Guys Night In

By Natty Soltesz

For me, an ideal Saturday night means going out and getting tanked with my buds while trying to rail as many chicks as possible.  Hey, I’m a hot young dude in my prime – why not make the most of it?

But as vice president of my frat I’ve inherited certain responsibilities – one of which is to attend the annual chapter meeting.  I wasn’t looking forward to it.  Even though some of my brothers were going, it would mostly be a bunch of old fogies – all former Phi Kaps – shuffling around the Dayton Holiday Inn.  Can you blame me for not being excited?

I checked in on Saturday afternoon and went to meet the group at the pool.  I’m not sure what I was expecting – something like the geriatric ward, I guess – but it actually wasn’t too bad.  The guys welcomed me warmly, and they had a ton of beer and food.  We had the whole back patio to ourselves, and I was having a pretty good time bullshitting with the guys and getting a buzz on.

There was one guy in particular – Joe Siriani was his name.  Though he was probably in his forties or something, he was in really good shape.  He was muscular, and had thick dark hair and a handsome face.  Now, I’m known as a pretty hot dude – I’ve got a tight little body that I work out regularly, and chicks go nuts over my dimples when I smile – but this guy looked like a real man should look, like a movie star or something, you know?

More than that, you could tell he’d been top dog in his day, and most of the guys still treated him that way.  He was leaning up against the picnic table in his trunks, his thick thighs crossed, slugging a beer just as cool as could be while guys hovered near him like moths around a light bulb.

We had dinner that night and afterwards a bunch of us ended up in Joe’s room.  We were doing shots of 151 and getting pretty loaded.  I guess I was hanging around Joe a lot because the guy he was rooming with, Owen, started teasing me about it.

“Looks like someone’s getting lucky tonight,” he slurred to Joe, who just shrugged it off.

A half-hour later Owen was face down on the floor, leaving me and Joe alone, sitting across from each other on the bed.

“How often do you work out?” Joe asked.  Earlier we’d stripped back down to our swim trunks.  “You’ve got a great body.”

“Thanks.  I go five days a week – legs Mondays and Wednesdays, upper body the rest of the time.”

“Five days a week.  Christ.  To be young again, you know?”

“Actually, you’ve got a really nice body for…y’know.”

“For what?  An old fart?”  He laughed and leaned in to me.  I couldn’t help admiring the way his tight stomach curled inward.  “It’s okay.  I remember what it was like. Back in my day…well, you wouldn’t believe the pussy I used to pull.”

“You seem like you could still get some.  You’ve got all that hair on your chest…I mean, guys today usually shave theirs, but it looks good on you.”

“You shave yours?”

“Yeah,” I said, and Joe reached out to feel it.  “I’m naturally pretty smooth, but I still shave some places,” I added.   Joe’s hands moved down to my stomach.

“Do you shave…down there?” he asked.

“Yeah…I pretty much keep it trimmed.”  Joe dropped his hand and leaned back.  I reached forward to feel his chest, running my fingers through the coarse hair on his muscles.

“Truthfully speaking,” Joe said, “this body wasn’t the only thing that pulled the pussy.  If you know what I’m getting at.”  With a smirk, he nodded toward his lap.  I could see something pretty big rustling in his red trunks.  In fact, I’d sort of noticed it all day.

“I’m uncut, too,” Joe continued.  “You might think that would weird chicks out, but every girl I ever fucked fucking loved it.”

“Uncut…” I said dumbly, my hand on his stomach, my eyes on his crotch.  “That’s crazy…”

“Not really – it’s natural.  You’ve seen one?”

“Not up close, really.”

Joe reached for his waistband and pulled it down, first revealing his bush of dark pubes, then his thick dick resting against his thigh.  He tucked the band under his nuts, which were also pretty big, and held his cock upward.  It was a big one, that was for sure – also thick and smooth.  His foreskin mostly covered the tip, but a little pink bit of cockhead peeked out from the top.  I thought – I dunno.  I just thought it was a really handsome dick.

But then I couldn’t find the words.

“The ole Siriani sword, they used to say,” Joe said.  “Still half-sheathed.”  He pulled down his foreskin.  The head looked really moist.  He pulled it back up again like it was a turtleneck, demonstrating for me.

“You can try it, too,” he said.  I’m not sure why, but I took it in my hand.  Man it was enormous – really warm, too.  I skinned it back then forward.  Joe let out his breath.  I did it again.

