Exposure Therapy

by Natty Soltesz, concept by Mor

When you get a shock it takes a minute before you can recover then go about fixing the problem. I’m an electrician, so I’ve been shocked plenty of times. But for any kind of shock, it’s the same thing: it wears off, then you figure out what to do next.

So no, I wasn’t prepared to find my boy the way I did that day: using one hand to wrap my dirty briefs around his hard cock, and the other to shove my pit-stained undershirt in his nose; an expression on his face like he’d died and gone to heaven.

“Billy, what the hell you doin!?” I shouted, and he jumped up from my bed and tried covering himself up. “Jerkin off in my room? And smelling my clothes? What the hell is this?”

“Sorry, Dad! I just got horny and…well…” The kid was obviously mortified.

“And you thought you’d huff my dirty work clothes?” I said. I grabbed my underwear out of his hand and then my shirt. He stood there naked and hard.

“Yeah, I just…I like the way they smell…” His face was as red as his hard-on.

“Go get some goddamn clothes on,” I said, tossing my briefs and shirt into the corner. “We’ll talk about this later!”

By the time we’d finished dinner my head had cleared a little. Apparently my boy had a thing for smelling my dirty underwear. I didn’t understand it, but I knew I needed to do something before the problem got out of hand.

I remembered back when I was a kid and my dad caught me smoking cigarettes with my buddies beneath the railroad trestle. When I got home that day he had a freshly-bought pack of cigarettes on the kitchen table next to a pack of matches. “Since you like to smoke, I’m gonna let you have this entire pack. But you have to smoke all of them right now,” he said. I didn’t get through half of it before I was throwing up in the sink, and I never smoked again.

I had an idea of how I could do the same thing for my boy. So I skipped my morning shower the next day and went off to work. It was a long day and a scorcher, so by the time I got home I was doused in sweat. My boy was studying at the kitchen table, being as good as he could be, I suppose. I sat down next to him.

“Son,” I said. “We need to talk about yesterday.”

“Yeah,” he said, looking down, ashamed, at the table.

“Clearly you like smelling my dirty shirts and underwear. So I tell you what: I’m gonna let you sniff em all you want,” I said. Billy’s eyes brightened.

“Really?” he said.

“Really,” I said. “But there’s a catch. You can only smell them when I’m in them. And you can’t stop until I tell you to. Understand?”

“I think so…” he said.

“Good,” I said and stood. “Now stand up here next to me.” I lifted my arm. “Go ahead,” I said. “Get your nose in there. It’s what you like, isn’t it?” My boy looked a little nervous, but he went ahead and placed his face in my raised armpit. He sniffed, and almost immediately his expression changed. He sniffed deeper. “The other one, now,” I said, and he came to my left side. He sniffed and sniffed again, his eyes closing in pleasure. I saw the bulge in his shorts jump and for the first time, I had my doubts that this was the right approach.

“Hold on,” I said, and took off my blue work shirt so that I was just in my undershirt. I’d chosen to wear this one specifically because I hadn’t washed it in a couple days; the pits were yellow and wet. “Alright, get back in there,” I said. His nose grazed my wet shirt stains as he smelled me. But it seemed like the more he took in my smell the more insatiable he got.

“Alright, try this, then,” I said, and stripped off my undershirt. Sweat coated my hairy, muscular chest, and when I raised my arm the hair there had drops hanging from it like dew in the grass. “Take that in why don’t ya?” I said, and pushed his face into my pit. It must have covered his face in my musk, but the kid didn’t flinch, in fact he just sniffed deeper. I heard a little moan escape his lips. This was bad.

I let him have at the other pit for a while then I pulled his head out. His face was wet with my sweat but you would’ve thought he’d had his nose in the damn flowers from the expression on his face. I tried to ignore the growing tent in his shorts as I made my next move.

“Alright, son, now get on your knees,” I said. He had an eager look on his face as I undid my belt. Now I’d seen my underwear in his hands so I figured he must have been sniffing those too. But these were my balls – my full-on hairy, sweat-coated nuts and taint. There was no way that smell couldn’t hit him like a truck. And I planned to force his face in there until he couldn’t take it anymore.

“You like smelling my pits so much, why don’t you get your nose in my sweaty balls, huh?” I said as I unbuckled my jeans and let them drop to the floor. I reached for the back of my boy’s head and pushed his face into where my sweaty balls strained against the stretched-out, piss-stained fabric. “Sniff deep, son. Really get in there, and don’t stop till I say.” The kid did as he was told, I can say that at least. He got up in there, knocked his nose against my balls, even. I could hear him inhaling. But even though he was nose-deep in the sweaty sack of my briefs, he didn’t see phased. If anything he seemed more excited.

“Alright, you like it so much? See how you like this,” I said, and my boy’s eyes widened as I slid my underwear down and let my rod and nards flop out. “Go ahead, kid, get back in there and take another whiff. As much as you want.”

He looked at my cock – shocked, maybe, at the size, or how smelly it was. I mean, even I could smell my nuts from where I stood – I can’t imagine how it must have smelled to him. Sweat had collected in the thick thatch of dark hair above my cock, the space under my nuts was slick and swampy. If anything was gonna make him think twice about his bad habit, it had to be this.

“Don’t be afraid, Billy – get in there,” I said, and shoved my crotch in his face. His nose went into my moist pubes and his lips pressed against my heavy balls. He inhaled…inhaled again…and, impossibly, his cock got even harder in his shorts.

