In a Pinch

by Natty Soltesz, Concept by Mor

Pt 1

I didn’t know what to make of the look on Dad’s face when he came into my bedroom that morning.

“I’m gonna need your help with something after school,” he said.

“With what?” I said.

“Nothing too serious,” Dad said, but the way he glanced at the floor gave me pause. My dad is a cocky guy and it was rare to see him act like he was now – not embarrassed, exactly, but close to it. “Just come up to my bedroom when you get home and I’ll show you, it shouldn’t take more than an hour.”

When I got home that afternoon the house was so quiet. Dad’s girlfriend was out of town for a bodybuilding competition – typically that was something they would go to together, because they both competed, but Dad had skipped this one. Coupled with Dad’s earlier, enigmatic request, the silence in the house made me nervous as I dropped my bookbag next to the door.

“Dad?” I said.

“Up here,” Dad called. I climbed the stairs to his bedroom where he was folding some clothes. He had his bathrobe on and he gave me a smile. “How was school?” he said.

“Pretty good,” I said. “You said you needed help with something?”

“Well, Jeff, I’m in a bit of a pickle,” Dad said, folding a pair of his underwear and lying it on the bed. “The Mid-Atlantic Cup is this weekend and I didn’t prep for it properly before Ashley left.” He looked at me. “I need you to shave my back side for me, if that’s okay.”

“Your back?” I said, and immediately felt my pulse quicken. Since I’d hit puberty I’d found myself having inappropriate feelings toward my hunky muscle dad. The idea of shaving his body short-circuited my brain a little.

“My shoulders, my back, but also my rear end. You know how tiny those posing trunks are. And it’s just too difficult for me to do myself,” Dad said. I’m sure my nervousness was apparent but for some reason it made Dad smile – I guess cause he’d been embarrassed to ask, and now the shoe was on the other foot. “C’mon,” he said, giving me a handsome smirk. “Help your old man out.”

He took me into the his bathroom. “I already did my front,” he said, motioning to the smooth, muscled cleavage that showed from the top of his robe. “And I ran the clippers over as much as I could so it’s really just getting all the stubble,” he said, filling the sink with warm water. Next to it was a razor and a can of shaving cream. “Alright. Ready?”

“I guess so,” I said. Dad smirked. I think he knew, on some level, that I was attracted to him.

“Just go slow, that’s all I ask,” Dad said, then he turned around slipped the robe off his shoulders, where it fell to the floor.

There was my studly Dad in all his nude glory. His wide back was woven with muscle. His body tapered at his waist, then flared out again to form his firm muscle butt. All of him was coated in dark stubble – particularly, I noticed, the crack of his ass, which must have been the hardest part to reach with the clippers.

“Start up top and work your way down,” Dad suggested. “Get a nice coat of shaving cream on there, first.”

I took a deep breath. I wanted to make a joke, something to lighten the situation, but words were failing me. I filled my palm with shaving cream and began to spread it over his shoulders. Dad shifted on his feet. “You need me to sit?” he said.

“No, it’s fine,” I said.

“I forget how tall you are,” Dad said as I rinsed my hands off in the sink. I exhaled as I began gliding the razor over his skin, rinsing it off when it got clogged with cream. Immediately I could see it was going to be a job: my dad’s a hairy guy, and it took a lot of passes with the razor to get even a small patch of his body perfectly hairless.

“How important is it to get every last bit?” I said as I worked my way across his deltoids.

“Important,” Dad said in his low voice. “So take your time.” The sink quickly became a lake of stubble-saturated shaving cream residue. Dad told me to rinse it out, so I did, spreading more shaving cream over the middle of his back as the sink filled back up. I stopped just short of his butt but even still, my fingers were flirting with the tops of those muscled cheeks. My cock had already been chubbed up and when I first touched his butt I felt some precum leak out of the tip.

His mid-back was much hairier than the top half so it was even more of a challenge. I was bending over and Dad noticed I was getting uncomfortable. “Kneel down,” he said.

So I did, and there was Dad’s big butt, right in my face: two mounds of fuzzy, firm man-meat, radiating warmth. I tried to put the reality of shaving it out of my mind as I finished up his lower back.

“There’s a towel on the back of the toilet, use it to wipe the shaving cream away – sometimes it’s hard to see if you missed anything,” Dad said. As soon as I stood up I knew I had a problem: my cock was more than chubbed up, I was almost fully hard. I hid it from him as I grabbed the towel off the toilet, then I cleaned him off.

