Hitting Marco’s Pipe

By Natty Soltesz

I went over to Marco’s house, that hot summer day, with thoughts of sex on my mind.  I’d always been attracted to Marco, and I always suspected that he was perhaps…less than straight. For one thing, he’d known I was gay (and perverted, for that matter) since I’d first met him, and still he pursued me as a friend, he was always the one who called me.  And it’s not like that makes him gay, but there were other things…things I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

Marco opened the door to his apartment with a smile.  He was so cute.  Italian, with a boyishly handsome face and a thin, skater’s body.  He was in the middle of a video game so I sat on the couch and shot the breeze while he finished up the level he was on.

My horniness still hung heavy.  I realized something promising–we were alone in the house.  Marco had a lot of roommates, but they were all away in some fashion or another.  Marco turned his Playstation off.  He was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and basketball shorts.  He stood up before me and gave me a sly smile.

“So what do you wanna do?”  I shrugged.

“I don’t know, man, whatever.”

“I want to smoke a bowl,” Marco said.  That was no surprise, Marco was always getting high.  I used to always get high with him, but I’d quit smoking weed months ago for various reasons.  Marco knew this.

“Go right ahead,” I said.

“You wanna smoke?”

“No,” I said, looking right at him.  He was going to try to get me to smoke.  It was alright, I knew that I didn’t want to and I don’t succumb to peer pressure.

“C’mon, Danny, just smoke with me this one time, what’s it gonna hurt?”

“I quit, dude, like six months ago,” I said to Marco as he gathered up his weed and pipe.  He sat down next to me on the couch and started to pack it up.

“I know, but you should just smoke this one time.  C’mon, Danny, do it for me,” he said, holding the bowl out to me and smiling.  I smiled and shook my head.

“Alright, whatever,” he said, faking being pissed.  We sat there together, mostly silent, as he smoked his weed.  The smoke from the bowl roped off in the sunlight.  Horny thoughts started crowding my head.  The thing about Marco, what attracted me most to him, is that everyone said he had a huge cock.  I’d never seen it, though.

Our thighs were touching.  There was a definite something in the air, a spark.  Marco sat smoking his bowl in silence, kind of arched away from me, looking down at me.  When he finished, he reached down and packed up another bowl.  Then he stood up in front of me and then he held the bowl out to me.

“Just fucking hit this, Danny.”  I looked up at him.  His shorts had ridden a little below his underwear, revealing the black elastic trim.  “C’mon, do it for me, I’m your friend, and I’m telling you to smoke weed.”

“Aw, Jesus Marco.  I’ll…I’ll take a hit if you show me your underwear.”  I said this with a smile, and Marco laughed with me.

“Okay, Danny, I’ll do that for you—-but only because I want you to smoke weed.  Here, hold this.”  He handed me the bowl and pulled down his shorts.  He wore gray boxer-briefs.  He lifted up his shirts to give me a better look, showing me his hairy stomach.  I could see the outline of his cock beneath the stretchy fabric, it looked thick and hot.  I started to get a boner.

“Very nice,” I said.  Marco laughed and pulled up his shorts again.  I put the lighter to the bowl and took a healthy hit.  I tried to fake breathing it in, but Marco was watching me closely.  I faked it as much as I could, and blew out a big puff of smoke.

“Nice.  See, that wasn’t so bad,” he said.  I handed to bowl towards him.  “No, no, that bowl’s for you.  Finish it.”

“What?  I only said I’d take a hit.  I’m not smoking this whole thing.”

“C’mon, man, just do it.”

“Alright, I’ll smoke more of this if you show me your dick.”  Marco didn’t hesitate.  He pulled down his shorts and boxer shorts and lifted up his shirt for me to see.  It was exactly as I’d imagined.  He had a forest of dark black pubes, but protruding from them was his pipe, thick as all hell and milky white.  It hung pendulous over his heavy nut sack.

“Very, very nice,” I said, staring at his dick.  It was a beautiful piece of meat.  Marco watched me as I put the tip of the pipe to my lips.  I inhaled a hit, and blew it out.

“Very, very nice,” I said again, staring at his cock, and Anthony laughed but still didn’t pull his shorts up.  I handed the pipe to him and he took it.  He looked over me and hit it, shifting on his feet but still standing before me, his shorts still over his thighs.  When he finished his hit he handed the bowl to me, his cock kind of swinging between his legs.  I took the bowl and the look that passed between us was serious.  I realized that the game was seriously on.