Well this is just ridiculous, I thought. I held his face in my crotch – almost suffocating him with it – but the kid’s cock just continued to jump and throb. And what was even stranger was that it started to wear off on me – my cock started to get hard, too. My boy looked up when he felt it jump, then reared back and looked, wide-eyed, as his father’s cock grew and grew, towering over his face until it swelled up to its full, throbbing nine inches of thick meat. Billy’s face was slick and shiny with ball sweat – he was totally coated in my musk.

“Well, shit…I guess I’m gettin a little excited, too. Just ignore it, okay? I’ll have your mom take care of that later.” It was all I could think to say, because my cock was fully hard now and pumping out precum like it does. I didn’t know where this was coming from, but chalked it up to the fact that I hadn’t had sex with my wife in a while.

“Don’t stop sniffin,” I said, and swung my balls back toward his face. There was no stopping now – I had to keep going, if I wanted to do the kid any good. And, clearly, I had to keep giving him more than he bargained for if I wanted to curb the problem.

“You obviously like the smell of my cock and balls,” I said, lifting my kid’s face up to look at mine. “But let’s see how much you like the taste.”

“W-what do you mean, Dad?” he said.

“I mean, I want you to lick up that sweat you enjoy smelling so much. Clean me off, kid. Every inch until I’m nice and fresh. Got it?” I said. He nodded. “Okay, then. Start at my balls and work your way up to my shaft.”

He began to lap at my nuts, licking each one gently and slowly like he was savoring it. It made my dick throb. He opened wide and took the left one into his mouth entirely, wrapping his tongue around it and rolling it around. Fuck it felt good – no denying that – but this was about punishment. So I had him take both of my balls in his mouth at the same time. He had some trouble with that, but when he finally got it right he had two stinky nuts in his mouth and his face fully buried in my crotch. The kid looked humiliated but, at the same time, blissed-out.

“Now my cock,” I said. “Lick every inch of that thick shaft. Every drop of sweat.” I watched as my boy extended his tongue and lapped up the sides of my meat, along the base of the shaft and then, curled his tongue to lick at the top side of it, like he was enjoying a Popsicle on a hot day.

“Now the head,” I said. “Suck off that precum. Swallow it all down, boy.” My cock pulsed as my son sucked the head of my cock into his mouth, sucking at the precum that was still oozing out of it. He swallowed it down like he was hungry for it. He licked and licked at my salty flesh until there was no sweat left, and he still seemed like he could go for more.

But I had one more trick up my sleeve.

“Okay, kid. I can see this isn’t working exactly like I’d planned. But if you like your dad’s musk so much, you wouldn’t object to sniffing his big, hairy ass – would you?” I said. I turned, exposing the whole of my huge muscled ass to my hopelessly horny kid. “Think you’ll enjoy yourself when your nose is up in there?” I said, and instead of waiting for him to respond I grabbed him by the ears and shoved his face between my massive cheeks. I heard my boy’s muffled moans as his nose sunk right into his dad’s sweat-glazed hole. I couldn’t imagine how that smell for him, my asshole collected with a whole day’s worth of sweat that had drizzled down my neck, shoulder and back to collect just in that spot. Yep, this was the concentrated stench and musk of his hard-working pop, right up in his face. It had to turn him off. It just had to.

Me, however…well, my cock just wasn’t going down. I guess I was a lot hornier than I realized. I let go of my kid’s head so he could catch his breath, but then I pushed his face right back in.

“Alright, now, you’re gonna clean me back there too. Understand? Lick every bit of sweat out of that ass and do it good,” I said. I felt my boy’s tongue travel down my crack, licking and lapping at it. He was moaning like a bitch. Then I felt his tongue on my hole.

“Oh, fuck,” I moaned. I couldn’t help it. It was the most deliciously horny thing I’d ever felt in my life, my kid’s lusty little tongue poking into my asshole. My cock throbbed and I thought about it for a second: even if I was just doing my job as a father, there wasn’t any reason I couldn’t get some pleasure out of it. So I went ahead and stroked my cock as my kid ate me out. “Get it good and clean, boy,” I bellowed as I stroked, reaching back to push his face into me again. He really dug his tongue deep. “There you fuckin go. Deeper!” I said, and his tongue went impossibly further into me.

After a while I had him get on the floor and crouched over his face. I swept my ass all over his tongue, then sat on his face fully, pinning his head to the hard floor as I smothered him in hairy, muscled Dad-butt. “Keep that tongue going, kid. Don’t stop till I say…oh fuck I’m getting close.” Billy tried to moan as my hole clenched around his tongue. The closer I got to my orgasm the less control I had over myself. “Oh fuck I’m cumming, kid,” I said. “Lick my fuckin ass! Get your Dad’s ass clean. Fuck!” I screamed, and my load began to shoot out and fly all over his bare stomach and shorts. As I coated his body with cum I noticed his boner, pulsing in his shorts: he was cumming, too, without even touching himself. Wet patches soaked through his shorts as more and more boy-jizz pumped out of him.

I ground my asshole one more time onto that hot tongue, then stood up to survey the damage and figure out what to do next. Sure, things hadn’t gone exactly how I’d planned them to go, but all wasn’t lost. My kid’s face was slathered in ass sweat, ball-juice and pit musk, and the rest of him was covered in cum. I had him stand up before me.

“Alright, kid, you’re gonna stay like that for the rest of the night, understand?” I said, pointing my finger at him for emphasis. “No cleaning yourself off. I want you to soak in that.”

“Okay, Dad,” he said, and I detected a sly smile as he turned away.

“This is your punishment, understand?” I called out to him. “We’re gonna keep doing this, over and over, until you get over it, and I don’t care how long it takes.”