“Oh, I missed the back of your neck,” I said.

“Oh yeah,” Dad said. “Definitely gotta get that.” I spread some shaving cream on his neck and rinsed the razor again. My Dad’s mass required me to lean against his body a little in order to reach his neck, which meant that my tented crotch was awfully close to his butt. Plus there was something about being so near to his neck and his face that was turning me on more. I could hear him breathing and feel the heat coming off his big body.

I’d been carefully keeping my pup tent away from him but then Dad sighed and shifted, and I would’ve sworn it was deliberate when I felt his curved ass brush against my cock. I quickly readjusted and moved to the other side of his neck. For the first time I glanced at the front of his body. Most of it was obscured by his massive, meaty pecs, but sticking out below that was his cock: thick, shaved, and half-hard.

“My butt’s gonna be the hard part,” Dad said, his lips right next to my ear. “We’ll go into the bedroom for that.”

“Okay,” I said. “I think I got all of your neck.”

“Great,” Dad said. “So once you clean me off just feel around to make sure you got everything.”

“You mean just, like, run my hands over you?”

“Yeah, feel for any stubble, and if you hit a patch don’t worry about the shaving cream, just shave it dry.” I took a deep breath and started running my hands over his body – his thick neck, rounded shoulders, and wide back. There were only a few little patches and I made quick work of them. But touching him just made my cock get harder, and Dad was in a similar state. But there was no mention of our half-mast erections as we made our way to the bedroom with a bowl of water he’d filled from the tap.

“Alright,” Dad said, setting the bowl on the floor. There was already a towel spread over the bottom edge of the bed. “This is the tricky part. But just go slow and we’ll be fine.” Then he climbed on to the bed on all fours, shimmying his butt toward me.

There it was: my dad’s massive ass, hairy and spread wide. His pink hole was ringed with hair. It winked at me and my cock leaked more precum.

“Do I need to shave…all of it?”I said.

“Yep,” Dad said. “You know how tiny those posing trunks are,” he added, and the fact that he’d said the same thing earlier made me think he’d rehearsed it. Tiny though the trunks were, I was pretty sure the judges wouldn’t be inspecting his asshole. But by now it was pretty obvious that this was more than helping Dad out in a pinch. So I didn’t say anything as I spewed some shaving cream into my palm and smeared it over his ass cheeks.

I hesitated at first, but finally there was nothing to do but spread a layer of cream down his deep, hairy crack, and use my fingers to get it around the wrinkled rim of his asshole. His hole squinched up when I touched it but he didn’t move or make a sound. I lathered his taint but stopped short of his balls which already looked smooth as silk. I peeked beneath them and yep, Dad was rock-hard now: like father, like son.

My hands were shaking but the last thing I wanted to do was nick his hot butt, so I steeled my nerves as I wiped clean my hands, then took up the razor. I started by clearing a path of smooth flesh down the sloping curve of his right ass cheek. Then I rinsed the razor and went back, scraping the razor against his flesh until I’d gotten both of his ass mounds smooth as marble.

Dad never said anything, but when I started in on his butt crack he shifted his knees apart and spread his ass wider. I started at the top of his crack, shaving perpendicular to it. I had to drag the razor several times over the same spots because it was pretty thick with hair. But soon I could glide the razor across his crack to get all the last bits of stubble, like I was skiing between two moguls.

I worked on his taint next. His nut sack was contracted and getting in the way; I thought about it for a moment and then I just took hold of his balls – gently – and moved them down. Dad exhaled when I did that.

I shaved him right down to his smooth balls, and then there was nothing left but his hairy hole. But it was difficult to see where his actual hole began because it was covered in shaving cream.

“Don’t be afraid to get in there, son,” Dad said. “Just take your time.” So I used my fingers to wipe some of the cream away, which meant touching his asshole again, and again it tightened at my touch. I picked up the razor and carefully began moving it outward from the wrinkled pink rim of his asshole. I pulled the sides of his butt to stretch him out and make it easier to shave. I couldn’t see Dad’s cock but I knew he was still hard because his taint was all swollen. I shaved Dad’s sensitive hole until I couldn’t see any more hair.

“I think that’s about it,” I said.

“Great,” Dad said. He grabbed a towel and handed it to me. “Clean the shaving cream off and make sure.” I began to swipe the towel over my Dad’s big, now hairless ass, and when I got all of the cream I ran my hand over him to feel for any stubble. “Got it all?” Dad said.

