Hippie Crack

By Natty Soltesz

I’m a big slut. Who cares? I like having sex and I protect myself. I’m out to spread the love. Some people would say I’m a seducer, but the truth is that you can’t make somebody do something they don’t want to do—they have to be willing. I just give them that extra nudge in the right direction.

So I was walking through campus the other day on my lunch break (now that I have a respectable job and life and everything, I get to take as long of a lunch break as I want), and I was using the time today to pick through the trash that the students had thrown out at the end of the semester. There was a lot of it. Kids are wasteful.

There was a pile of junk sitting in front of a big stone apartment house. As soon as I approached it I caught the unmistakable scent of Nag Champa incense wafting out of an open, first-floor window. They say that smells are stored in long-term memory and can easily trigger deep emotions. Well, the smell of that incense took me right back to my college days, and cast the beautiful sunny spring day in an entirely different glow.

I started rummaging through the stuff – mostly busted Ikea furniture and beer bottles. I could hear some faint music coming from the window–it sounded like the Dead–and then I heard a voice.

“Hey man, you trash picking?” I looked up, and saw a college guy in the window. He looked older, mature. He had a handsome face and a scruffy goatee.

“Yeah, I’m just looking around.”

“Well I’m moving out tomorrow and I got a bunch of stuff up here I want to get rid of, if you want to check it out.” He went around and opened the door for me. “It’s up in my room, c’mon,” he said, and started up the stairs.

He wore a pair of khaki shorts and a white t-shirt, and the clothes hung very well off of his body. He was a sexy young guy. I stared at his butt as we crested the stairs and went into his room.

He had most of his stuff packed up, but he pointed to a pile of junk sitting against the wall. “I’m getting rid of all that, take what you want.” He sat down in a creaky chair. There was a set of bongos beside him. A stick of incense jutted out from a crack in the window frame, the smoke roping off into the hazy sunlight that streamed underneath a tapestry he’d hung up as a curtain.

I looked at his stuff for a moment then I noticed that he was packing up a pipe. He was sitting so comfortably in the chair, his sexy legs spread, his arms and chest relaxed. He put the pipe to his mouth and the weed crackled as he sucked in a hit. He held it in. The smell of the weed hit me then, and at that moment I felt like I’d never left college.

“You want a hit?” he said, holding it out to me. There was something almost naive about the way he asked it. Did I look like a 29-year-old university drone on his lunch break? It didn’t matter to this guy. I was somebody to get high with.

“Sure,” I said, and reached for the pipe. I hadn’t smoked weed in two years, but it all came naturally. I sucked in the smoke, and almost immediately felt it in my brain – that giddy, fluttery sensation.

We passed it back a few more times while I pretended to look at his stuff. In reality I was thinking, “What the fuck am I doing, I’m getting high and I have to be back at work in an hour.” Then another part of me said, “Who the fuck cares? You’ve been an adult for way too long. Take the rest of the day off.”

The guy, as if reading my last thought, motioned toward his bed – an almost-bare mattress that sat on the floor. I took a seat.

“Forest,” he said, passing me the pipe. He held out his hand and I shook it. “Carl,” I said. “Nice to meet you.” We made some small talk. I found out that he’d just graduated, after six years. He had an unconscious sensuality about him, and I found myself looking at his golden thighs, wondering what lay up his baggy shorts.

The pipe was done. “So, do you see anything you want?” he asked, motioning toward his pile of junk. It was an innocent question, but I gave him a look.

“No, not over there,” I said. I leaned back on the bed and looked at the ceiling. “Man, weed always makes me so horny. You know what I mean?”

Something flickered across his face, like a realization. “Yeah,” he said, nodding at me.

Everything added up – the way he’d invited me inside, the way he was sitting, how he’d offered me weed. I knew what was going to happen – I was sure of it – and so I got bold.

“Have you been out in the sun a lot?” I said, and I cupped his calf muscle in my hand. “Your skin is really tan.” I moved my hand slowly up his leg. Forest watched it.

“I like to lay out on the roof sometimes,” he said.

“Do you wear your shorts? You’re even tan on your thighs,” I said, moving my hand up further still.

“Sometimes,” he said. My fingers went past his shorts, grazing the inside of his thigh.

“So you’re really horny,” he said, giving me a slight smile.

“Yeah,” I said. I lifted up his shirt, my hand stopping at the top of his shorts. “Is this okay?” Forest just shrugged. I unbuttoned them and unzipped his fly. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. He lifted up his ass to help me take him off, and there, on his stomach, lay nine inches of hard hippie meat. “Fuck yeah,” I said, and lifted it up. It was huge. Forest’s mouth opened, his breath came ragged. I looked into his eyes as I slid his cock between my lips.

Forest moaned. The flesh of his cock was like silk in my mouth, I could taste the dewy freshness of the pre-come oozing from the tip. I bobbed up and down, feeling him get harder with each pass. Then I made my way down to his heavy balls. The musky smell from his crotch was turning me on more. I licked his balls, running my tongue against the space underneath them.

“Hey man, did you ever have anybody eat your ass?” I asked.


“Want me to?”

