Little Stud Nurse

By Natty Soltesz

I was sixteen when I had my defining sexual experience.  In a strange way, every sexual experience I’ve had since then has been an attempt to recapture it.

I was sixteen but I probably looked and acted younger.  Nevertheless I knew what I wanted, even at what some would say is a young age.  I wanted cock, and lots of it.  I masturbated several times a day thinking about men, forming ideas about what I wanted to do with them.  Pretty much anything and everything was what I’d decided on.

I’d gone to the doctor that day because I had to give a blood sample.  Dr. Sulchosky checked me out then told me the nurse was going to take my blood.  I stood up, the crinkly paper on the bed sticking to my legs.

“Just wait here a moment and Danny will come by to take care of you.”

The receptionist was leaving for the day, and the office was nearly empty.  Danny appeared just as the doctor was getting ready to leave.  My heart skipped a beat when I saw him.  He was a total little stud.

“You’ll be alright?” Dr. Sulchosky said to Danny.

“No problem,” Danny said.  A grin lit up his face.  He had light brown hair, buzzed to a smooth, thick fuzz on his round skull.  He was wearing his scrubs—a blue shirt and white pants.  He was probably about twenty five years old, short but muscular.  I started to get nervous, and not because I was afraid of needles.

“I’ll just take care of this young man and then I’ll lock up the office,” Danny said.  Dr. Sulchosky said “good” and “good night,” and then we were alone.

“What’s your name, buddy?” He reached down to shake my hand.

“Nate,” I said, his hand taking mine in a firm grip.

“I’m Danny.  Nice to meet you.  You wanna come over this way with me, bud?”  I followed him down the hall, and then I noticed the kicker—his white scrub pants were almost totally see-through.  And he was wearing a pair of tight, black bikini briefs with some kind of colorful pattern on them.  The way they clutched his perfectly plump ass was indescribable.

“Alright now, why don’t you sit down in the chair over there,” Danny said, motioning me beside the doorway.  He grabbed a needle and a vial and sat down beside me, taking my arm.

“So, Nate, you play any sports?” he said, taking my arm and turning it over.  I looked down into his lap—I could still see through those fucking pants, and his bulge was clearly visible, full of promise, packed into those tight bikinis.

“No, not really.”  He took a rubber strip and stretched it around my bicep.

“You watch football?” he said, tying it.

“No.”  He looked for a vein, took a cotton ball that was doused in something, and rubbed it into the crook of my arm.

“Shame,” he said, “Steelers are doing great this year.”  He got the needle ready and he put it to my arm.  “Little pinch,” he said, and pressed it in.

As my blood was filling the vial, I looked back down at his crotch.  All of the sudden I realized—those colors on his briefs, they were Steelers logos!

“So that’s what’s on your underwear?” I said, still flush with surprise.  Danny looked up at me.

“Yeah,” he said, his face a little flushed.  Then he took the needle out of my arm.  “Hold this for just a second.”  He pressed a fresh cotton ball where the needle came out of my arm.  I did as he said.  He stood up and put the needle on a tray.

“You really can see those, huh?” he said, looking down at himself, then back at me. His gaze held steady for a moment.  “You like what you see?”

“Yeah…they’re cool.”  He kept grinning at me.  Then he lifted up his shirt, exposing his taut stomach, smattered with light brown hair.  He walked toward me. “Check em out,” he said.  I sat there, stupidly gazing at what I could make of the curves and lines of his underwear.  I didn’t know what the fuck to do.  I hardly knew what was happening.  Back then, the signs weren’t as clear to me.

Still holding up his shirt, he untied his pants with his other hand and let them fall to the floor.  My heart really started to race now.  There were definitely Steelers logos on there, and they warped around the sizeable bulge in front, the low cut showing off the cut v-shape of his pelvis, the waist of them just skirting the edge of his blond-ish pubes.  His beefy, tanned thighs, smattered with light-brown hair.  The scrubs lay at his ankles, and he kicked them off.

“They are really cool,” I said like a jack-ass.  I mean, his cock was right in my face, and I still didn’t have a clue.  He was still grinning down at me, and then he lifted off his shirt.  His chest was beautiful – solid muscles, gleaming tan and golden, covered in light brown hair.  His stocky arms were at his sides.

“Touch em if you want.”  I reached out my hands and put them to his hips, feeling the seams of his briefs as if I was deciding whether to purchase them for myself. I’m fairly sure I was totally hard by this point, and as I touched him I started to get it.  Slowly I ran my fingers along the seam, until I was lightly caressing his bulge. Something started to stir in there.

“Ahhh…feels good, buddy,” Danny said, putting his hands on his hips.  I took his bulge more firmly in my hand, and now I could feel it – the tube of a cock fattening up in there, trapped inside.  I felt his bulge until it fattened so much that it must have been hurting him – his cock was still curled up in the pouch of those teeny bikinis, hard and flattened and straining to rise up off his balls.

I had time to think about what was happening.  I looked around at the empty examining room, thinking about all the times I’d come here as a child to get a check-up.  And now it was the place where my greatest fantasy was coming true – this incredibly hot guy was taking his clothes off for me, and letting me touch him.

Danny reached forward and slid his bikini briefs off.  His cock bounded out in front of him.  It was a beefy dick, bigger than anything I’d seen, definitely bigger than mine.  It had a big head and a thick shaft, and it hung from a nest of light brown pubes and over a fat nut sack.  Danny was clearly proud of it.

“I call him Champ,” he said, looking down at me.  I stared at his dick, watched it bounce in the air.  “He’ll let you touch him if you’re nice.”

