Hide the Salami

By Natty Soltesz

Jason was the new kid in school.  Everyone thought he was weird at first, including me, but then we had to do a project together on Pompeii so we ended up hanging out.  I’d go over to his house after school sometimes and on the weekends.  His house was cool because parents let him eat whatever he wanted, we could even order pizzas whenever.

He asked me if I wanted to sleep over, so I asked my parents and they said it was okay.  On Friday night after dinner I packed up a bag and walked over to his house by myself.

Jason had all kinds of stuff planned for us.  We played Monopoly and traded M.U.S.C.L.E.’s, which are these toys we both like.  We watched this movie called “Top Secret!” which I thought was sorta dumb but Jason laughed a lot so I ended up laughing at it too.  There were a lot of sex jokes and Jason would always laugh hardest at them.  Jason always talked about sex.  Once he asked me if I jacked off and at first I acted like it was gross, but he acted like I was the weird one for thinking it was gross, so I admitted I did it too.

There was one thing in the movie where a guy was dressed up in a cow costume and this calf got underneath him and started sucking him, like he was a milk cow, except the guy was moaning like he was getting his dick sucked.  Jason asked me if I’d ever had my dick sucked, I said no.  He said he had a cousin who liked to suck dick, his name was Matt.

“How do you know he sucks dick?” I asked.

“Cause I know.  I know some people he’s done it to.  Some of them do it back to him, they sixty-nine.  Do you know what that is?”  I said I didn’t.  “It’s when one guy sucks your dick while you suck his, so you fit together like a six and a nine.  They even swallow sometimes.”

“Gross,” I said.

His mom told us lights out after the movie.  We stayed up anyway, playing with his flashlights and talking about all kinds of stuff, a lot of it about sex.  I kept getting hard-ons under my sleeping bag.  I couldn’t stop thinking about his cousin and sucking dick.  The thought of somebody doing that to me had never really crossed my mind, but I started thinking how good it would feel.  I asked Jason if he’d ever gotten a blowjob.

“Yeah, from this girl in my old town.”

“Did she swallow?”

“Yeah,” he said.  “It feels amazing, man.”  We didn’t say anything for a while.  My dick was so hard and I felt like he was probably just as hard as me.  “You know what really feels good though?”


“This game my cousin taught me called ‘Hide the Salami.'”

“’Hide the Salami’?”


“What is it?”

“You wanna try it?”

“I guess so.  How?”

“It’s really fun.  We have to take our clothes off first though.”

“Okay,” I said.  My heart was beating so fast.  I knew we were gonna do some sex stuff but I didn’t know what.  Jason took his clothes off under the sleeping bag and I did the same.

“Are you naked?” he asked.  I said yeah.  “Even your underwear?”


“Is your dick hard?”


“Let me see.  I’ll show you mine too.”  Jason unzipped his sleeping bag and threw back the flap.  Even in the dark I could see his hard dick against his stomach.  I showed him mine.  “That’s a nice dick.”


“The only other thing we need is Vaseline,” he said, getting up.  “I have to get it from the bathroom.”  I didn’t want him to go, I felt weird being naked and hard.  “It’s okay, I just gotta grab it.  Trust me, it’s worth it.”

His put his pajama pants back on and went down the hall really quietly.  I covered myself back up and waited for him.  I made my breathing slow like my mom showed me how to do when I got upset – count to ten, count every breath.  My dick stayed super hard though.  Jason came back into the room with the jar of Vaseline.  His dick was still hard in his pants.

“My parents are still up, they’re probably screwing too,” he said, shutting the door and locking it.  He turned on his desk lamp.  “Are you still hard?”  I said I was.  “Lemme see,” he said, and took off his pants.  It was cool seeing him totally naked like that in the dim light.  I uncovered myself again and he looked at my hard dick.  “Cool,” he said.  He lay down on top of his sleeping bag.

“Okay, this is how it goes.  I pull my knees up to my chest like this, and you kneel right there,” he said, pointing to right below his legs.  I got out and knelt there.  “Take this,” he said, handing me the Vaseline.  His butt was there, all spread out; I could see his butt hole.  It was weird because I’d never really seen a butt hole before.  It was dark pink and bumpy, like a knot in a tree.  It looked weird but I knew mine probably looked the same way.

