chest.  I pressed my ass back against him, feeling his cock start to inflate against my deep ass cleft.  I barely suppressed a moan, instantly springing a boner.  I practically had a case of blue balls at that point, from being near Tony all that evening and not being able to just devour him, lick that entire hot body from head to toe.  I drew away from him for fear of my brother catching us.  When he did come out of the tent I had to sit by the fire to hide my erection.  Tony cleared his throat to relieve the tension then turned to my brother.

“So, man, how are things going with that chick Trisha?” he asked.  Trisha?  Did my brother have a girlfriend?  It was certainly news to me.

“Pretty good,” my brother said, smiling sheepishly.

“You fucked her yet?” Tony said boldly.

“Why the fuck’re you asking me that for?” my brother said, half-laughing, but I knew he was half-serious also.  My brother had always been pretty private about his girlfriends.  He had had several in high school but never brought them around our family or even talked about them all that much.  I sort of assumed that my brother was getting laid, but he never talked about it so it wasn’t something I even really thought about that much.

“C’mon,” Tony goaded him, “what’s the big deal?  Did you fuck her yet or not?”  They laughed with each other.  For an instant my brother somewhat nervously glanced over at me, looking for my reaction.  I grinned back at him.

“Yeah,” my brother said modestly, looking down into the fire, “I fucked her a couple of times.”

“Fuck yeah!” encouraged Tony, holding up his can of Pabst and taking a swill.  I watched him swallow it, the thick muscles on his neck contracting.

“So how was it?”  Tony continued.  I could tell this kind of talk was making my brother uncomfortable.

“Pssshew,” he exhaled through his teeth; smiling at Tony like he couldn’t believe how forward he was being.  He glanced at me again, and I wondered if it was me who was making him uncomfortable.  He hadn’t ever told me he was a pot smoker after all, so maybe he was less open around me than he was around is friends.  He laughed and it seemed to lighten the tension.  Tony laughed too.

“She’s fuckin’ hot, dude,” Tony said.  Even the way he said that made my cock swell a little.  My brother seemed to relax a bit.

“Yeah, she’s definitely hot,” he said.

“She suck your cock?” Tony asked.

“Fuck yeah man,” my brother said, seeming to have become comfortable with my presence.  “All the time.  She’s fuckin’ good, too,” he added, nodding.  Tony nodded back, looking into his eyes and smiling.

“I even got a little back door action the other night,” my brother said.  Tony laughed.

“No shit, man!  Good for you!”  They both laughed and took a swig of their beers.  I followed suit, feeling the cold beer run down my throat and the warm feeling as the alcohol relaxed my body.

“So whatever happened to that Carrie?” my brother asked Tony.  Now this was interesting.  I couldn’t help but look to Tony with a curious, knowing smirk on my face.  This time it was Tony who looked caught in the headlights.

“Fuckin’ nothin’,” Tony said, laughing with my brother.  “I never saw her after that party.  Who cares about that ‘ho, anyway?” Tony said, laughing and looking at me.

I had to laugh to myself.  Fuck Carrie, whoever the hell she is, I thought.  I watched Tony rub a hand through his thick hair and look into the fire.  This stud was mine, at least for tonight.  How in the hell could I ever wait for my brother to fall asleep?

The conversation went on into the night, till it had gotten pretty late and the beer was running out.  We decided to call it a night, the better to get up early the next day and fish, though in reality I hoped I wouldn’t be doing much sleeping.  We crawled into the tent and got into our sleeping bags, my brother sleeping in the middle.  My cock kept rising and falling, looking over at Tony’s sleeping body and remembering the events of earlier that day.  Tony was breathing heavily, his eyes closed.  I couldn’t tell if he was asleep or not.  I didn’t want to be the one to get up and risk my brother catching me, so I just lay there and tried to fall asleep.  It wasn’t easy, but eventually I must have drifted off.

I woke up to somebody grabbing my foot.  I looked up and there was Tony, standing outside the tent, looking in and giving me that sexy grin.  He motioned with his finger then walked away.   I looked over at my brother.  He was fast asleep and snoring, his face pressed down in the pillow.  I got up slowly and quietly, stepping over him and coming out of the tent.

