Hard Times

by Natty Soltesz

It was 2:25 p.m. in the financial district of a major American city.  Two young men in suits smoked cigarettes outside of the Mutual Trust building.  Rick, the taller one, fixed his dour stare on the newspaper box beside him.  The headlines were black and gaping, an abyss.  The worst financial crisis in the nation since the Great Depression was well underway.

“These are hard times, friend,” Rick said to his associate, Brad.  “I don’t have to tell you that.”

Brad nodded and returned his gaze shoeward.  His soft, sandy-blond features contrasted with Rick’s jet-black hair and stone-cold handsome visage.

“Naomi wants another kid,” Rick continued.  “Our mortgage alone is enough to make your cock shrivel.”

“Trisha wants to get married this spring,” Brad said, flicking ash.  “I don’t want to think of how much money I’ve lost this past week.”

“Neither do I,” Rick said.  He kicked the newspaper box.

“Listen,” Rick said.  He looked from side to side; lowered his voice.  “We both know the economy’s fucked, right?”


“Well, that’s not entirely true.  Parts of it are fucked, but some industries stay strong even in the worst of times.”

“Such as?”

“The black market, man!  Sex and drugs.  People will always pay for that stuff, even more so when times are tough – fleeting pleasures, my friend.”

“What are you saying?” Brad said.

“Listen…I met this guy last week at happy hour.  You could tell he was a real top-dog type just by looking at him – designer clothes, a fifty dollar tip for the waitress…so I asked him what he does.  He said he’s an escort.”


“Said he makes over eight hundred bucks an hour.  Sometimes a thousand just for one night.”

“For one night?  With a girl?”

“Come on now, Brad.”

“Oh,” Brad said, his face filling with the realization.

“What can I say?  He told me clients will pay top dollar for fit young guys like you and me.  This could be real good for the both of us.”

“You’re serious?”

“You got any better ideas?”  Brad sighed.  Rick snubbed out his cigarette.  “Come on, we better get back to work.”


Later Rick was putting on his suit jacket when Brad came into his office.

“Hey Rick, before you go… I was thinking about what you said.”

“Yeah?  Shut the door.”

“Well, I was wondering…what do you have to do, exactly, to make that kind of money?”

“I guess it depends.  But I think the real money is if you go all the way.  You know…”

“Take it up the butt?”

“Yeah,” Rick said.

“Geez, I don’t know if I can do that.”

“I know,” Rick said, coming around his desk.

“What if we couldn’t go through with it and ended up backing out?  It would look bad.”

“I suppose we could test it out on ourselves first.  With dildos or something,” Rick said.  Brad shook his head.

“No, that wouldn’t do.  We’d be going at our own pace, not somebody else’s.”

“What do you propose then?” Rick said, shifting his legs to conceal his growing erection.

“What if we try it on each other?  You know, just to see.  And then we’ll know for sure.”

“Right here?”

“Pretty much everyone’s gone.”

“Hold on a second.”  Rick picked up his phone and dialed.  “Honey?” he said into the receiver.  “Yeah, babe, I’m gonna be late again tonight.  I know, I know – I’ll change the reservations for next week.  You know how crazy things have been around here.  I love you.  Bye.”  He turned to Brad.  “That was easy.”

Brad approached his friend.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Brad said.

“We’ll think of it as an experiment.  Like you said, just to see.”

“How do we start?” Brad said.  Rick shrugged.

“Pretend like I’m your fiancé,” Rick said.  Brad chuckled.  Rick took his chin and pulled his face to his.  He kissed him and Brad kissed back.  After a moment Rick slipped his tongue between Brad’s lips.  Brad’s hands reflexively went around Rick’s waist, pulling their bodies close together as their tongues dueled in one another’s mouths.  Their breathing became thick and labored.

“Whoa,” Rick said, breaking apart.  “Okay then.”

“Okay,” Brad said, catching his breath.

“Want to take my clothes off?” Rick said.