“Yeah I think so,” I said, deliberately pressing my fingers to his hole, which tightened and made Dad grunt – quietly, like he didn’t want me to hear. I took hold of his nuts again.

“Are these hard to shave?” I said, rolling them around in my hand.

“A little bit,” Dad said. “I use a depilatory there.”

“Did you use it on your cock, too?” I said, and reached down to feel it, casual as could be. I stroked it – just once, like I was appraising it for its smoothness. He was so, so hard.

“Uh…no,” Dad said. “I used a razor there.” I felt his balls again then went back to his cock and gave it another stroke, watching his hole tighten when I did it. “Sorry, I guess I get a little turned on,” Dad said, chuckling. “I’m used to Ashley doing it.”

“Do you guys mess around afterwards?” I said.

“Sometimes,” Dad said. I was stroking him unabashedly now and Dad’s breath was getting faster and louder. He was letting me, though. “She likes me shaved, it turns her on.”

“Why, does she lick your butt and everything?” I said.

“She won’t do that,” he said. I had one hand stroking his cock and my other hand was feeling his ass up and down, around his cheeks, down his crack, across his hole. I pressed my fingers to it. “I’ve asked her to…”

I thought: fuck it. We’d gone this far. I moved my head in between Dad’s ass cheeks and licked, one big swipe of my tongue from his taint up across his wrinkled hole then along his crack. He tasted like shaving cream.

“Ah!” Dad said. His reaction was immediate: his head and shoulders dropped to the bed, and he pushed his ass out toward me. My heart was pounding. I took a deep breath, then went back for his butt – burying my face in it and really shoving my tongue into his hole. I pushed it deeper and deeper, listening to Dad’s moans, muffled by his face smashed into the bed.

Now all bets were off. I shoved my shorts down over my thighs and started jacking off my dick as I ate out my muscle Dad’s big, round ass. I ran my tongue all over him – starting on the small of his back, licking the curves of his cheeks, then training down his crack to his hole. He would moan so loud when I would make contact with his asshole. I stroked both of our cocks as I ate him out. He was turned on enough that I didn’t think it would take long for him to cum, so I teased him a bit – stroking him quickly, then backing off to press my tongue in him as deep as I could. His hole opened up wider the more I ate him out.

Finally I was so deep in him that my face was completely smothered by ass. I was jacking him off furiously and Dad was whimpering. He reached back and grabbed hold of my head, pushing my face into his butt. Then I felt his hole tighten around my tongue and, at the same time, his cock jerked in my fist and a big spurt of cum came flying out – one jet, then another and another, his hole tightening and releasing with each rope. Dad was crying out, moaning as he shot his load all over the bed. It was so hot to witness.

I waited until just after he was done cumming then managed to pull my head out of his ass. I stood and pointed my hard cock at Dad’s massive, spit-slick ass: a couple strokes and soon I was blowing a creamy load all over it. I slapped my cock against it, knocking off the last drops of cum. Then I rubbed the cum into his skin: sort of like a moisturizer, I thought. After-shave cream.

Dad rolled over and put his arm over his eyes. His chest was heaving, his softening cock hung over his balls, still dripping cum. I took one last deep breath and pulled up my shorts. Then I picked up the bowl of water and took it to the bathroom. I gave the razor a final rinse. Dad came in just as I was trying to rinse the stubble out of the sink.

“Don’t worry about getting all of that, the hair gets everywhere in here,” he said, sidling up the mirror and making me step aside. He checked himself out, turning around and looking backwards over his shoulder at his back and butt, now hairless as a boy’s.

“Looks great, son. You did a good job,” he said.

“Thanks, Dad,” I said, and that was that. He pulled on a pair of sweatpants over his cum-coated ass, threw on a t-shirt, then ordered us dinner. We watched it in front of the TV, and if my face hadn’t still smelled like shaving cream and Dad’s ass, you would’ve thought nothing had happened at all.

Pt 2

Dad and I didn’t talk about it in the weeks afterward, either. Ashley came back and, while she technically didn’t live with us, she was over a lot. Things just went back to normal, and I mostly forgot about it, but then certain things would remind me.

Like one night I popped my head into Dad’s room to ask if we had any envelopes. He was standing next to his bed, toweling off from the shower, but he didn’t make any attempt to cover up.

“There should be some in the cabinet next to the front door,” he said, moving the towel up to his wet hair. His body hair was definitely growing in, and he had a coating of stubble all over his back and butt.

“Thanks,” I said. “Hair’s growing back, huh?”

“It always does,” Dad said, looking down at his crotch then up at me. “I’ll need to take care of it soon.”