It was dark out there, and I was shivering with excitement.  Tony smiled and watched me as I sat down and started lacing up my shoes, a flannel blanket rolled up underneath his thick arm.  I tied the second shoe and looked up.  Tony started to walk and motioned for me to follow him, flashlight in hand.  It was kind of scary in those dark woods, but I caught up beside Tony and we walked the same direction we had gone earlier that day, following a path towards the creek.

“Do you know what time it is?” I whispered to him.  Tony pulled a watch out of his tight pocket and hit the Indiglo button.  It glowed green in the night.  Tony turned and put his face close to mine.

“It’s about one,” he replied in his sexy voice, stuffing the watch back in his pocket.

We reached the creek and started walking along the bank.  I walked up beside Tony and he looked over at me, smiling.  I smiled back, and we continued walking.  It was a beautiful night, the sky full of stars.  No need to rush things.  We had all night.

When we got far enough away from the camp Tony stopped and threw the blanket roll to the ground.  He took a deep breath, turning towards me.  I drank in the sight of him, looking across the creek, the moonlight reflecting off his handsome face. He could’ve been the poster boy for hot college-age studs.  He could have had any girl he wanted, or guy for that matter.  But he wanted me, not that bitch Carrie or anybody else.

He noticed me looking at him and motioned for me to come closer.  I did, and our bodies touched.  He moved in toward me and reached for the back of my head, moving in to kiss me.  I felt his hot lips move towards mine and I instinctively opened my mouth, kissing him wetly and feeling his tongue slide across my lips and teeth.  He reached his hand around my waist and pulled me tight up against his hard body.  I could feel his warm, hard chest pressing into mine, and our jean-clad baskets started growing against each other.  He pushed his tongue further into my mouth and I pushed back with mine.  We made out intensely, sucking each other’s lips and wriggling our tongues together.  Tony moved his hands to my waist, cupping my ass and shoving his tongue further down my throat.  I mashed my body in closer to his, clutching at his strong, masculine back and throwing my head back so Tony could lick and suck down my jaw and neck.

Tony grabbed my ass even harder and pushed our crotches together roughly.  I felt his warm swelling bulge against mine and I ground harder into it, the friction making my heart beat a mile a minute.  Tony kneaded my ass roughly in his hands, then heaved me up off the ground by my butt.  He crouched a little to give himself leverage, and I wrapped my legs around his strong flexed thighs.  Tony ground his now fully-hard package underneath my balls.  His hands clutched onto my buns and pulled them apart, pressing my quivering asshole against my jeans and underwear.  He moved one of his thick fingers towards where my hole was, pressing into the jeans and feeling around for it.  I moaned as he rubbed his finger against my most sensitive area.  He quickly covered my mouth with his and I pushed my tongue into his mouth.  After a few minutes of making out like this, I didn’t have the strength to clutch onto him anymore, so I let go and Tony helped lower me back on the ground.

We pulled apart for a moment and panted a little, both surprised at the intensity.  Then Tony took a step back from me, and started taking off his shirt.  I stared as he pulled his flannel shirt off and tossed it toward ground.  I took the cue to follow suit and started taking off my shirt.  We watched each other as each of us began to strip naked.  He reached his big arms down and peeled that gray t-shirt from his solid frame, revealing his tight and solid midsection and tanned barrel chest, his fat nipples stretching with his slightly hairy pecs.  He tossed his shirt aside and stopped a minute, looking at me and running his hand against his chest and stomach, grinning that grin.  He watched me intently as I pulled my shirt above my head, tossed it aside and ran a hand across my smooth upper body.

He moved his hands to his jeans and started unbuttoning them.  I watched in lust as he pulled open his zipper to reveal that widening trail of hair on his stomach that disappeared into his tight gray bikini-briefs.  He lowered his pants and kicked them off, then posed in front of me, his thick arms and shoulders flexing as he reached a hand down to cup his balls through his briefs.  He smiled seductively and ran his fingertips along his hard-as-steel cock, shuddering a little when he reached the tip and pushing a finger into the wet spot that had formed there.  He shifted his thick thighs and legs, awaiting my next move.