“I guess,” Brad said.  “Do me too.”  They slipped off their jackets and reached for each other’s ties.  Brad got Rick’s shirt unbuttoned; he slipped it over the man’s broad shoulders and ran his hands over Rick’s muscled, hairy chest.

“It’s not like we haven’t seen each other naked in the gym,” Brad said as he undid Rick’s belt buckle.

“Believe me, you haven’t seen the half of it,” Rick said, and Brad knew he was telling the truth when he slid off Rick’s pants.  He was wearing boxers, and Rick’s towering, uncut cock jutted out of the fly like a arm-sized salami.

“Oh shit,” Brad said.  “How am I going to…”

“Don’t worry about that yet,” Rick said, unbuttoning Brad’s shirt and going for his pants.  Brad wore a skimpy pair of maroon bikini briefs which barely contained his pert, thick boner and plump butt.  Rick slid them off.

“You shave your balls,” Rick said.

“I shave it all.”  Rick turned him around to inspect.  Brad braced himself against the desk.  Rick parted Brad’s cute buttcheeks to reveal a gorgeously hairless pink hole.

“Wow, you really do.”  Brad winked his hole.  Rick, without thinking, extended his tongue and touched it to Brad’s hot hole.  Brad gasped.

“Oh man, what are you doing?”

“I don’t know,” Rick said, and went back in, forcing his tongue against the tight muscle of Brad’s sphincter.  Uncharted territory or not, it was sweet ass, and Rick found himself unable to resist burying his face in it.  Brad reacted in kind, his knees weakening as he pushed back to meet his friend’s insistent tongue.

“Holy shit,” Brad said.  His dick was leaking onto the glossy surface of the desk.  Rick stroked his own juicy cock as he ate out Brad’s butt.

“I guess I could get into that,” Rick said, standing up.  He slapped his hog against Brad’s relaxed hole.

“Are you gonna try fucking me now?” Brad said with some trepidation.  Rick gave his cute ass a slap.

“No, friend.  You get the first piece,” Rick said.  He switched places with Brad, propping one leg up on the desk to reveal his muscled, spread-wide ass.  His crack had a brush of dark hair that ringed his tight, inviting asshole.  He looked back at Brad and winked.  “You better take it slow, though, cause if you’re rough on me I’ll be rough on you.”

Rick handed him a tube of hand cream and a condom from his desk drawer.

“I-I’ll do my best,” Brad said, rolling on the condom and rubbing the hand cream on his rubbered cock.  He squirted another glob onto his fingertip and brought it to Rick’s asshole.  Rick groaned.  “Oh man, it’s really tight.  Are you sure this is gonna work?”

“It’s a hole, isn’t it?  Yeah I’m sure.”  Brad stepped forward and poised his cockhead at the entrance to Rick’s ass.

“Here goes nothing,” he said, grabbing onto Rick’s hips and pushing forward.  First his cockhead flattened against Rick’s unyielding hole, then the head was gobbled up inside.  Rick gasped.  “You okay?” Brad said, and Rick nodded.  Brad rested for a second, then sunk a bit more in.  He moved slowly, appreciating the absolute tightness of this young businessman’s rosebud.  His cock stretched Rick’s hole gradually but fully, expanding around the thick base of his shaft until Brad was balls deep.  Rick’s eyes rolled back in his head.

“It’s okay?” Brad said.


“More than okay?”

“I guess I know why some guys like it.  It’s a whole new sensation…but kinda fuckin alright.”  Brad arched his hips backward, the hot vice grip of Rick’s hole tight as a tourniquet.  When his cockhead was poised to exit he pistoned the whole of his meat right back into Rick’s ass.  Rick grunted.

“Feels pretty singular for me.  You’re tight as hell,” Brad said.

“A virgin…” Rick said.

“Shit…”  Brad worked his hips, giving another thrust, then another.  Soon Rick was backing up to meet him, bringing them to a slapping, flapping rhythm.  Brad reached his arms around Rick’s broad torso, feeling his furry chest and hard-rubber nipples.  He yanked on them, working his cock into Rick’s butt in fluid mechanical motions.

