Drunken All-Night Fuckfest

By Natty Soltesz

Chris was in town and he called me up.

“A bunch of us are going out, you wanna come?”  I said sure.  We’d been buddies in college, but I hadn’t seen him in over a year.

The spot was this dive bar on the Hill.  Everyone called my name when they saw me.  The place was crowded but it had a cool vibe.  We were all socializing with each other, but at one point Chris got me alone and apologized for being an asshole the last time we’d seen each other.  I don’t really want to get into what was said back then, but he’d been pretty crass and I was glad he was apologizing.

He seemed better – he was cleaner than I’d ever seen him, and he’d gained some weight that suited his frame – bulky if not quite muscular, and a handsome face with an irresistible smile.  He seemed to be in a good state of mind – drinking steadily but not getting too fucked up.

Eventually everyone else left, but we stayed on.  Our conversation got deeper; we were close, face-to-face, the noise and jostling in the bar falling away.

I didn’t even remember hearing last call, but then the lights came up and they were shoving everybody out the door.  I was more buzzed than I had realized, but also having a pretty great time.  So when Chris suggested we get some more beer and go back to his parents’ place, I was all for it.

We hit up the 24-hour beer distributor then took the freeway out to the suburbs.  The windows were down and a cool night wind was blowing through the car, Tom Petty on the radio.

His driveway was dark and quiet.  We went in through the basement, which was where he was sleeping.  It was a finished basement, carpeted, with a bar in the far dark corner and a sofa and chairs on the other side.  Chris’s open bags were sitting beside the couch, clothes scattered around them.

We each took a beer and put the rest in the mini-fridge.  We sat on the couch beside each other, drinking our beers by the light of the single lamp on the end table.  The house was settling above us, the refrigerator clicked on and hummed.  We talked, and I was drinking my beer out of duty more than any real desire to drink.  I’d had quite a bit at the bar.

I asked Chris what his girlfriend back in Portland was up to while he was gone.

“Probably being a fucking bitch…” he said, and he clearly wanted to leave that subject alone.  Then he started into the whole “you’re so lucky to be gay” thing, basically just coming down on women.  Basically boiling down to the fact that he’s intimidated by women and doesn’t understand them.

“Yeah, guys are easier,” I said.  “But you’re attracted to girls, so…poor you.”  Chris shrugged – it was true.  “Still, you managed to get off that one time with me.”

A smile crept over his face.  “Yeah, that’s true,” he said.  We’d only talked once about our encounter during our college years, but I was feeling kind of naughty at that point and decided to pursue the subject.

“I ate your ass out that time, remember?”

“Did you?  Oh shit – that’s right, you did.”

“Yeah, that was hot,” I said.  There was a moment where Chris looked for something to say.

“I bet you’d like to do that again,” he said.

“You bet your ass I would,” I said, laughing at the dumb unintentional humor.  “I mean, I’m horny.  But I always am.  Big deal.”

“Alright, Nate,” Chris said, starting to get up.  “If you really want to…”

“Whatever!” I said.  “I don’t want to if you don’t – don’t make it like a favor to me or something.”

“Well…” he said, unbuckling his pants.  “It sort of is a favor, but anyway – look at me.”  His pants fell to the floor.  His hard cock was sticking right out of the fly of his boxers.

This was almost exactly how it had gone down the last time – totally unexpected, but both of us totally into it and turned on.

I said nothing – just went over to him and took his cock in my hand.  Then I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around it, sliding his small shaft along my tongue. Chris took off his shirt and his shorts as I sucked him off.  He was groaning and holding my head and it suddenly seemed like the whole evening had been leading up to this.

I turned him around and bent him over the couch – his ass was nicer than I remembered – plumper, juicier, clean-looking, with just a brushing of hair around his tight pink hole.  I dove my face inside his beefy butt and ate him out.

“Fuck…fuck,” he kept saying.  I had hands on both of his ass cheeks, spreading them to get my face in between, slapping them occasionally and making a feast of his big butt.

I tongued his balls for a while then went back down on his dick, but this time I swung around so he could get at my dick.  He held it in his hand for a second – it’s considerably bigger than his – then put it in his mouth.  He gave okay head – you can’t ask too much from a mostly-straight guy – but it did the trick.

We were sixty-nineing right there in the dim light of his parent’s basement, him on top and me on bottom, each of us racing to make each other cum.  I got a finger up his tight, hot ass.  Chris groaned and went back down on my cock, stroking and sucking me as I fingered his butt.  I expertly sucked his cock down to the root and back, willing that load to come out of his balls.

The finger just about did it for him.  With a muffled groan he started to unload, shooting great thick jets of sperm into my waiting mouth.  I swallowed it eagerly, feeling his asshole contract around my finger as each spurt issued into my throat.

I came too as he stroked me off, keeping his face close to my dick so that I’m sure he got some of it on his face.  After a moment I felt his tongue touch my dick, taking a tentative taste of my load.  He must of found it agreeable cause he took my whole dick in his mouth again, sucking it clean with a certain bravado.  He’d been proud to make me cum the last time we’d gotten together – it was funny.