Instead of following his motions, I decided to change things up a bit.  I turned around, giving Tony a full view of my toned back and plump ass, which pushed my jeans out so that there was a gap between the rim of my jeans and my tight waist.  I lowered my pants below my briefs and gave him a view of my combed-cotton clad ass.  I reached for the elastic in my briefs and lowered them around my fleshy ass cheeks.  I heard Tony breath raggedly and mutter a little “Yeah, man,” or something, more to himself than me.  I heard what sounded like him pulling his own briefs off.  I pulled my underwear down over the mounds of my ass, then bent down slowly, pushing them down my legs.  I cold feel the slightly chilly air hit my asshole as I exposed it to Tony.  Like I said, my ass is my best asset, so I enjoy showing it off.  It’s fuzzy and plump like a peach, with only a little peachy-fuzz around my squinch.

I lifted my feet to take off my jeans and underwear and threw them aside.  I stood with my backside to Tony for a moment, spreading my legs a little and giving my own engorged cock a squeeze.  When I turned around I savored the sight of Tony planted in front of me, eyeing me lustily and running his fist along his thick, uncut hog.  We walked toward each other and he wrapped his arms around my waist.  I put my arms under his and wrapped them around his back, feeling the heat of our bodies coming together.  We pushed our mouths and tongues together, as we rubbed our naked flesh against each other.  His cock was hot as a poker, the wet end poking out its foreskin and pressing into my stomach.  We ground our erections into each other’s body, making out frantically and lustily.  Tony again ran his hands down to my ass and cupped my ass, then pulled my cheeks apart.  I felt the air hit my hole again, and I ground my crotch harder into his stomach as he moved a finger to my pucker.  I moaned as he lightly brushed his finger across it.  I had never really had my ass played with before, let alone licked like Tony had done earlier that day, and I was astounded by the sensations from it.  It felt natural and good.

As we pushed our hot bodies together, Tony again crouched down into a stance, then pulled me up onto him.  I wrapped my naked arms around his hot and hard back, licking at his eyes and biting his hair.  Tony lifted me further until his fat cock slipped underneath my balls, and rested against my hole.  I clenched and relaxed my pucker, feeling the bloated wet head poking out of its thick foreskin and pressing into my pulsing hole.  Tony slurped his mouth and tongue down my neck and across my chest, nipping at my hard nipples and teasing his tongue into my bellybutton.  He lowered me a little more onto his cock, moving his hips in and out and running his fat, hot shaft across my asshole.  I gasped and clutched harder at his back.

Tony took one hand from my ass and moved his leg in between my thighs.  He propped me up by his leg and I rested my hot hole against his hairy thigh.  He moved his hand up to his mouth and put his index finger into it, wetting it with his slippery tongue.  He took his finger out of his mouth clutched my ass again, pulling me back up and moving his wet finger to my hole.  I shuddered as he pressed his slightly chilly finger against my hot, pulsing anus.  He ran it around the rim a little bit, getting it wet and teasing it a bit into my hole.  My cock was pulsing and practically gushing pre cum, the head of it running across the hair on his chest and leaving a wet trail.  His finger pushed a little harder into my hole, and I felt my tight anal ring give way and suck the tip of his finger inside.  I gasped at the sensation.  He waited for a moment as my ass relaxed to accommodate his probing finger.  Then he pressed in slowly, moving more of his cold, wet finger in to my hungry hole.  He pushed until it was almost all the way in, paused, and then pushed it in past his knuckle, feeling my hot ass clutch his finger like a velvet glove.  My cock jerked against his chest and I nearly came.  He let his finger rest there for a couple minutes, both of us breathing heavy with the intensity of what was happening.  Then he slowly slid his finger out, my ass instinctively clenching down on it.  It popped outside my hole but Tony kept his finger close, gently pressing and rimming the tender flesh, massaging it loose again.

Tony exhaled and lowered me back to the ground.  We stood in front of each other, catching our breath.  I leaned in and grabbed his fat cock head, running my fist all the way down his smooth, fat shaft.  He leaned forward and started kissing me as I reached down to cup his balls in my hand.   I ran my fingers along the turgid root of his erection, back towards the soft and hairy flesh of his ass cleft.  He shuddered as I moved my hand back up his meat, pulling the foreskin down below his head and exposing it to the cool night air.  I pushed my finger against the top of his prick, rubbing his pre cum into the hot head, then stroked his cock up and down, feeling it get impossibly harder until it was like a steel pipe.  I realized we had stopped kissing and were both looking down at my hand, which was moving slowly up and down his towering erection.  I touched it lightly with my fingertips, testing its hardness and teasing them across its length.  Then I grabbed it in my fist and squeezed it all the way down to the base, feeling its girth and power.  I was in some sort of daze, before that cock, that I snapped out of and looked up.  He lifted his head and looked at me, expectantly. I looked into his eyes, his handsome face.  I squeezed his erection and heard his breath come out sharply.