“You keep doing that, buddy, and we’ll get along just fine.”

“What if Owen wakes up?” I said.

“Ain’t happening.  Be grateful – he’d probably want a turn at it himself.”

I kept at it, and as I relaxed I got into it more.  I leaned forward to get a better grip, stroking him all the way down his shaft.  Nobody’d ever let me explore their body like this before.  It was pretty cool.

I cupped his balls – they were so beefy and heavy.  All the hair on his crotch looked great.  I wondered if I should start letting mine grow out.

“What’s frat life like these days?” Joe said, still with that smirk.  “You ever go down on your buddies?”

“No way.”

“That’s too bad.  You know I wouldn’t mind.”  I gave him a sideways look.  “Hey,” he continued, “I’m not gonna judge you.  If you aren’t interested, you aren’t interested.”  He reached for his waistband.

“I’ll…I’ll try it,” I said, even though I’d sorta been thinking about it ever since he’d hauled it out.  Joe smiled and rested back on his elbows.  I leaned down, feeling the heat of his prick next to my face.  Then I took the head between my lips.  I swabbed my tongue over the hard glans and under his chewy foreskin.  It was actually pretty sexy.

“That’s it,” Joe said, resting a hand on the back of my head.  “Really go down on me now.”  He guided me as I took as much of his cock as I could into my throat. “Fuck yeah, that’s nice.”

My own cock was hard and bobbing in my trunks.  I kept slurping up and down on Joe’s cock, doing it the way I’d always wanted a chick to do me.  You know that old thing about how only a guy could know what feels good for another guy?   I think it might be true.  I used my tongue hard against the underside, sucking tight and keeping my teeth away.  I was getting almost all the way down to the base, to where I was choking on it a little.

“You’re doing a great job.  Man, I haven’t had head this good since college,” Joe said.

I went for broke and licked his nuts.  The scent of his crotch bore a trace of his cologne, along with something deeper.  I buried my face in his balls, rolling his sack over my nose, getting my tongue underneath and licking his taint.  It was even muskier back there, but also clean and chlorinated.

Then Joe lifted my head out of his lap.  “I want you to try something,” he said and rolled on to his stomach, spreading his legs so I was between them.  He lifted his ass up – a nice bubble butt; toned and firm – showing off his lightly hairy crack and pink crevice.

“I want you to try eating my ass out.  That’s something I definitely haven’t had for years.  You game?”  I could see how hard his dick still was from the way his taint bulged out.  I put my hands on his ass, pulling his cheeks apart.

“Just get your face in there, try it.”  I got closer.  The smell was even muskier than what I’d gotten from his balls, but it was kinda turning me on.  I bit at the cheeks of his butt, running my tongue along their curves, getting more turned on by the minute.  No girl had ever eaten my ass – I probably wouldn’t have let them if they’d tried.  But with Joe it felt okay.  I ran my tongue down his crack, finally touching it to his asshole.  It was slick and totally hot.  Joe groaned.

“Holy Christ,” he said as I dug my tongue into his pucker.  “Oh man, that’s fucking fantastic.  Just rim around it.  Now spear it in.  Fuck, that’s superb.”  Joe started grinding his ass against my face.  Then he was humping the bed, working his dick against the mattress and bucking back to jam his hole on my tongue.  My face never left his tight butt.

“I think I could cum just from you doing that,” Joe said, and turned back over.  I wiped my mouth, and Joe reached forward and slid my shorts down.  My eyes rolled back in my head when he started stroking my dick.  His other fingers slipped underneath my balls.   “You want to know how it feels, getting a rim job?”  I nodded.  “Turn over on your stomach.  Or yeah – get on all fours.”

I reached back and spread my ass out for him.  Just doing that, feeling the air hit my hole, was turning me on big time.

“Oh man, you shave back there too?  Fuckin hot,” Joe said.  He ran his finger up and down my crack a couple of times.  I thought I’d jump out of my skin when it came in contact with my hole, but Joe just kept at it.  He got down then, sucking and biting at my butt cheeks like I’d done with him.  He slowly ran his tongue down my crack, and finally flicked it against my hole.  Lemme tell yeah – I’ve never felt anything like that before.  It was a totally new buzz, one that was separate from my cock but somehow connected, too.  Joe pressed his tongue harder to my asshole, jamming it inside.  He was going deeper and deeper, getting his whole face into it, his scratchy jaw chafing against my butt.  I couldn’t get enough.