“Oh man, fuck me,” Rick said.  “Fuck my ass.”

“Don’t say that,” Brad said breathlessly.  “You’re gonna make me cum.”

“Dump your load in me,” Rick said.  “I’m gonna cum too.”  Brad had a tight grip on Rick’s ass as he worked his cock in and out.  Then with a final thrust, he held himself inside, his nuts scrunching up and pulsing as he shot stream after stream of scorching cum into the condom, high inside his friend’s virgin ass.

At the same time, Rick gave his heavy half-hard cock some steady pumps.

“Fuuuck,” he cried, and a loping rope of cum shot out of him in time with one of Brad’s thrusts, shooting across his desk calendar.  The next shot landed in his pencil jar.  His ass bore down on Brad’s cock like a blood pressure cuff, each squeeze sending another jet of cum out of his cock.

When Rick was finished he looked back at Brad.  “Did you shoot?” Rick asked.

“Yeah, man.” Rick grimaced as they pulled apart.  Brad removed the rubber and showed Rick the full load inside.  He looked down at the desk in front of Rick.  “Wow.  Getting fucked made you shoot a lot.”

“You’re about to find out how much,” Rick said, a sly glint in his eyes.

“We’ll need some time to recover – get hot again, right?” Brad said.

“We got hours, friend.  As much time as we need,” Rick said, and they came together, kissing tenderly, their cocks dripping on their black-socked feet.


Two hours later there were three used condoms on the floor, each one holding a little less cum than the last.  Brad was on all fours on top of the desk, Rick behind him, giving it to his butt hard and fast as he worked on filling a forth condom.

“Oh…oh…oh my God,” Brad said, resting his torso onto the desk but keeping his little butt spread out wide behind him.  He had his fist on his rock-hard cock, jerking lightly so as not to lose it too soon.  He wasn’t sure how many more loads his ass could pull out of Rick’s nuts, and he wanted this fuck to last.

“Your fucking ass…it’s so tight…I can’t get enough,” Rick said.  His body was gleaming with sweat.  He rested his chest onto Brad’s smooth back, biting his neck as he long-dicked his hole.

“Fuck me harder,” Brad said.  He never could have imagined this side of himself, this intense desire to be filled and fucked.  Rick was doing his best to keep up; the two of them long past the initial experiment and now embarking on a new goal:  How long could Brad take it up the ass in one night, and how many times would Rick be able to give it to him?

“You’re fucking insatiable,” Rick said, grabbing a tight hold of Brad’s slim hips.  He watched his thick prick piston in and out of his friend’s willing butt, his heavy nuts slapping the underside.  The smooth small of Brad’s back was arched, his butt spread out before Rick as an offering, a monument for him to defile at will.  Brad tightened his hole. “Gonna make me cum,” Rick groaned.

Brad took a tighter grip around his cock, letting his orgasm rise as Rick increased the speed of his thrusts.

“Oh yeah, shoot it, I’m ready, oh fuck – ”  Brad said, losing his voice as his cock began dribbling creamy cum over his fingers.  His ass pulsed tight as he shot, and Rick gave a final push, crying out as his overworked cock eked out a final orgasm deep into Brad’s hot butt.

Brad flopped back on to the desk.  Rick laid next to him.

“I guess that wasn’t so bad,” Brad said.  It only took a minute before he was laughing at his own understatement.  Soon Rick was laughing with him.

“We’re so in the money, friend,” Rick said.

“I can buy Trisha that engagement ring.”

“Fuck, we can buy each other engagement rings if we want to.”

“Aww…you’d do that for me?” Brad said.  Rick looked him in the eyes.

“You bet I would, friend.”  Rick pulled him in for a kiss.  As they made out, their cocks impossibly hardened yet another time.  Rick broke his mouth away.  He humped his hot rod against Brad’s.  “Think your ass can go another round?”

“I think so,” Brad said, already lifting his ankles.

“I mean we might as well enjoy ourselves,” Rick said, grabbing another rubber and snapping it on his cock.  “Since we’re off the clock and everything.”