“I want you to fuck me,” I whispered.

“Are you sure?” he said, breathily.

“Yeah.  Do it.”  He pulled me towards him.  I pushed his cock down gently and it slid under my balls between my thighs.  We forcefully kissed each other, him thrusting his hips and pressing his fat pud against the underside of my ass and balls.  He stopped and pulled away.

“I don’t think I have anything slippery to use,” he said.  I thought for a moment, and it hit me.  I turned away and grabbed my jeans off the ground, pulling a small tube out of the pocket.  Vaseline Lip Therapy.  Thank God for modern conveniences.  I showed him the tube and he chuckled, holding his hand up to his mouth.  His eyebrows arched over his turned-up eyes, betraying his hand’s attempt to hide his wide grin.  He looked so fucking sexy.  God I wanted him to fuck me.

Tony reached to the ground and picked up the flannel blanket, his fat cock bobbing as he unrolled and laid it on the ground. Then he lowered his body onto the blanket, lying down on his back.  He lifted his arm and rested his head on it, looking towards me. He reached down with his other hand and reached for his cock, stroking it and standing it straight up in the air.

“C’mere,” he said.  I knelt down beside him and without hesitation slipped his fat dick into my mouth, slurping it down to the base and into the back of my throat.  Tony gasped and shut his eyes.  I slid my wet lips and tongue up and down his prick a couple of times, then held it up.  I sucked on the head like a lollipop, stroking his now wet erection and tonguing underneath his foreskin.  I ran my tongue down the shaft towards his low-hanging balls.  I licked at the sack, smelling his musky scent and rolling his balls around in my mouth.  I hefted them up with my hand and ran my tongue underneath, licking down towards the divide and slightly into the smooth silky flesh of his asshole.  Tony groaned.  I moved back up his pole and sucked it some more, feeling that hot tube of flesh pulsate in my mouth.  My asshole twitched.  I wanted to get down to business.

I came off of his cock and reached for the tube of Vaseline.  Tony watched as I squeezed the tube into my palm.  I reached for Tony’s cock and rubbed the Vaseline into his, slickening it up.  Tony moaned as my fist moved fluidly up and town his towering prick, jacking him off.  I stood up and straddled his body, bracing my hands on his muscular shoulders and lowering myself down on top of him.  I moved my face towards his and lowered my ass on his pulsing erection.  We both exhaled deeply, and I started grinding my ass cleft into his cock, feeling its slippery surface slide across my relaxed hole.  We dry fucked for a little while, building up momentum until Tony almost came and had to stop.

My cock was rock hard and piercing into the night air.  Tony grabbed my ass and pulled my cock towards his mouth, his lips enveloping the head.  He pulled me in further and I watched as it disappeared into his hot mouth.  Tony’s fingers reached around and started gently fingering my asshole.  I thought I might pass out from the feeling.  I thrust my cock down his throat and he swallowed it all greedily, my ass on fire from his finger pushing into it. This time it was me who had to stop for fear of cumming.

I pulled out of his mouth and rested my ass on his hard cock.  We paused for a moment, drinking in the sight of each other. Then I reached for the tube and squirted some more in my hand.  I reached my hand around and coated his cock with it, then brought my hand around and put a big gob on my fingertip.  I reached back and pushed the oily lube against my asshole, rubbing all around the rim and teasing a good bit inside.

I lifted Tony’s cock and pointed it at my hole.  I placed the fat head right against its hot target and pushed down, feeling its hardness press into me.  I braced my hands on his chest, and we looked into each other’s eyes, both panting with lust.  I relaxed my asshole and lowered my ass some more on his cock, which flexed its hardness in trying to enter me.  The feeling was incredible, that hot, thick poker about to slide inside me.  I exhaled and pushed my ass harder onto his cock.  We both gasped aloud as the head of his cock wormed inside me.  It burned a little, but it didn’t hurt.  I waited a moment for my ass to relax, then I slowly sat down on his fat cock, gasping and panting as it filled me up.  Tony’s legs where shaking and he shuddered with pleasure, as the thick base of his cock was enveloped by my tight hole.  I felt his cock hair against my ass, then I sat all my weight down on it, feeling it slide even further into me.  Tony and I stared at each other, consumed by our passion.