We just sort of passed out after that – me on the couch and him just below me on the floor.  I’m not sure how much time passed but it felt like a couple of hours – I woke up to him standing over me, his cock rock-hard again.  I took it in my hand, and this time he leaned down and brought his mouth to mine.  We made out sloppily, drunkenly, our tongues brazenly invading each other’s mouths as he laid his big naked body on mine, grinding our hard cocks together as we kissed.

He swung around and sat his ass right on my face.  I ate his hole eagerly – and not really having a choice in the matter, as I was suffocated by it, his ass smothering me, his chewy hole riding my tongue.  He was going down on my cock as he bucked against my face, sucking me up and down the whole way, taking me further into his mouth than he ever had before.  I sensed that he wanted to eat my load this time, so when I started to get close I just let loose and let him have it.  He swallowed it right down.  When I was done he licked up the sides of my shaft, again cleaning me off.

However, he stayed sitting on my face.  I didn’t mind – could’ve eaten that ass for days.  He was stroking himself and pinching his nipples, riding my face like he couldn’t get enough.  I don’t know how long this lasted, but I got him bent over and managed to get my finger back inside of him.  Eventually my cock got hard again.  I worked another finger in beside my first, unabashedly working his ass, stretching it out.  He loved it.  He would go down on me for a while, then just lay there, reveling in the sensations he was getting from his butt.

“I want you to fuck me,” he said.  I didn’t have to be told twice.  He told me there was some hand cream in his bag; I found it and lubed us up.  He had both knees on the couch, with his butt spread out for me.  I took hold of his shoulder and used my other hand to guide my cock inside him.  It sank in easily, I didn’t even need to give him time to get used to it.

His ass was so tight, the cheeks of his butt so full that they rubbed the sides of my shaft as I worked it in and out.  I was sure he’d never been fucked before (we hadn’t gone that far in the past).  Chris had his face mashed against the back of the couch – he was into it, in this half-asleep, drunken sort of way.  I knew I wasn’t going to last long in that straight-guy butt, never mind the fact that I’d already dropped two loads.  I concentrated on getting Chris off, giving him the reach-around as I fucked his ass.  He jizzed without me even realizing it was happening, like his cum pumping out of his dick was a natural extension of my cock pumping in to his ass.  I only realized it when I felt my hand was slick with his cum, so I sped up my fuck and dumped my third load inside his ass.

This time we both fell asleep on the couch, his head on one side and mine on the other, our legs intertwined.

I woke up again at what must have been around 8 a.m.  I could hear his parents moving around upstairs.  Chris was lying there in all his naked glory, his legs spread wide and his cock actually stirring from what must have been a nice dream.  Soon his dick was completely hard.  I waited until I heard his parents leave (earlier Chris had mentioned that they’d be leaving early to go to church).

I grabbed Chris’s hard cock and again took it into my mouth.  It tasted raunchy but I was so fucking horny I couldn’t resist it.  Chris woke up slowly, moaning slightly through his lips, then putting his hands on my bobbing head, working my mouth up and down his dick.

I took his dick out of my mouth and climbed on top of him, making out with him again as our lazy, horny bodies intertwined.  I wrapped my legs around his waist, spreading my ass out and guiding his cock to my hole.  Chris got the message and started humping against my ass.

I wanted to ride him so I got his dick and my hole lubed up, and then I sat down on his dick.  After a minute of getting used to it it felt fucking fantastic.  I held on to his beefy chest as I rode his dick, going all the way down until his balls were pressed up tight against my hole; riding back up until the tip of his dick was barely inside of me, sitting back down.  Chris was definitely digging it; he wordlessly thrust up into me as I rode him.

I laid down on my back and let him fuck me like that.  He had my legs in his hands, holding them up in the air as he went at my ass like a rabid dog, shoving it into me mercilessly.  I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  I loved pleasing him like this, with an unabashed sluttiness that I knew he never got from any of his girlfriends.

He fucked until he dumped another load (his third) into me, and before he could get too comfortable I turned him over and started riding my cock in the crack of his ass.  I was only intending on using his deep crack as a sleeve to jerk myself off with, but was surprised to find Chris responding to the feel of my cock against his ass again.  He started raising his butt up to meet my thrusts, positioning himself so that my cock kept jabbing against his asshole.  I pushed into him slightly, testing the waters.  His hungry ass gobbled up the head of my dick.  Chris gasped, I let him get used to it, then I pushed the rest of myself inside.

And so I was having Chris again, doggy style on the basement couch while his parents were at church.  This last fuck went on for a long time – at least a half an hour, both of us fucking steadily and inevitably toward a fourth climax.  I had Chris on his side, one leg lifted as I fucked his butt.  He was stroking his own dick, and looked briefly into my eyes before turning back down to his dick, which was spurting out one final, dribbly load.  I shot my own load inside of him, surely just as paltry, as withdrew from his well-fucked butt.

We were spent.  We took turns cleaning up in the bathroom, then Chris drove me home.  He promised to call me the next time he was in town and said I should definitely, definitely come visit him in Portland.

I probably will.  There’s no telling if we’ll see a repeat performance of what happened that night, but it’s always worth a try.