But then he never asked me to do it. It was a really hot summer and we swimming pretty much every day – that was how I’d noticed that Dad was shaved down again, presumably by Ashley. I tried not to nurse any sense of disappointment – maybe it’d just been a one-time thing. Besides, things weren’t awkward at all between us. If anything, there was a sense that we were closer, somehow.

Then one late summer day when Ashley was at work, I got this vibe from Dad. I can’t say what it was, exactly – a certain nervousness he had around me. Or maybe it was just me, cause for days I’d been jacking off to the memory of eating him out.

We hit the pool in the early afternoon, me in my trunks and Dad in his nut-huggers. I did a few laps and then Dad did a few laps and then we dried off. We spread out towels on the chaise lounges and Dad started coating himself in tanning oil.

“Hey,” Dad said. He was holding the tanning oil toward me. “You mind doing my back?”

“Sure,” I said, my heart instantly leaping in my throat. It wasn’t something Dad had ever asked me to do before. I took the oil from him and he laid face down, settling his large body into the chaise lounge. I sat up and turned toward him, and I’d just flipped the cap on the oil when Dad reached for the waistband of his swimsuit. His beefy ass wobbled a little was he released it completely from the tiny trunks, shimmying them down his thick thighs and legs then kicking them off his feet. He settled back into the chair, never glancing at me once. I breathed – I hadn’t even realized I’d been holding it. And I knew we were going to do it again.

The thing was, Dad’s butt was pretty tan – not as tan as the rest of him, but tan enough. I knew he liked to swim and sunbathe nude, but he’d always been cautious about doing it around me. Not this time.

I took a deep breath, then poured oil over his massive shoulders and down the curve of his spin. A tributary of oil drizzled down where it dammed up against the mounds of his ass before changing direction and flowing into the crevice of his ass crack.

I started oliling his back, sliding my hands over his sun-baked neck and shoulders before massaging downward to his arched lower back and tight sides. Shaving Dad had been one thing, but feeling his body all lubed up like this, the faintest brush of stubble contrasting with the smoothness of his skin, had my cock jumping in my trunks.

Finally there was nowhere left to oil but that ass. I started with the sides of it, lubing down his dimpled cheeks. Then I gathered up some of the oil that had drizzled into his crack and began working that around. Dad spread his legs and there was his hole again: pink, shaved smooth, and winking at me. I went for it, oiling the rim of his hole and finally the muscle of his anus, which made him groan. I reached underneath him to feel his cock – he was as hard as he’d been the last time. I jacked his dick with my oiled hand as I continued to work the oil into his ass, never really dipping my fingers inside him but coming close.

Of course I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to eat him out again. I leaned forward and flicked my tongue against the rim of his hole, taste-testing the oil. Dad gasped. The taste wasn’t too bad, sort of coconut-y, so I sank my face into that big, oily butt, pressing my tongue against his hole then swirling it around. Dad whimpered. His cock jumped in my hand. I got more aggressive about it than I had last time, really shoving my tongue deep, and again, and the deeper I went the louder he moaned.

I ran my hands over his body as I ate him out, caressing every cut, muscled inch of him. Yeah I was covered in oil but it was hot the way it made my face slip and slide all over and in him. Dad matched my aggression and lost control in a way he hadn’t last time – backing his ass into my face, bucking into it like a bronco. I matched his movements and gave him as much tongue as I could, still jacking him as he rode my face.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck,” he said in the most helpless, sexy voice. I’d never heard him talk like that: Dad didn’t like to swear. But then I felt his hole clench around my tongue and his cock swelled in my hand. He was cumming. I moaned into his ass when I realized it. Dad seemed taken by surprise, he said some words but they were all high-pitched and garbled, like he momentarily lost the ability to speak. His whole body shook as he coated the towel in cum. Then he collapsed on top of it.

At first I thought it would be like it had been: an awkward pause, then we wouldn’t talk about it. I stood up to gather myself, and my cock was still hard in my swim trunks. But then Dad stood too, and he looked at my boner, and reached down to snake his hands up into my shorts and grab it. He led me to the pool by my cock, and dove in. I shucked off my trunks before I dove in after him.

He swam up the edge of the pool and let the lower half of his body float up, the twin mounds of his muscle butt rising like an island. I swam over to him and put my face right back in that butt, where it belonged. When his lower half drifted back underwater I took a deep breath and followed, using his massive frame as leverage as I licked my way down his back, like the reverse of climbing a tree. Finally I was able to get my tongue back in his ass – it tasted like chlorine, and I used his muscled cheeks to hold myself underwater. His cock was hard again.

