Just Doing My Job, Boss

By Natty Soltesz

He was my boss at my first “real” job out of college, a professor in the mathematics department.  I was his assistant.

Our building was full of antsy, anti-social nerds, but Gabriel (I called him by his first name) was laid back and friendly.  We got along well.

He was Spanish, tall and handsome with a thin, athletic body.  He had an unassuming sexiness about him, but I tried to keep my mind from going there.  I needed the job.  There was too much at stake.

Still, sometimes he’d be explaining a project, leaning close to me, and I would be painfully aware of his inner thigh brushing against my arm.  I’m not sure if he did it on purpose.  He knew I was gay, and it didn’t seem to faze him.  I’ve got that cute, surfer-boy look going on, but still, he was a married man.

He’d been preparing to leave for a conference in Florida with a colleague when the colleague cancelled.  I was pretty delighted that he asked me to fill in and help out – a full weekend in Florida on the department’s dime.

It was weird, traveling with my boss.  I found out we were sharing a hotel room, which sent a shudder of anxiety through me, but I soon got caught up in the craziness of helping to run the conference.  The first night we had dinner with some other researchers, and afterward everyone headed to the hotel bar for drinks, but I was too exhausted.  I went back to our room and crashed the fuck out.

I woke up to the sound of Gabriel knocking over a lamp.  It was obvious that he’d had a few drinks.

“Shit. Sorry,” he said, picking up the lamp and switching it on.  He sat on his bed, facing me, and started taking off his shoes.

“Were you sleeping?” he slurred in his Spanish accent.

“Uh…yeah, I guess.”

“Oh.  You weren’t waiting up for me?” He smirked at me as he unbuttoned his shirt.  His chest was beautiful, muscled and hairy in the right places.

“No,” I said, chuckling.

“That’s too bad.”


He just shrugged, removing his socks.  His hands moved to his belt.  He undid his pants, still with that smirk on his face, revealing bright white underwear that contrasted with his tan skin.  From the size of his bulge it was obvious he had something special packed in there, but I acted nonchalant.

He threw his pants to the floor and leaned back on his elbows, looking into my eyes.

“Mack,” he said slowly, like he was playing with my name.


“Can I ask you a question?  When you…make love – what do you like to do?”

“What?”  I sat up a little.

“When you have sex, with a man, what do you like to do?”

I shrugged.  “Whatever, I guess.”

“No, I’m asking you what you like.  Me, when I have sex with a girl, I like to eat her pussy.  My wife, she does not like that so much.  She does not like much at all, in fact.  But I love eating pussy.”  He ran his hands along his body as he spoke.  Was his crotch swelling a little?  I couldn’t believe the way he was talking.  Even though we were pretty friendly, I’d never heard him speak so crudely before.  “So what do you like to do?”

“Well…”  I brought my knees up to conceal my growing erection, “I like to – you know – give head, stuff like that.  And if it goes further than that, I’m usually the one on top.”

Usually the one on top.  Meaning you prefer to – fuck – the other guy.”  I nodded.  “But you’ve also been fucked before?”

“Yeah,” I said.  It was almost like we were at work, discussing a task I was preparing to carry out.

“And you enjoy that.”

“In the right circumstance, definitely.”

“Interesting,” he said, and rolled his head back, looking up at the ceiling.  “I would eat pussy all day, if I could.  Any pussy, it wouldn’t matter.”  He looked at me.  His fingers brushed the growing bulge in his briefs.

“Girls tell me that I have a very nice dick.”

“Do they,” I said, my voice catching.  Gabriel nodded, smiling, and spread his thighs.  His dick pulsed, a thick tube that had raised up the elastic band around his thigh.  He cupped it in his hand.

“I don’t know how big it is…”  He rubbed it.  “Do you want to see?”  I hesitated.  His cock jerked again, hardening up.  “Do you?”

I nodded.

Gabriel slowly pulled down the waistband of his briefs, revealing his flat abdomen and a dark bush of hair.  Then his cock – uncut, and thick as a tube of toothpaste – lunged out.  I nearly gasped at the site of it.  It was a fucking monster, bigger and more beautiful than I’d imagined.  It just kind of hung there, swaying with the pulse of his blood, slowly rising upward.  He tucked the waistband under his balls.

I gulped, audibly.

“I don’t want to make you do anything you don’t want to do.”


“But I could definitely use some help with this.”  I pulled back my sheets and sat up.  My own boner was poking up like a spear from the fly of my boxers.  I took a deep breath, then got on the floor in between his thighs.  He was my boss, after all.

He had a strong musky and masculine odor to him, the scent of it mixing with the fresh alcohol smell on his breath.  I let my mouth hover over his cock, feeling the heat radiating off of it.

“Uncut,” he said.  “You like that?”

“Yeah,” I said.  He smiled down at me.  He seemed grateful for what I was about to do for him, not smug or cocky (though he had plenty to be cocky about).

I took the head in my mouth.  It was succulent, juicy – the foreskin like soft taffy over the hard apple of his glans.  I sucked the skin up over the head, passing my tongue underneath, tasting his slick precome.  Gabriel released his breath.  I opened up and fed myself his shaft, slowly going down his cock like I was sliding into a hot bath.  I think we both moaned.

His cock tasted fantastic, salty and sweet and clean.  Holding on to his hairy, meaty balls, I closed my lips tight against his shaft, opening my throat and being careful to hide my teeth behind my lips as I worked his dick.  This is my boss, I kept thinking.  I could tell from his breathing and the way he ran his hands through my hair that I was doing a good job, and in a funny way, I felt proud.

He guided my head up and down as I bobbed his knob.  I swallowed the precome that his balls produced in abundance.  I had a good rhythm going, and I reached down and started stroking my own dick.

