How It Happened

By Natty Soltesz

Maybe it was Chris’s fault.  It was his idea to begin with, and he certainly took a majority of the initiative.  Really, I was just along for the ride.

But to tell you the truth, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  I was horny as hell.  I hadn’t had a piece in all of two weeks, and with Chris being my best friend and all, I didn’t have any reason to think things would go awry.

Maybe it was the alcohol.  We certainly drank enough of it.  Again, Chris was the catalyst here—he had bought that flask of tequila earlier in the afternoon, and he kept the drinks coming while we were at the bar.  And it’s certainly true that the more fucked up we got, the more fucked up everything got.

Then there was the girl.  The redhead, Erica.  Yeah, she certainly didn’t help with how crazy things got.  In fact, she helped it along a great deal.  Thing was, she seemed perfectly normal when we’d first spotted her in the bar.

“Smokin’ hot,” Chris had said, swigging his beer.  And she was.  Not skin and bones like a lot of these sorority chicks—she had real curves; firm, luscious tits; and a nice ass.  I got hard just looking at her.

The tequila was definitely fucking with my mind at that point.  It was like I’d turned into one giant boner, ever since we’d started drinking it.  We were halfway into the bottle when Chris decided, since we were both hard-up, that we should pool our resources and pick up a chick, then take turns fucking her.

That’s how he’d said it:  “take turns.”  I didn’t know what that meant for sure, but it crossed my mind that we might be in the same room while we were doing it, and maybe we’d pull a D.P. or something…I don’t know.  I’d never done a threesome before, so my conception of what would happen wasn’t too clear.  And the more I drank the less clear it became, until I only had one objective—I needed to fuck.  And I wouldn’t be satisfied until I got my dick in something.

We approached her.  She was with a group of other girls but she didn’t seem interested in talking with them.  After introducing ourselves, Chris bought us all a round of drinks.

She was friendly.  She seemed like a nice enough girl.  I got the sense that she was into me, more than she was into Chris, but I don’t think he even noticed.  He was too busy keeping the drinks and the conversation flowing.

“So,” she asked at one point.  “Are you guys together, or what?”

“I guess you could say that,” Chris said.

“Sort of a package deal,” she said, looking me up and down.

“Yeah,” I replied, dumbly.

“Interesting,” she said.  “Buy me another drink,” she said, so we did.

At this point my memory gets a little hazy.  I seem to remember getting into her car and stopping to pick up a case of beer at the 24 hour distributor.  Then Chris directing her back to our place.  Then we were all sitting around the kitchen table playing cards. Erica kept winning and making us do ridiculous things.

“Okay,” she said to Chris, “if I win this hand you’ve gotta show me your dick–and get it hard,” she said.  Chris seemed eager to go along with it and I couldn’t blame him—although I’d never seen it hard, I knew he had a huge dick.  Of course he lost the hand, so he stood up and unbuckled his jeans.  His dick was just as big as I remembered (bigger than mine, anyway).  But to see it hard was really something.  He just stood there, proud as can be, while she laughed and complimented him.

Chris sat down to start another round, his dick still sticking out, but Erica grabbed him and they started making out.  I was feeling left out, so I got up to leave, but Erica put her hand on my thigh.  As she made out with Chris she reached in my jeans and pulled out my cock. I was rock hard in seconds, it felt so fucking good.

She turned and started kissing me.  She had my dick in one hand and Chris’s in the other, and she was stroking both of us off.  Chris put his hand under her shirt, so I helped him lift it over her head.  Her tits were beautiful—full and perky, with pert pink nipples.  I started sucking on one while Chris sucked on the other.  She had her head thrown back, moaning.  I looked down to see that Chris and I were both in a very similar state—with our hard cocks sticking straight up out of our jeans, throbbing.

Chris and I pulled off her jeans and then her panties.  I’d never been with a red head before, and the tightly clipped, fire red hair on her pussy looked awesome.  Chris and I were totally in sync.  We spread her open, and took turns dipping a finger inside.

She was going crazy.  I went back to working on her tits while Chris knelt down and dove into her pussy.  He had his face buried in her, eating her out.  I couldn’t hold out anymore so I knelt down beside him, and we took turns eating her.  I couldn’t get enough of it.  She threw her leg around my neck and her other leg around Chris’s shoulder, and we ate her out at the same time, my tongue snaking as deep as I could into her soft folds while Chris stroked her clit with his tongue.  She grabbed our heads, pressing us into her.

We stood up and she got down in front of us.  She started on my dick first.  Man, could she suck dick.  She had the whole thing down her throat, her nose nestling against my pubes.  As drunk as I was, I was in serious danger of cumming, so I had to pull her off.

She moved over to Chris and wrapped her lips around the head of his hog.  It was a trip to watch her wrap her lips around his fat tool—his cock was as thick as a baby’s arm.   She got a rhythm going and then she was moving back and forth from dick to dick, like she couldn’t get enough of it.  Strange as it may seem, the scene made me really hot.  I looked over at Chris and he looked back at me.

“Feels fuckin’ great,” he said, and I nodded back at him.  She looked up at us; she had a sly smile on her face.