“You’ve got such a hot ass,” Joe said before plunging his tongue back in.  Then he reared back and brought his fat cock against my butt, slapping his meat against it.  I couldn’t help it, it felt fucking great.  I pushed back against him as he rode his cock along my crack.

“Oh yeah baby.  You want ole Joey to fuck you?  I brought condoms.”

“Joe I – I dunno…”

“Relax buddy.  I’m pretty much a pro at this.”  He laid down on my back, wrapping his arms around my neck and putting his lips to my ear.  “It’s gonna feel so good for both of us, wait and see,” he whispered as he humped my rear.  He stuck his tongue in my ear.  “Gonna fuck you all night, if you want.”

I arched my back, lifting my butt up to meet his thrusts.  His cock started jabbing against my hole, the end of it pressing hard against me until I felt like it was going inside.  Then he pressed even harder and I knew he was inside, cause it hurt like hell.  He held me still, just letting me get used to it.  Then he pulled out.

“You just wait,” he said, snapping on a rubber.  He had a tube of lube too.  “Seriously, you’re gonna get screwed by the best.  Gonna cum so hard you’ll want it all over again.  Trust me.”

He flipped me on my back and propped my ankles on his shoulders.  He got my ass lubed up and slowly slipped his finger inside.  Honestly, once I got used to it, it felt fucking incredible.  I felt like I could cum just from having it up there.  He took it out and grabbed me by the hips.

“Brace yourself,” he said, pressing his dick to me again.  This time, I took it more easily.  He gave me some time to breath, then sank more inside.  At some point I stopped realizing it was going inside, and next thing I knew his balls were pressed against my ass.  I probably would’ve taken even more if he’d had it, at that point.  I felt so full, but I wanted to be filled up even more.

“Oh, shit.  That feel good to you?” Joe said.

“Yeah, it’s good,” I said.  He pulled out and sank it back in.  A little squeal escaped my lips.

“Baby, your ass is gripping my cock so tight,” he said, looking in my eyes.  He worked it in and out, a little faster.  I gasped each time he hit bottom.

He worked it so steadily, I thought I really must be getting fucked by the best.  He had techniques I’d never considered – like keeping the head right at the entrance, working the tip in and out in quick little jabs that felt incredible.  Then he’d deep thrust slowly, letting me feel every inch of him going inside.  I was rock hard.  Joe took hold of my cock, working it as he worked my ass over.

“You’re giving Joey the ride of his life, buddy.  Seriously, I haven’t had ass this sweet in years.”  He was so composed, his muscles flexing with each thrust, his whole body working in tandem.  He didn’t treat me like just another hole (which is truthfully how I think of a lot of the chicks I screw).  He ran his hands all over my body, calling me “baby” and working my dick steadily.  I knew I was going to lose it soon.  Joe must’ve sensed it.

“You gonna cum for me?  Just go ahead and lose it, I wanna see you shoot a load with my dick up inside you.”

“Fuck man, I can’t help it—”  I barely got out the words before the first rope of jizz shot out of my dick, arching over my head and landing on the pillow and on my lips.  I don’t think I’ve ever shot that hard.  Each time Joe bottomed out in me, I let loose another blast.  It splattered on my pecs and stomach.  Joe rubbed it in my skin, mixing it with my sweat.  His rubbed it on my lips, then slipped his finger in my mouth.  I licked it clean.  Then he licked the rest of my load off of his hand.

“Mmm…fuck yeah.  Dude, I’m gonna cum too.”  He grabbed my hips hard, rocking his cock in me mercilessly.  “Get ready buddy, gonna cream inside of you – AH! FUCK!”  His fingers dug into my hips as he held his cock deep inside me.  I could feel it pulsing as he lost his load.  His face was contorted in a look of pure pleasure.  I thought it pretty awesome that I could make him feel that way.

Joe pulled out and laid his sweaty body on mine.  One second he was bringing his ever-smirking face next to mine, and I thought he’s gonna kiss me.  Then he was kissing me, working his tongue in my mouth, his rock-hard jaw locked against my face.  I brought my tongue out to meet his.  It made me deliriously horny, even though I’d just shot.  Joe rubbed his still-hard and juicy dick against my stomach as we made out, and it was then that I knew I was going to get it more than once tonight – maybe even more.

So my boring Saturday night hadn’t turned out so bad after all.  Who knew that bonding with the older brothers could be so fucking cool?