I reached out and touched his hot shaft, the first dick besides my own that I had ever touched.  It felt amazing, this living thing that had a force all of its own.  It made me want to go crazy – touch it, lick it, slap it against my face.  But I was too nervous to do anything like that.  I felt it in my hand, heaved it up and felt its weight. Then I stroked it, lightly, letting the loose skin leftover from his circumcision peel back.  I was fascinated by his dick, and Danny seemed perfectly content to just let me explore.  I cupped his balls in my hand.  I leaned in closer and smelled him – a musky scent, with just a hint of cologne.

“Kiss him,” Danny said.  I looked up at him.  He hand his hand on his chest, tweaking his nipples.  “Give ‘em a kiss.  You like him, don’t you?”  I nodded yes. “Then give him a kiss.  Just on the head.”  I leaned forward and brought his cock head to my lips.  I puckered my lips and kissed the hot spearing end of his dick.  There was a little bit of precome gathered on the piss hole.  It stayed on my lip, and I pulled back.

Danny kneeled down in front of me and put his hand on the crotch of my shorts.

“You’re really hard down there, huh?” he said.  He unbuttoned my shorts, and pulled them off of my legs.  My hard dick came popping out of the fly of my boxers.  Danny looked at it for a second, then he wrapped his mouth around the end and slid his lips down the shaft until my entire dick was in his mouth.  I think I yelled out loud, the feeling was that intense.  Danny didn’t quit, he slid my cock in and out of his hot, wet mouth, and after a few bobs I think he sensed that I wasn’t going to last very long.  It seemed like less than a minute before he stood back up.

I must have had a look of great pleasure and surprise on my face, because he kind of laughed at me.  He was still as hard as he’d been before.  He took his dick in his hand and stroked himself.

“You like my butt?” he said, turning around.  Yes, yes I did.  His butt came out from his small waist like two halves of a golden melon, so plump and firm.  “You can touch that too, if you want.”  I felt his ass.  My cock was throbbing.  I touched it like I was touching something out of a fantasy, a picture from one of the magazines I’d found in the railroad yard, turned real.

“Come here,” Danny said, walking across the room.  I picked up my shorts and followed him.  Danny bent over the examining table, spreading his short legs and exposing his ass for me.  “Take a closer look and don’t be afraid of it.  I like when people play with my butt.”  His butt was spread a little wider.  I just kept feeling his butt cheeks, and I probably would have been content with that if he hadn’t said something.

“Spread my butt cheeks.  See my butthole?  Touch your finger to it.”  I would’ve done anything he asked at that point.  His hole was pink and hairless.  I put my finger in between his cheeks and touched it to his hot, pulsing anus.  Danny bucked.  He had his hard dick pressed against the examining table, the paper crinkling as he ground it into the vinyl.

“Keep your finger there.  Oh, buddy, that feels so fucking good.”  It was the first time he’d sweared, and it really brought home how illicit what we were doing was.  He was pressing his butt into my finger, pumping and relaxing his hole.  My dick was throbbing in front of me.  Danny groaned, then he got up and reached in a cabinet over the sink.  He brought back a jar of something, which he dipped his fingers into.  Then he bent back over the table, and smeared the dollop onto his hole.

“Take some of this,” he said, handing me the jar.  “Put it on your dick.  You want to put your dick in my butt?” he said.  I slathered some of the cold slippery stuff onto my dick, which would have made me pop my load in and of itself, as the only lube I ever used was spit.

“Go ahead and put your dick in my butthole.  Just go slow and put a lot of that stuff on your dick,” Danny said.  I put some more on.  Danny had his hands out in front of him, wrapped around the far edge of the table.  I couldn’t believe he was going to let me fuck him in the butt, that fine butt that I’d admired when I first saw it in his pants.

I stood up on the stool and slid my dick in between Danny’s warm ass cheeks.  We both shuddered as my dick found his hole.  I tried to take it slow, pressing myself into him.  Danny shifted around a little bit and then I pressed harder and all of the sudden the head of my cock popped inside of him.

“Oh yeah, buddy.  I’m ready for it, go ahead and slide all of it in,” Danny said, arching his back as he turned back around to talk to me.  I slid all the way inside of him, feeling like I’d never felt before, like my dick was in heaven, hot velvet heaven.  Danny started whimpering, moaning little girly moans.  I was kind of at a loss of what to do at first, because I’d nearly cum just from sliding myself inside.  But after I rested for a minute, I slid back out, then I pushed back in, and before I knew it I was fucking his ass.

Danny kept whimpering.  He let me fuck him at my own pace, which involved only a handful of short, ragged thrusts until I was just past the point of no return.  I think Danny sensed this, because at that point he spoke up.

“Oh buddy, shoot it in me, shoot it in my butt,” he said, and I did.  I unloaded, I came like I’d never came before—without using hands.  My dick was free, it was exploding into somebody else, and the feeling was astounding.

Before I realized what was happening, Danny was groaning loudly, bucking himself onto my dick and into the table.  I looked in front of him and saw that he was shooting across the examining table, without even touching himself.  He’d come just from thrusting his cock against the table, and I guess the feeling of my dick in his butt. Come shot out of his dick like a cannon and landed like rain over the thin white paper.

When Danny was done I stepped off the stool and slid my dick out.  He sucked in air through his teeth.  Then he hoisted himself up and reached over for his underwear.

“Good job Nate,” he said, packing his ass, then his dick back into those briefs.  “You’re a perfect patient.”  I smiled at him as I buckled up my shorts.  My legs were weak and wobbly.  Danny put on his scrubs before walking me to the door of the office.  “I think Dr. Sulchosky wants you back in a week just to check on you again,” Danny said, standing close to me with his hand on the door knob.  He smiled and then he leaned forward and kissed me.  My tongue went right for his tongue, and we kissed a minute before he broke it off.

I wobbled home.  Everything seemed to take on a new glow.  Danny.  I’ll never forget that little stud nurse, no matter what.