More Queer Lifeguards!

Hey there! I posted a new chapter of my queer young-adult novel-in-progress to I’m really enjoying writing this story and I’m hungry for feedback (hint, hint) being that it’s a bit different from what I normally write.

I’d been feeling pretty down about my writing over the summer. Even though last fall/winter I wrote first drafts of two really long pieces (the Joey book and the vampire book) I can’t say that I felt (or feel) very confident about them. I remembered how confident I felt about Backwoods, and I wanted that feeling back. So I made some changes in my life (cut out a substance I’d been abusing) and when I went to the beach for a week in August I asked the universe to give me an idea for a young adult novel. I love young adult fiction, particularly the work of Blake Nelson, and I knew that I could write something in that vein, I just needed an idea. And lo and behold, I got one, and I haven’t been able to shake it since. Since I planned to rip-off the voice of Andrea Marr, the protagonist from two of my favorite Blake Nelson books Girl and Dream School, I got the idea to publish it chapter-by-chapter on which was where Dream School originally appeared. However, I’ve been holding on to this notion that I shouldn’t release my work until it’s absolutely finished. But then I remembered, I used to publish chapter-by-chapter all the time on Nifty. And once I realized that it seemed perfect.