I’m Barely on the Internet These Days

Of course that isn’t true because I have a smartphone and therefore my every move is being tracked. But as far as conscious consensual behavior with the internet, I’m rarely engaging that much right now, which means I’m sometimes not answering emails and certainly not up on my social media responsibilities. Apologies, I guess? It’s actually a happier state of being, I think.

With this in mind I did some social media housecleaning and rid this website of some (though not all) corporate logos. Fuck corporations. Every little bit helps (maybe).

I’m writing like a motherfucker. Every day, and I’m so excited about what I’m working on. I’m in this place where I’m making a lot of stuff but not necessarily putting it out into the world just yet and that feels fine. Better than fine. I’m so happy! With that said, the “My Sister’s Boyfriend Joey” novel may be on the horizon.