“There’s like one hit left in this bowl,” I said.  “You know it’s going to take more for me to finish it up.”  Marco looked down at me, kind of cocky, and gave me a shrug.  He put his hand on his hips.  “I’ll smoke all of this pipe if I can kiss the tip of your dick.”

Marco smiled at me.

“Kiss it?”

“Yeah, I want to give it a kiss.”

“Alright, but you have to hit it first.”  I inhaled the last of the weed and put the pipe on the floor, then I leaned forward toward his cock.  It started to enlarge.  I put my lips against the hot tip of his cockhead and kissed it, then I kissed it again, putting more of the tip between my lips.  His cock was fattening by the second.  I kissed the swelling head of his pipe and brushed my tongue against it, and I kept kissing it, sort of making out/French kissing his cock head.  Soon he had a raging boner.  I pulled off.

“That was more than one kiss,” he said.


“So, now you have to do something for me to make up for it.”

“Like what?”

Marco thought for a minute, but clearly his raging cock was doing the thinking.

“You have to let me sit on your face.”


“Yeah, lay down.”

“Okay,” I said, and I laid alongside the couch.  I couldn’t believe the way things were heading.  I never had any suspicion that Marco had even entertained thoughts of getting his ass eaten out.

Marco swung his leg over my head and planted his foot beside my chest in the crack of the couch.  He lowered his hairy ass onto my face and I put out my tongue to meet his hole.  His ass crushed my face, I was glad that he was clean.  Marco was moaning, stroking his huge dick, saying “yeah, yeah, fuck yeah” as he ground his butt hole against my tongue.  His ass was loose and receptive, I put my tongue inside as far as it could go.  My own cock was straining against my shorts in a painful way.  I reached down and made an attempt to free it.

Marco, who was basically leaning over my crotch anyway, saw my predicament and pushed my hand away.  He unbuttoned my shorts and freed my cock, still grinding his ass into my face.  He felt it a little bit, tentatively, then leaned down and kissed and licked it like I had done to his.  I moaned into his asshole.  Marco sat back up then got off of my face.  He was sweating and panting, and so was I.  I stood up next to him and we stroked our cocks beside each other for a little bit, looking at each other.

“I always wanted to try to eat my own cum but once I came I never felt much like eating it,” Marco said to me in sort of a whisper.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.”

“Maybe I could eat your cum and then when I cum you could eat mine.”

“Yeah, that sounds cool,” I said.  Marco crouched down in front of me and took hold of my dick.  He milked it a little until a drop of pre-cum appeared on the tip of my dick.  He put his tongue out and lapped at it.

“Oh, man, it tastes fucking good,” he said, and then he opened up his mouth and started smoking my bone.  I’m sure he’d never sucked a dick before, but he was kind of a natural.  He made sure his teeth didn’t get in the way and took it as far down his throat as he could.  It didn’t take long before I was on the brink.

“Alright, Marco, I’m there, I’m gonna cum.”  Marco grunted around my cock, still stroking his hefty meat.  I unloaded into his mouth and he grunted as he swallowed it all.  When I was done he took my cock out of his mouth and licked at it in ecstasy, licking all the cum of my dick.  Who knew, my straight friend was a total cum junkie!

Marco stood up and smiled at me, licking at some jizz that was still on his lips

“Okay, your turn.”  I happily obliged, kneeling down in front of him and licking the pre-come off his cock.  For some reason, it did taste fucking great, I kept licking at his cock head, Icouldn’t get enough of it.  I sucked on his dick for a while but when he got close I took it out.  I wanted to see his cum as I ate it.  I stroked his huge pipe and he unloaded on my tongue.  I savored his load, letting it rest on my tongue as I stood up.  Marco, still in the throws of his orgasm, did not back away as I leaned into him and kissed him, sharing his cum between us.  We French kissed passionately, our tongues lapping at each other, savoring his cum.

I was high as a kite, on weed and Marco’s cum.  Though I was technically off the wagon, I had to admit my powerlessness in the face of Marco’s beautiful cock.  I know it sounds strange, but that’s the story of how casual sex drove me to do drugs.