“There you go man, get into it,” Gabriel said.  I was into it, sucking him steadily, swallowing his cock almost all the way to the balls before sliding back up.  It was intense – manual labor of the best kind.

I went down on his balls, licking up under them, gathering his whole sack into my mouth and rolling his loose, egg-like orbs over my tongue.  His tower of flesh rested like a hot water pipe against my face.  When I caught my breath, I ran my lips and tongue along the underside of his shaft, all the way up, and toyed some more with the tip of it.

“You really like my foreskin, huh?”  I nodded.  “Stand up.”  We stood before each other.  I was about as tall as him, and for a moment he didn’t seem like my boss anymore.  We were just two horny, naked men in a hotel room.  His big cock lolled out in front of him like the tongue of a lazy dog.

“Bring your dick here,” he said.  “Did you ever do this before?”  He took my cock in his hand and stretched his foreskin around it.  The heat of it, his hard cock head mashing against mine, made my head swim.  He held our shafts in his hand as he steadily stroked our cocks, passing his foreskin back and forth over our cock heads.  “Feels good, huh?  Now you know what you’re missing.”

We were gazing at each other, and then he just leaned into me.  His lips touched mine, they were soft and yielding; and then his tongue passed between my lips and we were making out.  His strokes got more urgent as we kissed, the lust coursing through our joined mouths and dicks like we were plugged into each other, a closed circuit.

He let go of our cocks and wrapped his arms around my back, pulling me close.  His hairy chest pressed into my smooth one.  We humped our hard dicks against each other.  He ran his hand down to my ass, tracing the smooth valley between my cheeks with his thick fingers.  The tip of one made contact with my pulsing hole, and I moaned into his mouth, pushing back into it, letting him know it was good.  His finger pressed harder, and then it just seemed to disappear into my ass.  He pumped it in and out.  I was kind of surprised by how relaxed I was, how much I wanted him inside of me.  We broke apart.

“I have condoms in my bag,” he said.

“I have lube.”

“Why do you have lube, huh?” he chided.

“Same reason you have condoms.”

I kneeled on the bed, spreading my ass out for him as he rolled the condom on his big dick.  I know I’ve got a pretty sweet ass, but I was surprised when he got down and buried his face in it.  His tongue was long and piercing, and he was pushing it into me forcefully.  I gasped for breath, grabbing the covers in my fists, struggling to get control but there was just no point.  His lips and tongue were insistent, eating out my asshole with gusto.

When he stood up and started sliding that pipe along my crack, his cock felt harder than ever.  He teased my hole with the blunt head of it – jabbing it against my wet, tight entrance.  It was an exquisite kind of pressure; my ass was hungry to get filled.  Finally he bore down, and my tight anal ring gave way.  He stopped for a minute so I could adjust to it, the sheer mass of the thing.  I don’t think I’d ever encountered a bigger cock.  Its power was undeniable.

He pushed more of himself into me and this time it went easy.  Suddenly he was balls deep – I could feel his pubic bush against the sensitive spread of my hairless ass cheeks.

“Holy shit,” he said breathlessly.  I closed my eyes and imagined we were in his office, the door shut, meetings and conferences going on outside while he fucked me mercilessly over his desk.  After this trip, I figured, it might not be such a fantasy.

Gabriel fucked my ass with a smooth intensity, his hips doing all the work as he rammed his cock in and out of my tight butt.  My cock was half-hard but still ready to blow at any time; all of my pleasure was focused on my ass, on the feeling of him inside of me.

“C’mon,” he said, pulling out and flopping back onto the bed.  “You said you like to be on top.  Ride my dick, I like it this way.”  I straddled his body, guiding his prick back inside of me.  Clutching the sides of his chest, I rode his cock like a kid rides a hobby horse, up and down, working him in and out of my butt.  I loved the way he was giving me control like this, loved the look of ecstasy that passed over his dark eyes.  I leaned close to his face and we kissed.

My load was building.  Gabriel took hold of my cock and stroked me as I rode him, his hips thrusting up into me, working with my ass.  His thighs were pulled up and I rested my ass against them, wrapping my arms around his neck as his thrusts got more urgent.  We were close, totally connected, his tongue in my mouth, his cock in my ass, our bodies pressed tight and sweaty.

“I’m gonna cum,” I whispered in his ear.

“Cum for me baby.  Oh, fuck.  Me too.”

“Cum inside of me.”

“No, I want to cum all over you.  Shoot my fucking load all over your ass.”

Those words set me off.  My nuts contracted and sent a bolt of hot white jizz out of my cock.  More jets flew out in quick succession, with each thrust of his hips, as if he was pounding the come right out of me.  It coated our chests, rubbing between us, getting spread out in the heat and friction.  I clenched my ass uncontrollably, squeezing and bearing down on his hard dick.  His moans got louder.

“Oh fuck, AH!” he cried, and quickly pulled his dick out of my ass.  He yanked off the condom and the first volley of his come seemed to directly follow that, hitting my skin as forcefully and copiously as water from a fire hose.  It splattered all up to my neck.  “Fuck, fuck,” he said, his breath hot in my ear, his jizz continuing to splurt, streaming down my back like a river, funneling in the crack of my ass, coating my gaping hole.

He slapped his big dong against my firm cheeks as the last of his load oozed out.  His lips met mind again and we made out as we came down.

“Thank you,” he whispered, and squeezed me tight.  I felt safe with him, this authority figure who had expressed his appreciation for me in the most intimate way possible.  We lay like that for a while, and at some point he drifted off.

I was still awake, hovering just on the edge of consciousness.  I didn’t know what the future held for my job, for our working relationship.  Maybe sex, servicing him, would be an extension of my duties now.  I was his assistant, after all.  Who was I to complain?