“So you take some Vaseline and get it all over your hard dick.  Then I’ll put some on my hole and that’s where you put your dick.”  I knew what he was saying but I couldn’t believe it.

“In your butt hole?”

“Yeah.  It’s not dirty and it feels really good, trust me.”  Jason was kind of clenching and unclenching his hole and it made me laugh, he laughed too.  When he laughed it clenched up again, like he couldn’t help it, and that made us laugh harder.  “C’mon you gotta grease up before your dick goes soft.”  I did it, then he had me hand it to him.  He globbed some on his finger tips and put it on his hole, rubbing it in good.

“Watch this,” he said, and pressed the tip of his finger to his hole until it popped inside.  “See?  Hide the salami.  You stick your dick inside me, that’s how the game goes.”

“And it’ll work…I mean, it’ll like, fit?”

“Yeah, it will, but your dick has to be really hard, which yours is, right?”  He grabbed it, stroking like he needed to feel if it was hard enough.  It felt so good I thought I could cum just from it, but he took his hand away.  “You need to get closer.”  We moved around a bit.  Jason took hold of my dick again and put it right to his hole.  He scooted closer to me.  “Push in,” he whispered.  I did, and the tip got swallowed up just like his finger tip.  I was amazed.  It seemed like he was in pain though.  “It’s okay just let it right there for a second.  You have to do it like this or it won’t work.”  I waited until he told me to put more in.  The weirdness and grossness of what we were doing sort of left me, I just couldn’t believe how good it felt, all tight and hot around my dick.

“Okay, more,” he said.  I kept putting more in until I couldn’t put any more in.  I was pressed right up against his butt.  I could feel my dick getting squeezed by the inside of him.  He was looking right at me.  We stared at each other for what seemed like a while.

“You’re in all the way?” he said.

“Yeah.”  He lifted his head to see for himself.  “See?  That’s the game.  You got it in all the way.”

“That’s how you play it?” I said, a little breathless.

“Well now you get to keep doing it.  It feels good doesn’t it?”

“Yeah,” I said.  “Good” barely described it.

“So take it out but not the whole way, then put it back in again.  Keep doing that and you’ll cum, except you’ll cum in my butt and it won’t go everywhere like when you jack off, which is cool.”  I did as instructed.  It really was like magic, now you see it, now you don’t.  Each time it disappeared Jason groaned, this sound like he was eating some good food or something.

I kept doing it until I felt like I was going to shoot.  I hardly even knew it was going to happen, just all the sudden my body was welling up and I was shooting in him just like he said I could.  I held it inside him while my brain went somewhere else.  I’d shot a bunch of times but never had it felt like this.

When I looked up I realized Jason had shot too, all over his stomach.  “See, it’s fun for everybody,” he said.  “Now take it out again but do it sort of slow.”  I did.  He winced a little.  I looked at my dick.  I couldn’t believe it had just been inside Jason.  It sort of smelled but didn’t seem really gross.  He wiped the cum off his stomach with a towel and handed it to me so I could wipe off my dick.

“Pretty cool, huh?  That’s buttfucking.” He threw the towel in the corner when I was done.  “I’ll wash it later.  My mom never knows, she just thinks I’m so grown up cause I can do laundry by myself.”

I had a million questions.  Jason admitted his cousin had taught him how.  He said he’d even done it with his uncle, except the other way around cause his uncle’s dick was too big.  He said it didn’t hurt at all to take it, and that it makes him shoot every time.  I asked him where the cum went.

“It’s just inside me.  I’ll crap it out later but I sort of like keeping it in me as long as I can, I like the way it feels.”

I was so tired the next day cause we’d stayed up all night.  I felt bad about what we did sometimes, it seemed like wrong somehow.  It was sort of a game but sort of grown up too.  I wasn’t a little kid anymore, anyway.  I eventually realized that when people talked about screwing, that I’d pretty much done it.  In some ways I wasn’t even a virgin anymore, and I thought that made me pretty cool, even if I couldn’t tell people about it.