“Yeah,” he said, taking off his shirt. “Shut the door, would you? My roommates might come home.” I stood up, my dick painfully tenting out the front of my pants, and shut his bedroom door. He had slipped his shorts off of his feet, and now stood there in all his glory. He had a perfect body, with a smattering of hair on his lean, well-formed chest and tight stomach.

“Bend over the chair,” I instructed. “Put your knees up on it. Spread your ass out – yeah, like that.” His virgin ass was beautiful, with just a thin line of light brown hair and a slick, pink hole. “Jerk yourself off while I do it, it feels incredible that way.”

“Ok,” he said, taking hold of his big dick. I started by licking around the rim of his hole. His reaction was immediate and intense – you would have thought somebody had given him an electric shock. What’s more, as I pressed my face tighter into his butt and ground my tongue against his quivering hole, I could feel his perineum tightening and hardening. His cock was getting harder and harder the more I ate him out.

“Do you like it?” I asked him.

“Holy shit, man, that feels incredible.”

“Mmmmm, your ass tastes so fuckin good…” It did, it was clean and relaxed. I started grinding my tongue in as far as it could go. Forest had his back arched, trying to spread as wide as he could so I could get more in.

I ducked down and got my head underneath him. Licking his balls and running my tongue up his shaft, I took his rock-hard prick back into my mouth. While I was sucking him, I traced a finger up his sack and placed it against his well-lubed butthole. Slowly, I slid it inside.

“Oh fuhhh,” he muttered, smooshing his face against the back of the chair. His ass was hot and hungry, tight but willing to accommodate. I managed to jam two fingers inside there, and he was still hard as a telephone pole, his piss hole issuing lots of sweet juice that I ate eagerly.

“Man, I can’t believe you’ve never had anything up that hot ass, dude,” I said when I came up.

“Me neither.” I spied an empty beer bottle sitting on the window sill. Forest, still jerking his cock, garnered my intentions and gave me a look. “I dunno man, I dunno about that…”

“Aw, we can just put it in a little bit. C’mon, man, nobody’s around. Nobody’s ever gonna know.” I knocked his hand away and took up his cock stroking. Forest moaned, and arched his back again. “Get this wet,” I said, putting the bottle in front of his face. Forest looked at it, then he took it into his mouth. He sucked it like he was sucking a cock – or maybe that wasn’t what he was thinking of, but he was definitely getting off on the thought of having something inside of him. He slathered his lips and tongue up and down neck of the bottle, sucking on it and really getting into it. When he’d gotten it nice and sloppy, I took it from his mouth and pressed it to his asshole.

“Just relax, let it in.” Forest rocked his hips fluidly, jabbing his ass against the rim of the bottle. The feeling of it seemed to agree with him, and he pressed harder against the smooth glass rim. I held it firmly in my hand, and the pressure grew until his ass opened up and gobbled part of it inside.

“Ah! Oh!” Forest moaned, and the sound echoed in his nearly empty room. The pain seemed to fade quickly, and in no time I was sliding the rest of the bottle neck into him, while he pressed back to meet it. Soon it was all inside.

Forest relaxed then, letting his body slacken but keeping his booty upright.

“Does that feel okay?

“I’ve never felt anything like it,” he gasped.

“Keep jerking yourself off.” I slowly slid the bottle out.

“Holy shit…” Gently I pressed it back inside. “Auhhh…auhhh…I think…I’m gonna cum…” I was full-on fucking him with the bottle now, giving his hungry virgin ass exactly what it needed. Forest was still hard, but it was a slacker hard than it had been before. I guessed that most of his concentration was on what he was feeling up his butt, and that the cumwould issue naturally from that. Suddenly I got an urge.

“I want you to cum on my face,” I said, getting underneath him. Still, I held on to the bottle, wrapping my arm around his hips so I could suck and fuck him at the same time.

Forest looked down at me as I jerked off his dick in front of my face. His face was screwed up, red; he was panting and his mouth hung open. He was beyond control, it was pure pleasure run amock.

For some reason, I wanted to bathe myself in his come. I thought it would be like a baptism, his fresh college load coating me, making me new.

“Oh…shit…” he said a word each time I pumped the bottle in to him. “Going…to…cum…fuck…Ahhh!” A thick spurt of cream streamed over my head, some of it landing on my face. I stuck out my tongue to catch more. It was sweet and delicious, and it seared my forehead, cheeks and chin. Forest watched me the entire time, still bucking back on the bottle, his load just spilling out of him effortlessly.

Then he moved his body down mine and put my face next to his. Before I could react he was kissing me, running his tongue along my face to taste his load, putting it back in my mouth so that we were eating his come together. I wrapped my arms around his heaving flesh, his smooth skin, his taut waist and firm ass, the bottle still lodged inside of it.

“I always wanted to experiment with a guy, I just never got the opportunity,” he said when we’d gotten up.

“Now you have.”

“I have you to thank.” We heard voices downstairs. His roommates were home. He kissed me again, and left the room to distract them. I managed to slip down the steps and out the back door.

Going back to work was hardly an option. I had the whole day to myself, I was free. It was a beautiful feeling.