“I want to suck on both of you at the same time,” she said.  Chris moved closer to me.  “Yeah,” she said, and she stuffed both of our dicks in her mouth.  The feel of both our cocks sliding around each other in her mouth was exhilarating.  Chris put his hand on my shoulder to brace himself, and I did the same.

She stood up and kissed Chris.  Then she was kissing me, and Chris moved in, and the three of us were making out together.

Like I said, I was drunk, I wasn’t really aware of myself at this point.  But for some reason this all stands very clear in my memory.  Half of me was aware that I was kissing Chris, that our tongues were sliding around inside each other’s mouths, but the hornier part of me didn’t care.  It was all too fucking hot.

“I want to see you guys make out,” she said, pushing us together, so we did, and it wasn’t like I was kissing my best bud.  It was just pure sex, it didn’t matter whose lips and tongue it was, the motions were the same, and so was the effect.  Fuck, he was even a pretty good kisser!

We ended up in Chris’s bedroom, in the basement.  We all got completely naked and climbed into bed together.  At this point, there wasn’t much discrimination of who was touching who.  We were all over each other.

She climbed on top of me and sank down onto my cock while Chris sucked on her tits.  Then I flipped her over on the bed and fucked her hard-core.  I was vaguely aware of Chris getting between our legs.  Then I felt his tongue on her pussy and my cock. He was sticking his tongue inside her and running it along my shaft as I pumped it into her.  He licked all along her pussy, then started licking my shaft, and running his tongue up to lick my balls.  I had to admit, it felt fucking great.

It was so hot to watch Chris shove his cock inside her.  She moaned and writhed underneath him.  Chris fucked really good; he alternated his strokes from just pressing in the tip, really shallow, to deep fucking her up to his balls.  Soon he had her cumming all over the place.

He was fucking her from behind and I got in front so she could suck my dick.  Chris must have been as much on the verge of cumming as I was, cause he was fucking her really slow and deep, taking his time.  She was moaning around my dick, sucking it all the way into her throat.  Chris looked up at me and reached for my head.  He pulled me toward him and we started making out.  It just felt alright, I guess…fuck, it felt more than alright.  We were both getting our cocks worked over just about as good as we’d ever had, and it was like “if we’re sharing this much, we might as well go all the way.”

I got around them and tried what Chris had been doing earlier:  “sucking a fuck,” so to speak.  I love the taste of pussy, and it was just as much a thrill to me to lick her slick juice off his shaft, to feel his hot shaft pushing into her slick, wet pussy.

I moved up and tongued her clit, the tip of my tongue sliding along Chris’s hard shaft.  They both seemed like they were getting close.

“Shit, gonna cum,” Chris said, and he pushed all the way inside her.  I kept my tongue on her clit, feeling her pulse and convulse underneath me, as Chris unloaded his balls deep into her pussy.  Soon, he pulled out.  Without thinking, I got right in there and started eating his load out of her pussy.  I’d always wanted to try eating my own cum, but once I came I never really felt like eating it.  So it made me really fucking hot to eat her cum-drenched pussy.  In fact, I made her cum once more in the process.

I could feel my own balls starting to ache.  Chris grabbed my cock and motioned to Erica.

“Get down on this,” he said.  She moved into position and started sucking my dick.  “Yeah,” Chris was saying, “Suck him off.  Suck his load out.”  Chris had his head right beside her.  She held out his cock toward him.  He leaned down and took me in his mouth.

“Suck his dick,” she said.  “Yeah, you love your buddy’s cock.”  I was so ready to blow at this point I didn’t care who was working on me.  They took turns sucking it.  Chris got down and licked my balls.  I felt his tongue venturing lower, until the tip of it was flirting with my asshole.  That was all it took for me.

“Gonna cum,” I said, as Chris drove his tongue into my hole.  I clenched down as the first shot of my load emptied from my balls, out of my cock and into Erica’s mouth.  She swallowed it down like a pro.  Chris took my cock and stuffed it back in his mouth, just in time for me to feed him the last of my load.  They took turns cleaning off my spent cock, and then they made out, sharing my load between them.

I woke up with a massive hangover.  It took me a moment to realize where I was, but when I saw the girl laying beside me, and Chris beside her; it all came back to me.  I felt sick.  I ran upstairs and spent some quality time in the bathroom, then shut myself in my room to try and regain my senses.

After about an hour I heard a knock on my door.  It was Chris.

“Hey, buddy,” he said.  “How’re you feeling?”

“Not too hot,” I said.

“Well, man, she’s ready to go again and so am I,” he said.  I looked down; his cock was hard underneath his boxer shorts. “She wants you to come downstairs.  She wants my dick in her pussy and your dick in her ass.”

“No, man, I can’t do it,” I said.

“Suit yourself,” he said, and shut the door.  Chris didn’t even seem the least bit fazed by what had happened.  In fact, he seemed to think I was the freak for getting weirded out by it.

“Fuck that,” I thought to myself, and I laid back down on my bed.  But I couldn’t sleep.  It had all been a mistake—a combination of horniness, alcohol, the girl, and a side to Chris that I hadn’t even known existed.

I had to jerk off twice just to try and purge it, the memory of how it happened.