I came up for air, then moved my body to his. He pushed his ass against my bare cock. My face was right next to his neck and I could hear how hard he was breathing as I rode my dick along the crack of his oiled ass. The head of it caught on his hole – not enough to slip inside, but enough to suggest that it could happen. Then I went back underwater and ate him out some more.

Some dam had broken in him, or maybe in both of us, like all the desire we’d stuffed back had come bursting out. I ate his ass for a good hour – first in the pool, then with Dad on all fours on a towel next to the pool. The sun got intense so Dad suggested we go inside. But first we had put our towels away in the pool house, which was this little cabin next the pool that I’d always found sexy for some reason, I guess cause that was where everyone changed clothes.

We hung up our towels and Dad grabbed his shorts and underwear from the hook. But before he could put them back on I grabbed his ass again, then knelt down to worship it some more with my tongue. Dad stopped everything when I went for his ass, lifting his foot onto the bench to give me better access. I had a real rhythm for eating him out, now. Both of our cocks were hard and I was stroking them when we heard Ashley.

“Tom?” she said from near the pool. “Are you in there?” In my panic I tried to move away, but Dad grabbed the back of my head and held it in his butt. Dad was just near enough to the door that he could poke his head outside, which he did, holding onto the door frame.

“Hey baby,” he said, and once the moment of panic passed I got right back to work, shoving my tongue into my dad’s muscle butt. “I’m just getting changed. Meeting end early?” he said, making every attempt to regulate his voice.

“It did,” she said, and it sounded like she was closer, now. She liked to dip her toes into the pool to test its temperature; I imagined her doing that now. “Is Nate around?” she said. Now I was getting turned on by the situation. I shoved my tongue as deep into Dad as I could. I wanted to make him squirm if I could.

“I, uh, think he’s in his room,” Dad said. I licked up his crack, jacking his cock as I licked back down and planted my tongue firmly into his hole. I felt him relax his asshole and let me in deeper.

“I bought steaks,” Ashley said, and now she was really close to the pool house. “I thought maybe we could grill out tonight, if you want,” Ashley said as I dug my tongue as deep into Dad’s hole as I ever had.

“Unf…yeah, babe. That sounds great. I, uh…” I was jacking him mercilessly, now, and I could feel from the hardness of his cock that he was ready to cum again.

“What are you doing in there?” Ashley said. Dad moved away from the door but kept one hand on the frame.

“Nothing, just, uh, cleaning up some,” Dad said.

“Oh, okay,” Ashley said. “Are we still working out this afternoon?”

“A…a…absolutely,” Dad said, and his voice was really strained now. He still had a hand pressed to the back of my head, and he was bucking into my tongue again as I pushed it as far as it could go. “I would, uh, love that,” he said as I felt his hole snap around my tongue and his cock pulse and let out a jet of cum.

“Okay…” Ashley said, her voice close to the door. Then she turned away. “I’m gonna go for a dip, I guess.”

“Yeah,” Dad said, his voice high and tight. “Go for it,” he said, his cock unloading all over the floor of the pool house. “The water feels amazing.”

I licked him until he finally caught his breath and let go of my head. He wiped his cum off the floor with his towel and got dressed. I did too, quietly.

“Stay in here for a bit,” Dad said. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay,” I said, but I wound up hiding out in that pool house for almost half an hour. I didn’t have my phone to distract me but I did have the cum-covered towel and the smell of my Dad’s ass on my face. I jerked off twice while I waited to escape, listening to Dad and Ashley play around in the pool. Finally they went inside and I slipped upstairs. When I reappeared she didn’t seem suspicious. She even gave me a big hug and kiss. I wondered if she could smell Dad on my face. Maybe we have the same smell?

That day cemented our new bond. I’m Dad’s ass assistant now. I’ve shaved him every time since – I’m not sure how he explains that to Ashley. Sometimes he wakes me up in the morning by sitting on my face. And every once in a while, we do it while she’s at home. I think he likes the danger of it.

We still don’t talk about it. But for my birthday he acknowledged it obliquely. In his card he wrote (right under Ashley’s message, “Enjoy your special day!”) “Love you son, and appreciate all the help you’ve been giving to me over the last year.” Thing is, I appreciate it as much as he does. I’ll see him at bodybuilding competitions and watch the judges and audience fawning over his beautiful body and think: I get to lick that.