I  lifted myself up off his cock a little bit, then sat back down on it.  I put my hands back on his chest to brace myself, and raised my ass up so his prick slid almost all the way out of my ass, then I lowered myself onto it again.  I picked up momentum and started riding him, my rock hard prick bouncing up and down as I squeezed my tight chamber around his cock.

Tony breathed raggedly and started moaning audibly, his voice floating off into the night air.  With a loud grunt he grabbed my waist with his hands and started plowing into me, bouncing my body on his hips and thrusting his cock into my ass.  I pressed my hand into his hot fleshy pecs and panted as we stared into each other’s eyes, lost in lust.

I could tell he was getting close, but before he came Tony stopped thrusting into me and hoisted himself up by the arms, roughly pulling up my body and throwing me onto the blanket.  With his cock still inside me he lifted my legs up and positioned himself on top of me.  He thrust his cock into my hole roughly, and I nearly screamed in pain and pleasure.  I wrapped my legs around his powerful thighs and tight, clenched ass as he fucked me raw, hard and fast.  He took his cock all the way out and held it against my asshole, then thrust it all the way in to the root.  I wrapped my arms under his and clenched at his back.  He picked up speed and started fucking me like an animal, totally lost in the moment and fucking like a machine.  I met his thrusts and clenched my ass around his cock, feeling my own cock pulse.  Tony looked into my eyes and put his face against mine, and we kissed passionately, our bodies melded together.  I could tell he was reaching the point of no return, so I grabbed onto his ass and started pushing him further inside of me.  Tony reached down and clutched my throbbing member in his hand, frantically jerking me off.  We stopped kissing and breathed and moaned into each other’s faces, both reaching orgasm.

“Fuck yeah,” Tony gasped, “I’m gonna cum.  Gonna fuckin’ cum in your ass.”

“Fuck me, man.  I’m gonna cum, too.”

With a loud moan he thrust powerfully into my ass and held it for a second as he unloaded his cum inside me.  Feeling his warm load pulse and shoot inside my hole did it for me.  My cum spurted out of my cock as I screamed and gasped in pleasure, the cum spraying all over or chests, Tony continuing to jerk me off.   I thought I might pass out from the pleasure.  Tony came with a final shudder then exhaled deeply, lowering his heavy, hot body onto mine.  We lay there, panting, feeling my load spread out between us as his cock deflated in my ass.  It came out with a pop and I lowered my legs to the ground, letting Tony climb further up my body where he rested his head against mine.

“That was the best sex I ever had,” he said in that sexy Brooklyn accent.

“Me too,” I managed to say.  We relaxed like that, me loving the feel his body on top of mine.  I reached down and cupped his ass, he nuzzled his mouth against mine and we kissed, sweetly and tenderly.  He rolled off of me and I turned and went into his arms, and we held each other close.

I had a very serene moment, out there in the woods, sexually satisfied with this hunk of a man lying warm next to me.  This is what it’s all about, I remember thinking to myself.  Two hot naked bodies, lying here in the beauty of nature.  None of that other shit; jobs, cars, people, money; mattered a bit.

We both could have fallen asleep like that, but we knew we had to get back to camp so my brother didn’t find us. Reluctantly we got up and got dressed, walked back to camp in a sort of daze.

My brother was still snoring away.  Tony and I hugged and made out, one last time.  We were leaving the next day, and we knew we wouldn’t have any time to fool around before it was back to the real world. We crawled into the tent and laid down.  I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

The next day was so beautiful, the perfect end to a perfect camping trip.  We had a great ride home, laughing and joking around.  All of us agreed that I should come visit my brother and Tony at school sometime.  Tony pointed out that he had an inflatable mattress in his dorm room that I could sleep on.

“Perfect!” my brother said to me.  “Then it’s settled.  Dad can drive you up and you can stay for the weekend.  Maybe we’ll even find you a little pussy, if you’re lucky,” joked my brother.  I just smiled to myself, keeping quiet.